Submissions from 2019

An inducible model of human amylin overexpression reveals diverse transcriptional changes., Yoseph Aldras, Sanghamitra Singh, Katrin Bode, Diti Chatterjee Bhowmick, Aleksandar Jeremic, and Damien M O'Halloran

Magnetic Resonance-Guided Laser Interstitial Thermal Therapy for the Treatment of Non-lesional Insular Epilepsy in Pediatric Patients: Thermal Dynamic and Volumetric Factors Influencing Seizure Outcomes., Hepzibha Alexander, Kelsey Cobourn, Islam Fayed, Dewi Depositario-Cabacar, Robert F Keating, William D Gaillard, and Chima O Oluigbo

Immediate outcomes in early life epilepsy: A contemporary account., Anne T Berg, Courtney Wusthoff, Renée A Shellhaas, Tobias Loddenkemper, Zachary M Grinspan, Russell P Saneto, Kelly G Knupp, Anup Patel, Joseph E Sullivan, Eric H Kossoff, Catherine J Chu, Shavonne Massey, Ignacio Valencia, Cynthia Keator, Elaine C Wirrell, Jason Coryell, John J Millichap, and William D Gaillard

Transatlantic Crossings: Early neurological exchanges between USA and France, François C. Boller, Nicoletta Caputi, Alissa E. Romano, Henry J. Kaminski, and Emmanuel Broussolle

Metabolic perturbations after pediatric TBI: It's not just about glucose., Caitlyn E Bowman, Joseph Scafidi, and Susanna Scafidi

Electroencephalography in Epilepsy Evaluation., Hai Chen and Mohamad Z Koubeissi

Admixture Mapping Reveals Evidence of Differential Multiple Sclerosis Risk by Genetic Ancestry., Calvin Chi, Xiaorong Shao, Brooke Rhead, Edlin Gonzales, Jessica B Smith, Anny H Xiang, Jennifer Graves, Amy Waldman, Timothy Lotze, Teri Schreiner, Bianca Weinstock-Guttman, Gregory Aaen, Jan-Mendelt Tillema, Jayne Ness, Meghan Candee, Lauren Krupp, Mark Gorman, Leslie Benson, Tanuja Chitnis, Soe Mar, Anita Belman, Theron Charles Casper, John Rose, Manikum Moodley, Mary Rensel, Moses Rodriguez, Benjamin Greenberg, Llana Kahn, Jennifer Rubin, Catherine Schaefer, Emmanuelle Waubant, Annette Langer-Gould, and Lisa F Barcellos

Intermittent Atrioventricular Heart Block Resembling Seizures., Nathan T Cohen and John M Schreiber

Selumetinib in paediatric patients with BRAF-aberrant or neurofibromatosis type 1-associated recurrent, refractory, or progressive low-grade glioma: a multicentre, phase 2 trial., Jason Fangusaro, Arzu Onar-Thomas, Tina Young Poussaint, Shengjie Wu, Azra H Ligon, Neal Lindeman, Anuradha Banerjee, Roger J Packer, Lindsay B Kilburn, Stewart Goldman, Ian F Pollack, Ibrahim Qaddoumi, Regina I Jakacki, Paul G Fisher, Girish Dhall, Patricia Baxter, Susan G Kreissman, Clinton F Stewart, David T W Jones, Stefan M Pfister, Gilbert Vezina, Jessica S Stern, Ashok Panigrahy, Zoltan Patay, Benita Tamrazi, Jeremy Y Jones, Sofia S Haque, David S Enterline, Soonmee Cha, Michael J Fisher, Laurence Austin Doyle, Malcolm Smith, Ira J Dunkel, and Maryam Fouladi

Mitochondrial Dysfunction Leads to Cortical Under-Connectivity and Cognitive Impairment., Alejandra Fernandez, Daniel W Meechan, Beverly A Karpinski, Elizabeth M Paronett, Corey A Bryan, Hanna L Rutz, Eric A Radin, Noah Lubin, Erin R Bonner, Anastas Popratiloff, Lawrence A Rothblat, Thomas M Maynard, and Anthony-Samuel LaMantia

Response to antiseizure medications in neonates with acute symptomatic seizures., Hannah C Glass, Janet S Soul, Catherine J Chu, Shavonne L Massey, Courtney J Wusthoff, Taeun Chang, Maria Roberta Cilio, Sonia L Bonifacio, Nicholas S Abend, Cameron Thomas, Monica Lemmon, Charles E McCulloch, and Renée A Shellhaas

