Submissions from 2002

Public health degrees - Not just for graduate students, R.K. Riegelman, J.B. Teitelbaum, and N.A. Persily

High rates of autoimmune and endocrine disorders, Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and atopic diseases among women with andometriosis: a survey analysis., N. Sinali, S.D. Cleary, M.L. Ballweg, L.K. Nieman, and P. Stratton

The effect of intensive therapy on the microvascular complications of type 1 diabetes mellitus., The Diabetes Control and Complications Trial

Hypertension, insulin, proinsulin in participants with impaired glucose tolerance., The Diabetes Prevention Program

The Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP): description of lifestyle intervention., The Diabetes Prevention Program

Reduction in the incidence of type 2 diabetes with lifestyle intervention or metformin, The Diabetes Prevention Program Research Group

The Diabetes Prevention Program: recruitment methods and results, The Diabetes Prevention Program Research Group

A diabetes outcome progression trial (ADOPT): an international multicenter study of the comparative efficacy of rosiglitazone, glyburide, and metformin in recently diagnosed type 2 diabetes, G. Viberti, S.E. Kahn, D.A. Greene, W.H. Herman, and B. Zinman

Follistatin-free activin A is not associated with preterm birth, E.Y. Wang, T.K. Woodruff, and A. Moawad

Submissions from 2001

Did medical research routinely exclude women? An examination of the evidence., E.E. Bartlett

Occupational exposure to wood, formaldehyde and solvents and risk of nasopharyngeal carcinoma., A. Hildesheim, M. Dosemeci, C.C. Chan, C.J. Chen, and Y.J. Cheng

Nevada Chronic Fatique Syndrome Consensus Conference., P.H. Levine, N. Klimas, R. Armitage, R. Fredericks, and J. Stewart

Dietary soy isoflavone intake in older Japanese American women., M.M. Rice, A.Z. LaCroix, J.W. Lampe, G. van Belle, and M. Kestin

Diagnosing osteoporosis in Japanese American women., M.M. Rice, E.B. Larson, A.Z. LaCroix, and BL. Drinkwater

A methodology for analysing a repeated measures and survival outcome simultaneously, J. Rochon and B.W. Gillespie

Ethnicity and cognitive performance among older African Americans, Japanese Americans, and Caucasians: the role of education., M.F. Shadlen, E.B. Larson, L.E. Gibbons, M.M. Rice, and W.C. McCormick

Temperament related to early-onset substance use: test of a developmental model., T.A. Wills, S. Cleary, M. Filer, O. Shinar, and J. Mariani

Coping dimensions, life stress, and adolescent substance use: A latent growth analysis., T.A. Wills, J.M. Sandy, A.M. Yaeger, S.D. Cleary, and O. Shinar

The effects of 860 MHz radiofrequency irradiation on the induction or promotion of brain tumors and other neoplasms in rats, B.C. Zook and S.J. Simmens

Submissions from 2000

Variations in Concepts of "Susceptibility" in Risk Assessment, J. M. Balbus and R. T. Parkin

Adolescent victimization and associated suicidal and violent behaviors., S.D. Cleary

Natural disaster and depression: A prospective investigation of reactions to the 1993 Midwest floods., E.M. Ginexi, K. Weihs, S.J. Simmens, and D.R Hoyt

Dyadic relationship conflict, gender, and mortality in urban hemodialysis patients, P.L Kimmel, R.A. Peterson, K.L. Weihs, N. Shidler, and S.J. Simmens

Multiple measurements of depression predict mortality in a longitudinal study of chronic hemodialysis outpatients, P.L. Kimmel, R.A. Peterson, K.L Weihs, S.J. Simmens, and S. Alleyne

Interdialytic Weight Gain and Survival in Hemodialysis Patients: Effects of Duration of ESRD and Presence of Diabetes Mellitus, P.L. Kimmel, M.P. Varela, R.A. Peterson, K.L. Weihs, and S.J. Simmens

Statistical considerations in the intent-to-treat principle., J.M. Lachin

Silicon implants and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome., P.H. Levine, H. Claman, and D. Clauw

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and cancer., P.H. Levine, P. Strickland, and D. Peterson

Occupation and prostate cancer risk in Sweden, S. Sharma-Wagner, A.P. Chokkalingam, H.S. Malker, B.J. Stone, and J.K. McLaughlin

Saving statistical lives: contributions of statistics to public health, M.A. Stoto

Dietary exposure to nitrite and nitrosamines and risk if nasopharyngeal carcinoma in Taiwan., M.H. Ward, W.H. Pan, Y.J. Cheng, F.H. Li, and L.A. Brinton

Negative affectivity, restriction of emotions, and site of metastases predict mortality in recurrent breast cancer, K.L. Weihs, T. Enright, S.J. Simmens, and D Reiss

Evaluation of ENU-Induced gliomas in rats: Nomenclature, immunochemistry and malignancy., B.C. Zook, S.J. Simmens, and R.V Jones

Relation of therapeutic alliance and perfectionism to outcome in brief outpatient treatment of depression., D.C. Zuroff, S.J. Blatt, S.M. Sotsky, J.L. Krupnick, and D.J. Martin

Submissions from 1999

Seroprevalence of human herpesvirus-8 (HHV-8) in countries of Southeast Asia compared to the USA, the Caribbean and Africa., D. Ablashi, L. Chatlynne, H. Cooper, D. Thomas, and M. Yadav

Cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption and risk of nasopharyngeal carcinoma in Taiwan., Y.J. Cheng, A. Hildesheim, M.M. Hsu, I.H. Chen, and L.A. Brinton

Bone marrow stromal cell-mediated gene therapy for hemophilia A: in vitro expression of human factor VIII with high biological activity requires the inclusion of the proteolytic site at amino acid 1648., G.G. Chiang, H.L. Rubin, V. Cherington, T. Wang, and J. Sobolewski

A selection of Mantel's contributions to laboratory research, S. W. Greenhouse

Prognostic factors for persons with idiopathic chronic fatigue., A.J. Hartz, E.M. Kuhn, S.E. Bentler, P.H. Levine, and R. London

Worst-rank score analysis with informatively missing observations in clinical trials, J. M. Lachin

A study of adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma incidence in central Brooklyn., P.H. Levine, H. Dosik, E.M. Joseph, S. Felton, and M.A. Bertoni

Risk factors for human T cell lymphotropic virus type II infection among the Guaymi Indians of Panama., E.M. Maloney, B. Armien, F. Gracia, L. Castillo, and H. Kruger

Sharing responsibility for the public's health., M. A. Stoto

Familial and sporadic cases of nasopharyngeal carcinoma in Taiwan., A. Ung, C.J. Chen, P.H. Levine, Y.J. Cheng, and L.A. Brinton

Submissions from 1998

The preterm prediction study: The value of new vs standard risk factors in predicting early and all spontaneous preterm births, S. F. Bottoms, F. Johnson, B. M. Mercer, and J. Van Dorsten

Chronic fatigue syndrome comes of age., P.H. Levine

What we know about chronic fatigue syndrome and its relevance to the practicing physician., P.H. Levine

Dysfunction of natural killer activity in a family with chronic fatigue syndrome., P.H. Levine, T.L. Whiteside, D. Friberg, J. Bryant, and G. Colclough

Application of GEE procedures for sample size calculations in repeated measures experiments, J. Rochon