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Health Sciences Research Commons is a digital repository providing global access to the research, scholarship, and expertise of the medical, public health, and nursing communities at the George Washington University. Health Sciences Research Commons welcomes submissions from faculty and staff at the School of Medicine and Health Sciences, the Milken Institute School of Public Health, and the School of Nursing including journal articles, posters, manuscripts, videos, presentations, etc. Students in these schools may submit theses, dissertations, conference poster pdfs, published journal articles, and works that have been approved for inclusion by a faculty member.

To submit items to HSRC, complete the following steps:

  1. Locate your appropriate departmental collection or other relevant collection from the list below and click on the collection link.
  2. Import Article information using the PubMed ID or enter information in the appropriate fields.
  3. For copyright restricted materials, include a link via the DOI (i.e. Link out to file on remote site). For open access materials, upload a PDF of your document (i.e. Upload file from your computer). Unsure of what version of a manuscript that you can archive? Visit for guidance.
  4. Alternatively, contact to submit material directly or for more information.

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