Arteriopathy Influences Pediatric Ischemic Stroke Presentation, but Sickle Cell Disease Influences Stroke Management., Kristin P Guilliams, Fenella J Kirkham, Susanne Holzhauer, Steven Pavlakis, Bryan Philbrook, Catherine Amlie-Lefond, Michael J Noetzel, Nomazulu Dlamini, Mukta Sharma, Jessica L Carpenter, Christine K Fox, Marcela Torres, Rebecca N Ichord, Lori C Jordan, and Michael M Dowling

Clinical Determination of Brain Death in Children Supported by Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation., Dana B Harrar, Vinay Kukreti, Nathan P Dean, John T Berger, and Jessica L Carpenter

Skull Base Surgery: Strategies, Walter C. Jean

Middle Fossa Approach for Resection of an Intracanalicular Vestibular Schwannoma., Walter C Jean, Kyle Mueller, and H Jeffrey Kim

Novel variants and phenotypes widen the phenotypic spectrum of GABRG2-related disorders., Jonna Komulainen-Ebrahim, John M Schreiber, Salla M Kangas, Katri Pylkäs, Maria Suo-Palosaari, Elisa Rahikkala, Johanna Liinamaa, Esa-Ville Immonen, Ilmo Hassinen, Päivi Myllynen, Heikki Rantala, Reetta Hinttala, and Johanna Uusimaa

Core Outcome Measures for Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain Research: Recommendations from a Veterans Health Administration Work Group., Kurt Kroenke, Erin E Krebs, Dennis Turk, Michael Von Korff, Matthew J Bair, Kelli D Allen, Friedhelm Sandbrink, Andrea L Cheville, Lynn DeBar, Karl A Lorenz, and Robert D Kerns

Parental perspectives on provider adherence to AAN epilepsy quality measures in rural and urban tertiary care centers., Barbara L Kroner, Adrian Bumbut, Madison M Berl, Howard P Goodkin, and William D Gaillard

The Claustrum in Relation to Seizures and Electrical Stimulation., Lalitha Kurada, Arezou Bayat, Sweta Joshi, and Mohamad Z Koubeissi

Can Therapeutic Hypothermia Diminish the Impact of Traumatic Brain Injury in, Shan Lateef, Aubrie Holman, Jessica Carpenter, and Jennifer James

Headaches and Sleep Problems in US Adolescents: Findings from the National Comorbidity Survey - Adolescent Supplement (NCS-A)., Tarannum Lateef, Kailyn Witonsky, Jianping He, and Kathleen Ries Merikangas

Using EHRs to advance epilepsy care., Juma S Mbwana, Zachary M Grinspan, Russell Bailey, Madison Berl, Jeffrey Buchhalter, Adrian Bumbut, Zach Danner, Tracy Glauser, Angie Glotstein, Howard Goodkin, Brian Jacobs, Lisa Jones, Barbara Kroner, Gardiner Lapham, Tobias Loddenkemper, Demetrius M Maraganore, Doug Nordli, and William D Gaillard

In the line-up: deleted genes associated with DiGeorge/22q11.2 deletion syndrome: are they all suspects?, Zahra Motahari, Sally Ann Moody, Thomas Michael Maynard, and Anthony-Samuel LaMantia

A Neurologist's Perspective on Understanding Myasthenia Gravis: Clinical Perspectives of Etiologic Factors, Diagnosis, and Preoperative Treatment., Loulwah Mukharesh and Henry J Kaminski

Intracranial calcifications and dystonia associated with a novel deletion of chromosome 8p11.2 encompassing, Weiyi Mu, Laura Tochen, Caroline Bertsch, Harvey S Singer, and Kristin W Barañano

Molecular signature of penumbra in acute ischemic stroke: a pilot transcriptomics study., Zurab Nadareishvili, Devon Kelley, Marie Luby, Alexis N Simpkins, Richard Leigh, John K Lynch, Amie W Hsia, Richard T Benson, Kory R Johnson, John M Hallenbeck, and Lawrence L Latour

Default mode network deactivation in pediatric temporal lobe epilepsy: Relationship to a working memory task and executive function tests, Temitayo Oyefunmike Oyegbile, John W. VanMeter, Gholam Motamed, William Bell, William Davis Gaillard, and Bruce P. Hermann

Impact of diagnosis and therapy on cognitive function in urea cycle disorders., Roland Posset, Andrea L Gropman, Sandesh C S Nagamani, Lindsay C Burrage, Jirair K Bedoyan, Derek Wong, Gerard T Berry, Matthias R Baumgartner, Marc Yudkoff, Matthias Zielonka, Georg F Hoffmann, Peter Burgard, Andreas Schulze, Shawn E McCandless, Angeles Garcia-Cazorla, Jennifer Seminara, Sven F Garbade, and Stefan Kölker

miRNA contributions to pediatric-onset multiple sclerosis inferred from GWAS., Brooke Rhead, Xiaorong Shao, Jennifer S Graves, Tanuja Chitnis, Amy T Waldman, Timothy Lotze, Teri Schreiner, Anita Belman, Lauren Krupp, Benjamin M Greenberg, Bianca Weinstock-Guttman, Gregory Aaen, Jan M Tillema, Moses Rodriguez, Janace Hart, Stacy Caillier, Jayne Ness, Yolanda Harris, Jennifer Rubin, Meghan S Candee, Mark Gorman, Leslie Benson, Soe Mar, Ilana Kahn, John Rose, T Charles Casper, Hong Quach, Diana Quach, Catherine Schaefer, Emmanuelle Waubant, and Lisa F Barcellos

Functional MRI and Direct Cortical Stimulation: Prediction of Postoperative Language Decline., Rachel Rolinski, Alison Austermuehle, Edythe Wiggs, Shubhi Agrawal, Leigh N Sepeta, William D Gaillard, Kareem A Zaghloul, Sara K Inati, and William H Theodore

Congress of Neurological Surgeons Systematic Review and Evidence-Based Guidelines on the Role of Steroids in the Treatment of Adults With Metastatic Brain Tumors., Timothy C Ryken, John S Kuo, Roshan S Prabhu, Jonathan H Sherman, Steven N Kalkanis, and Jeffrey J Olson

Is the use of Stereotactic Electroencephalography Safe and Effective in Children? A Meta-Analysis of the use of Stereotactic Electroencephalography in Comparison to Subdural Grids for Invasive Epilepsy Monitoring in Pediatric Subjects., Matthew F Sacino, Sean S Huang, John Schreiber, William D Gaillard, and Chima O Oluigbo

Electroencephalographic Reporting for Refractory Status Epilepticus., Arnold J Sansevere, Ravindra Arya, Iván Sánchez Fernández, William D Gaillard, Robert C Tasker, Yi-Chen Lai, Anne E Anderson, Dmitry Tchapyjnikov, Kevin E Chapman, J Nicholas Brenton, Jessica L Carpenter, Marina Gaínza-Lein, Joshua L Goldstein, Howard P Goodkin, Michele C Jackson, Kush Kapur, Mohamad A Mikati, Katrina Peariso, Tracy A Glauser, Alexis A Topjian, Mark Wainwright, Angus A Wilfong, Korwyn L Williams, Tobias Loddenkemper, and Nicholas S Abend

Congress of Neurological Surgeons Systematic Review and Evidence-Based Guidelines on the Role of Chemotherapy in the Management of Adults With Newly Diagnosed Metastatic Brain Tumors., Jonathan H Sherman, Simon S Lo, Tom Harrod, Alia Hdeib, Yiping Li, Timothy Ryken, and Jeffrey J Olson

Autism-associated Nf1 deficiency disrupts corticocortical and corticostriatal functional connectivity in human and mouse., Ben Shofty, Eyal Bergmann, Gil Zur, Jad Asleh, Noam Bosak, Alexandra Kavushansky, F Xavier Castellanos, Liat Ben-Sira, Roger J Packer, Gilbert L Vezina, Shlomi Constantini, Maria T Acosta, and Itamar Kahn

Sex influences the frequency of the posterior basic alpha rhythm in patients with epilepsy, Casper Stephani, A Khan, Mohamad Z. Koubeissi, and Walter M. Paulus

Outcome of ambulatory video-EEG monitoring in a ˜10,000 patient nationwide cohort., Tanvir U Syed, W Curt LaFrance, Tobias Loddenkemper, Selim Benbadis, Jeremy D Slater, Rima El-Atrache, Hashem AlBunni, Muhammad T Khan, Sana Aziz, Nasser Y Ali, Faraaz A Khan, Amir Alnobani, Faraaz M Hussain, Adam U Syed, and Mohamad Z Koubeissi

The Efemp1R345W Macular Dystrophy Mutation Causes Amplified Circadian and Photophobic Responses to Light in Mice., Stewart Thompson, Frederick R Blodi, Demelza R Larson, Michael G Anderson, and Steven F Stasheff

Global, regional, and national burden of multiple sclerosis 1990-2016: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2016., Dr. Mitchell T. Wallin and Dr. William J. Culpepper

Long-term Effect of Thymectomy plus Prednisone versus Prednisone alone in Patients with non-Thymomatous Myasthenia Gravis: 2-year extension of the MGTX Randomised Trial., Gil I Wolfe, Henry J Kaminski, Inmaculada B Aban, Greg Minisman, Hui-Chien Kuo, Alexander Marx, Philipp Ströbel, Claudio Mazia, Joel Oger, J Gabriel Cea, Jeannine M Heckmann, Amelia Evoli, Wilfred Nix, Emma Ciafaloni, Giovanni Antonini, Rawiphan Witoonpanich, John O King, Said R Beydoun, Colin H Chalk, Alexandru C Barboi, Anthony A Amato, Aziz I Shaibani, Bashar Katirji, Bryan R F Lecky, Camilla Buckley, Angela Vincent, Elza Dias-Tosta, Hiroaki Yoshikawa, Márcia Waddington-Cruz, Michael T Pulley, Michael H Rivner, Anna Kostera-Pruszczyk, Robert M Pascuzzi, Carlayne E Jackson, Jan J G M Verschuuren, Janice M Massey, John T Kissel, Lineu C Werneck, Michael Benatar, Richard J Barohn, Rup Tandan, Tahseen Mozaffar, Nicholas J Silvestri, Robin Conwit, Joshua R Sonett, Alfred Jaretzki, John Newsom-Davis, and Gary R Cutter

Telemedicine and Multiple Sclerosis: A Comprehensive Literature Review., Samuel Yeroushalmi, Heidi Maloni, Kathleen Costello, and Mitchell T Wallin

Effects of onabotulinumtoxinA treatment in chronic migraine patients with and without daily headache at baseline: results from the COMPEL Study., William B Young, J Ivan Lopez, John F Rothrock, Amelia Orejudos, Aubrey Manack Adams, Richard B Lipton, and Andrew M Blumenfeld

Effects of onabotulinumtoxinA treatment in patients with and without allodynia: results of the COMPEL study., William B Young, J Ivan Lopez, John F Rothrock, Amelia Orejudos, Aubrey Manack Adams, Richard B Lipton, and Andrew M Blumenfeld

Submissions from 2018


Electromyographic and Joint Kinematic Patterns in Runner's Dystonia., Omar F Ahmad, Pritha Ghosh, Christopher Stanley, Barbara Karp, Mark Hallett, Codrin Lungu, and Katharine Alter


Pearls & Oy-sters: Pembrolizumab-induced myasthenia gravis., Mohanad Algaeed, Loulwah Mukharesh, Morgan Heinzelmann, and Henry J Kaminski

Neuroimaging findings in Pallister-Killian syndrome., Emil Jernstedt Barkovich, Tarannum Musvee Lateef, and Matthew T Whitehead

Weaker semantic language lateralization associated with better semantic language performance in healthy right-handed children., Lisa Bartha-Doering, Kathrin Kollndorfer, Gregor Kasprian, Astrid Novak, Anna-Lisa Schuler, Florian Ph S Fischmeister, Johanna Alexopoulos, William Davis Gaillard, Daniela Prayer, Rainer Seidl, and Madison M Berl


Viral Triggers and Inflammatory Mechanisms in Pediatric Epilepsy., Luca Bartolini, Jane E Libbey, Teresa Ravizza, Robert S Fujinami, Steven Jacobson, and William D Gaillard


A pilot study of the role of the claustrum in attention and seizures in rats, Arezou Bayat, Sweta Joshi, S. Jahan, Mohamad Z. Koubeissi, and +several additional authors


Why West? Comparisons of clinical, genetic and molecular features of infants with and without spasms., Anne T Berg, Samya Chakravorty, Sookyong Koh, Zachary M Grinspan, Renée A Shellhaas, William D Gaillard, and +several additional authors

Subcentimeter epilepsy surgery targets by resting state functional magnetic resonance imaging can improve outcomes in hypothalamic hamartoma., Varina L Boerwinkle, Stephen T Foldes, Salvatore J Torrisi, Hamy Temkit, William D Gaillard, John F Kerrigan, Virendra R Desai, Jeffrey S Raskin, Aditya Vedantam, Randa Jarrar, Korwyn Williams, Sandi Lam, Manish Ranjan, Janna S Broderson, David Adelson, Angus A Wilfong, and Daniel J Curry


Charles Bonnet Syndrome and Other Hallucinatory Phenomena., François Boller, Daniel S Birnbaum, and Nicoletta Caputi


Mortality after pediatric arterial ischemic stroke, Jessica Carpenter and +several additional authors


Absence of Axoglial Paranodal Junctions in a Child With CNTNAP1 Mutations, Hypomyelination, and Arthrogryposis., Alexander Conant, Julian Curiel, Amy Pizzino, Parisa Sabetrasekh, Jennifer Murphy, Miriam Bloom, Sarah H Evans, Guy Helman, Ryan J Taft, Cas Simons, Matthew T Whitehead, Steven A Moore, and Adeline Vanderver


Neuroimaging of Early Life Epilepsy., Jason Coryell, William D Gaillard, Renée A Shellhaas, Zachary M Grinspan, Elaine C Wirrell, Kelly G Knupp, Courtney J Wusthoff, Cynthia Keator, Joseph E Sullivan, Tobias Loddenkemper, Anup Patel, Catherine J Chu, Shavonne Massey, Edward J Novotny, Russel P Saneto, and Anne T Berg


A checklist for clinical trials in rare disease: Obstacles and anticipatory actions-lessons learned from the FOR-DMD trial, R Crow, K Hart, M McDermott, R Tawil, W Martens, Mathula Thangarajh, and +several additional authors


Using Qualitative Inquiry to Enhance a Child Neurology Residency., Marc DiSabella, Heather Walsh, Rachel Sarnacki, and Ellen Goldman


Increased Nonopioid Chronic Pain Treatment in the Veterans Health Administration, 2010-2016., Joseph W Frank, Evan Carey, Charlotte Nolan, Robert D Kerns, Friedhelm Sandbrink, Rollin Gallagher, and P Michael Ho


Association of Time to Treatment With Short-term Outcomes for Pediatric Patients With Refractory Convulsive Status Epilepticus., Marina Gaínza-Lein, Iván Sánchez Fernández, Michele Jackson, Nicholas S Abend, Ravindra Arya, William D Gaillard, and Pediatric Status Epilepticus Research Group.

Temporal Patterns in The Risk of Chronic Health Conditions in Survivors of Childhood Cancer Diagnosed 1970-99: a report from the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study cohort., Todd M Gibson, Sogol Mostoufi-Moab, Kayla L Stratton, Wendy M Leisenring, Dana Barnea, Eric J Chow, Sarah S Donaldson, Rebecca M Howell, Melissa M Hudson, Anita Mahajan, Paul C Nathan, Kirsten K Ness, Charles A Sklar, Emily S Tonorezos, Christopher B Weldon, Elizabeth M Wells, Yutaka Yasui, Gregory T Armstrong, Leslie L Robison, and Kevin C Oeffinger

Imaging modalities to diagnose and localize status epilepticus., Réjean M Guerriero and William D Gaillard


The Role of Toll-Like Receptor 2 and 4 Innate Immunity Pathways in Intracortical Microelectrode-Induced Neuroinflammation., John K Hermann, Shushen Lin, Arielle Soffer, Chun Wong, Vishnupriya Srivastava, Jeremy Chang, Smrithi Sunil, Shruti Sudhakar, William H Tomaszewski, Grace Protasiewicz, Stephen M Selkirk, Robert H Miller, and Jeffrey R Capadona

Markers of impaired motor and cognitive volition in Parkinson's disease: Correlates of dopamine dysregulation syndrome, impulse control disorder, and dyskinesias., Jared T Hinkle, Kate Perepezko, Liana S Rosenthal, Kelly A Mills, Alexander Pantelyat, Zoltan Mari, Laura Tochen, Jee Yun Bang, Medha Gudavalli, Nadine Yoritomo, Ankur Butala, Catherine C Bakker, Vanessa Johnson, Emile Moukheiber, Ted M Dawson, and Gregory M Pontone

Clinical Management of Prostate Cancer Metastasis to the Pineal Gland: case report and review of the literature., Elizabeth Hogan, Isabel Almira-Suarez, Siyuan Li, Sean P Collins, and Walter C Jean

Stem cells and cell-based therapies for cerebral palsy: a call for rigor., Lauren L Jantzie, Joseph Scafidi, and Shenandoah Robinson

The impact of training and practice environment on academic productivity of early career academic neurosurgeons, Walter C. Jean and D Felbaum

"Cerebral Palsy" in a Patient With Arginase Deficiency., Amanda Jichlinski, Lindsay Clarke, Matthew T Whitehead, and Andrea Gropman

Pediatric Low-Grade Gliomas: Next Biologically Driven Steps., David T W Jones, Mark W Kieran, Eric Bouffet, Sanda Alexandrescu, Pratiti Bandopadhayay, Miriam Bornhorst, David Ellison, Jason Fangusaro, Michael J Fisher, Nicholas Foreman, Maryam Fouladi, Darren Hargrave, Cynthia Hawkins, Nada Jabado, Maura Massimino, Sabine Mueller, Giorgio Perilongo, Antoinette Y N Schouten van Meeteren, Uri Tabori, Katherine Warren, Angela J Waanders, David Walker, William Weiss, Olaf Witt, Karen Wright, Yuan Zhu, Daniel C Bowers, Stefan M Pfister, and Roger J Packer


Socioeconomic determinants of outcome after childhood arterial ischemic stroke, L.C. Jordan, N.K. Hills, C.K. Fox, R.N. Ichord, P. Pergami, G.A. Deveber, H.J. Fullerton, and W. Lo

Clinical trials for myasthenia gravis: a historical perspective., Henry J Kaminski, Eman Alnosair, and Rami M Algahtani


Pediatric headache: overview., Meaghan Kelly, Jeffrey Strelzik, Raquel Langdon, and Marc DiSabella


Neurofibromatosis type 1 and optic pathway glioma: Molecular interplay and therapeutic insights., Soumen Khatua, David H Gutmann, and Roger J Packer

Physical-Mental Comorbidity of Pediatric Migraine in the Philadelphia Neurodevelopmental Cohort., Tarannum Lateef, Jian-Ping He, Karin Nelson, Monica E Calkins, Ruben Gur, Raquel Gur, and Kathleen R Merikangas

Urban air quality and associations with pediatric multiple sclerosis., Amy M Lavery, Emmanuelle Waubant, T Charles Casper, Shelly Roalstad, Meghan Candee, John Rose, Anita Belman, Bianca Weinstock-Guttman, Greg Aaen, Jan-Mendelt Tillema, Moses Rodriguez, Jayne Ness, Yolanda Harris, Jennifer Graves, Lauren Krupp, Leigh Charvet, Leslie Benson, Mark Gorman, Manikum Moodley, Mary Rensel, Manu Goyal, Soe Mar, Tanuja Chitnis, Teri Schreiner, Tim Lotze, Benjamin Greenberg, Ilana Kahn, Jennifer Rubin, and Amy T Waldman

Several Household Chemical Exposures are Associated with Pediatric-Onset Multiple Sclerosis., Soe Mar, Shannon Liang, Michael Waltz, T Charles Casper, Manu Goyal, Benjamin Greenberg, Bianca Weinstock-Guttman, Moses Rodriguez, Gregory Aaen, Anita Belman, Lisa F Barcellos, John Rose, Mark Gorman, Leslie Benson, Meghan Candee, Tanjua Chitnis, Yolanda Harris, Ilana Kahn, Shelly Roalsted, Janace Hart, Timothy Lotze, Manikum Moodley, Jayne Ness, Mary Rensel, Jennifer Rubin, Teri Schreiner, Jan-Mendelt Tillema, Amy Waldman, Lauren Krupp, Jennifer S Graves, and Emmanuelle Waubant

Amount, not strength of recollection, drives hippocampal activity: A problem for apparent word familiarity-related hippocampal activation., Andrew R Mayes, Daniela Montaldi, Adrian Roper, Ellen M Migo, Taha Gholipour, and Alex Kafkas

Suprasellar Epidermoid Cyst Originating from the Infundibulum: Case Report and Literature Review., Erin P McCormack, Justin M Cappuzzo, Zachary Litvack, M Isabel Almira-Suarez, and Jonathan S Sherman

The Socioeconomic Burden of Pain From War., Rollin McCulloch Gallagher and Friedhelm Sandbrink

Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy in Non-Surgical Patients with Metastatic Spinal Disease and Epidural Compression: A Retrospective Review., Ahmed Meleis, Sachin R Jhawar, Joseph P Weiner, Neil Majmundar, Aria Mahtabfar, Yong Lin, Salma Jabbour, Shabbar Danish, and Sharad Goyal

Arrest of Fetal Brain Development in ALG11-Congenital Disorder of Glycosylation., Sarah B Mulkey, Bobby G Ng, Gilbert L Vezina, Dorothy I Bulas, Lynne A Wolfe, Hudson H Freeze, and Carlos R Ferreira

Heterogeneity in association of remote herpesvirus infections and pediatric MS., Bardia Nourbakhsh, Alice Rutatangwa, Michael Waltz, Mary Rensel, Manikum Moodley, Jennifer Graves, Theron Charles Casper, Amy Waldman, Anita Belman, Benjamin Greenberg, Manu Goyal, Yolanda Harris, Ilana Kahn, Timothy Lotze, Soe Mar, Teri Schreiner, Gregory Aaen, Janace Hart, Jayne Ness, Jennifer Rubin, Jan-Mendelt Tillema, Lauren Krupp, Mark Gorman, Leslie Benson, Moses Rodriguez, Tanuja Chitnis, John Rose, Meghan Candee, Bianca Weinstock-Guttman, Xiaorong Shao, Lisa Barcellos, Judith James, and Emmanuelle Waubant

Ventricular shape evaluation on early ultrasound predicts post-hemorrhagic hydrocephalus., Rawad Obeid, Pooneh R Tabrizi, Awais Mansoor, Juan J Cerrolaza, Taeun Chang, Anna A Penn, and Marius George Linguraru


Executive dysfunction is associated with an altered executive control network in pediatric temporal lobe epilepsy., Temitayo Oyefunmike Oyegbile, John W VanMeter, Gholam Motamedi, Nassim Zecavati, Cesar Santos, Christabel Lee Earn Chun, William D Gaillard, and Bruce Hermann


Neurofibromatosis Clinical Trial Consortium, Roger J. Packer, M. Fisher, G. Cutter, K. Cole-Plourde, and B. Korf


Mutations in SZT2 result in early-onset epileptic encephalopathy and leukoencephalopathy., Amy Pizzino, Matthew Whitehead, Parisa Sabet Rasekh, Jennifer Murphy, Guy Helman, Miriam Bloom, Sarah H Evans, John G Murnick, Joan Conry, Ryan J Taft, Cas Simons, Adeline Vanderver, and Laura A Adang


Absolute lymphocyte and neutrophil counts in neonatal ischemic brain injury., Jessica M Povroznik, Elizabeth B Engler-Chiurazzi, Tania Nanavati, and Paola Pergami

Novel founder intronic variant in SLC39A14 in two families causing Manganism and potential treatment strategies., Lance H Rodan, Marissa Hauptman, Alissa M D'Gama, Anita E Qualls, Siqi Cao, Karin Tuschl, Fatma Al-Jasmi, Jozef Hertecant, Susan J Hayflick, Marianne Wessling-Resnick, Edward T Yang, Gerard T Berry, Andrea Gropman, Alan D Woolf, and Pankaj B Agrawal

Return-to-active-duty rates after anterior cervical spine surgery in military pilots, Michael A. Rosner

Is the use of Stereotactic Electroencephalography Safe and Effective in Children? A Meta-Analysis of the use of Stereotactic Electroencephalography in Comparison to Subdural Grids for Invasive Epilepsy Monitoring in Pediatric Subjects., Matthew F Sacino, Sean S Huang, John Schreiber, William D Gaillard, and Chima O Oluigbo


Age-Dependent Cellular and Behavioral Deficits Induced by Molecularly Targeted Drugs Are Reversible., Joseph Scafidi, Jonathan Ritter, Brooke M Talbot, Jorge Edwards, Li-Jin Chew, and Vittorio Gallo


Social Adjustment in Adolescent Survivors of Pediatric Central Nervous System Tumors: A Report From the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study., Fiona Schulte, Tara M Brinkman, Chenghong Li, Taryn Fay-McClymont, Deo Kumar Srivastava, Kirsten K Ness, Rebecca M Howell, Sabine Mueller, Elizabeth Wells, Douglas Strother, Lucie Lafay-Cousin, Wendy Leisenring, Leslie L Robison, Gregory T Armstrong, and Kevin R Krull

Imaging Episodic Memory During Development and Childhood Epilepsy., Leigh N Sepeta, Madison M Berl, and William Davis Gaillard


Clinical Impact of Spontaneous Hyperactivity in Degenerating Retinas: Significance for Diagnosis, Symptoms, and Treatment., Steven F Stasheff

Early infectious exposures are not associated with increased risk of pediatric-onset multiple sclerosis., Leena Suleiman, Emmanuelle Waubant, Gregory Aaen, Anita Belman, Leslie Benson, Meghan Candee, Tanuja Chitnis, Mark Gorman, Manu Goyal, Benjamin Greenberg, Yolanda Harris, Janace Hart, Ilana Kahn, Lauren Krupp, Timothy Lotze, Soe Mar, Manikum Moodley, Jayne Ness, Bardia Nourbakhsh, Mary Rensel, Moses Rodriguez, John Rose, Jennifer Rubin, Teri Schreiner, Jan-Mendelt Tillema, Amy Waldman, Bianca Weinstock-Guttman, T Charles Casper, Michael Waltz, and Jennifer S Graves

Further evidence for the involvement of EFL1 in a Shwachman–Diamond-like syndrome and expansion of the phenotypic features, Queenie Tan, Heidi Cope, Rebecca C. Spillman, Nicholas Strong, Yong-Hui Jiang, Marie T. McDonald, Jennifer A. Rothman, Andrea L. Gropman, and plus additional authors

Neurodevelopmental Needs in Young Boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD): Observations from the Cooperative International Neuromuscular Research Group (CINRG) DMD Natural History Study (DNHS)., Mathula Thangarajh, Christopher F Spurney, Heather Gordish-Dressman, Paula R Clemens, Eric P Hoffman, Craig M McDonald, Erik K Henricson, and Cinrg Investigators

Optic Pathway-Hypothalamic Glioma Hemorrhage: A Series of 9 Patients and Review of the Literature., Kirsten van Baarsen, Jonathan Roth, Natalia Serova, Roger J Packer, Ben Shofty, Ulrich-W Thomale, Giuseppe Cinalli, Helen Toledano, Shalom Michowiz, and Shlomi Constantini


Breast Cancer Risk and Germline Genomic Profiling of Women with Neurofibromatosis Type 1 Who Developed Breast Cancer., Xia Wang, Jamie K Teer, Renee N Tousignant, Albert M Levin, David Boulware, Dhananjay A Chitale, Brandon M Shaw, Zhihua Chen, Yonghong Zhang, Jaishri O Blakeley, Maria T Acosta, Ludwine M Messiaen, Bruce R Korf, and Michael A Tainsky

Histopathology of Thymectomy Specimens from the MGTX-Trial: Entropy Analysis as Strategy to Quantify Spatial Heterogeneity of Lymphoid Follicle and Fat Distribution., Cleo-Aron Weis, Inmaculada B Aban, Garry Cutter, Henry J Kaminski, Christoph Scharff, Benedict W Grießmann, Maria Deligianni, Klaus Kayser, Gil I Wolfe, Philipp Ströbel, and Alexander Marx

Author Correction: Neuroimmune Disorders of the Central Nervous System in Children in the Molecular Era., Elizabeth Wells, Yael Hacohen, Amy Waldman, Jan M Tillema, Ariane Soldatos, Beau Ances, Susanne Benseler, Bibi Bielekova, Russel C Dale, Josep Dalmau, William Gaillard, Mark Gorman, Benjamin Greenberg, Ann Hyslop, Carlos A Pardo, Robert C Tasker, E Ann Yeh, Amit Bar-Or, Sean Pittock, Adeline Vanderver, and Brenda Banwell