Submissions from 2003

An automated treatment for jet lag delivered through the Internet, Daniel Z. Lieberman

Determinants of Satisfaction with an Automated Alcohol Evaluation Program, Daniel Z. Lieberman

An automated treatment for jet lag delivered through the internet, D.Z. Lieberman

Determinants of satisfaction with an automated alcohol evaluation program, D.Z. Lieberman

New developments in the bipolar spectrum conceptualization, D.Z. Lieberman and F.K. Goodwin

The nature of melancholy: From Aristotle to Kristeva, E. J. Lieberman

Efficacy of sertraline in severe generalized social anxiety disorder: results of a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, M.R. Liebowitz, N.A. DeMartinis, K. Weihs, P.D. Longborg, and W.T. Smith

The behavior genetics of personality and the NEAD study, J. C. Loehlin, J. M. Neiderhiser, and D. Reiss

Adolescent attitudes about end-of-life decision-making, M. E. Lyon, M. A. McCabe, K. Patel, and L. J. D'Angelo

Latino parents' attitudes about discipline guidance, a qualitative pilot study, E. J. Menvielle, I. Rivera, J. L. Wright, I. B. Horn, and T. L. Cheng

Genetic and environmental influences on change and continuity in family relations from adolescence to young adulthood, J. M. Neiderhiser

The impact of antisocial behavior on young adult parent-child relationships: Genetic and environmental influences, J. M. Neiderhiser

Central American adolescent acculturation and parental distress: Relationship to ratings of adolescent behavior problems, B. Razzino, J. Joseph, and E. Menvielle

Another chance: forensic psychological assessment of recidivism and dangerousness in immigration adjudications, L. D. Rosenberg and F.B. Evans

Research diagnostic criteria for infants and preschool children: The process and empirical support, M. Scheeringa, T. Anders, N. Boris, A. Carter, and I. Chatoor-Koch

An eight-week, multicenter parallel group, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of sertraline in elderly outpatients with major depression, L.S. Schneider, D. Nelson, C.M. Clary, P. Newhouse, and K.R.R. Krishman

Measuring functional developmental delay in infants and young children: prevalence rates from the NHIS-D, G. A. Simpson, L. Colpe, and S. Greenspan

Soles of the feet: a mindfulness-based self-control intervention for aggression by an individual with mild mental retardation and mental illness, N.N. Singh, R.G. Wahler, A.D. Adkins, and R.E. Myers

A dose-response study of OROS methylphenidate in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, M. A. Stein, C. S. Sarampote, I. D. Waldman, A. S. Robb, and C. Conlon

Brief report: cross-cultural replication of an anomalous IQ factor structure in children with diabetes, R. Streisand, M.C. Cant, R. Chen, L. Gonzalez de Pijem, and C.S. Holmes

Pediatric-specific parenting stress and family functioning in parents of children treated for cancer, R. Streisand, A. E. Kazak, and K. P. Tercyak

Pediatric-specific parenting stress and family functioning in children treated for cancer, R. Streisand, K. Tercyak, and A.E. Kazak

Strategies for pharmacologic treatment of high functioning autism and Asperger syndrome, K.E. Towbin

Maternal panic disorder: Infant temperament, neurophysiology, and parenting behaviors, S. L. Warren, M. R. Gunnar, J. Kagan, T. F. Anders, and S. J. Simmens

DC : 0-3 assessment protocol project: Defining a comprehensive information set to support DC : 0-3 diagnostic formulation, D. R. Weston, J. M. Thomas, K. E. Barnard, S. Wieder, and R. Clark

Climbing the symbolic ladder in the DIR model through floor time/interactive play, S. Wieder and S. I. Greenspan

Genetic and environmental influence on adolescent cannabis use: The role of family relationships, H. C. Wilcox, J. Neiderhiser, and D. Reiss

Markedly elevated serum biotinidase activity may indicate glycogen storage disease type Ia, B. Wolf, C. L. Freehaud, J. A. Thomas, P. L. Gordon, and C. L. Greene

Mechanisms linking cognitive and personality risk factors to depression: A genetic analysis of covariance, J. G. Yuh and D. Reiss

Submissions from 2002

Living with a chronic illness: A measure of social functioning for children and adolescents., C.D. Adams, R. Streisand, T. Zawacki, and K.E. Joseph

Impaired central stress-induced release of noradrenaline in rats with heart failure: A microdialysis study, A. M. Arabia, L. Catapano, C. Storini, C. Perego, A. De Luigi, G. A. Head, and M. G. De Simoni

Caring for ourselves as psychologists., E.K. Baker

Cytogenetic abnormalities in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder., T.M. Bastain, C.M. Lewczyk, W.S. Sharp, R.S. James, and R.T. Long

Rash in multicenter trials of lamotrigine in mood disorders: clinical relevance and management., J.R. Calabrese, J.R. Sullivan, C.L. Bowden, T. Suppes, and J.F. Goldberg

Developmental trajectories of brain volume abnormalities in attention-deficity/hyperactivity disorder., F.X. Castellanos, P.P. Lee, W. Sharp, N.O. Jeffries, and D.K. Greenstein

Neuroanatomical tracing of neuronal projections with Fluoro-Gold., Lisa A. Catapano, Sanjay S.P. Magavi, and Jeffrey D. Macklis

Feeding disorders in infants and toddlers: diagnosis and treatment., I. Chatoor

Feeding disorders in infants and toddlers: Diagnosis and treatment, Irene Chatoor

Medical school exposure to spirituality and response to a hypothetical cancer patient, J. T. Chibnall, J. M. Jeral, M. Cerullo, J. F. Knorp, and P. N. Duckro

Selecting children and adolescents for insulin pump therapy: Medial and behavioral considerations., F.R. Cogen, R. Streisand, and S. Sarin

Depression in late life. An historic account demonstrates the importance of making the diagnosis., G.D. Cohen

Herbal and nonherbal supplements in medical-psychiatric patient populations, Catherine C. Crone and Geoffrey Gabriel

Hierarchical modeling of sequential behavioral data: An empirical Bayesian approach., G.A. Dagne, G.W. Howe, C.H. Brown, and B.O. Muthen

Late-Stage Immature Neocortical Neurons Reconstruct Interhemispheric Connections and Form Synaptic Contacts with Increased Efficiency in Adult Mouse Cortex Undergoing Targeted Neurodegeneration, Rosemary A. Fricker-Gates, Jennifer J. Shin, Cindy C. Tai, Lisa A. Catapano, and Jeffrey D. Macklis

Reflection on self-analysis for psychotherapists, K. R. Gaarder

The Rorschach in forensic practice., C. Gacono, F.B. Evans, and D. Viglione

Psychopathy Checklist-Revised: PCL-R testimony and forensic practice., C. Gacono, J.L. Loving, and M.T. Jumes

Cade's Disease and beyond: misdiagnosis, antidepressant use, and a proposed definition for bipolar spectrum disorder., S.N. Ghaemi, J.Y. Ko, and F.K. Goodwin

Profiles of everyday executive function in acquired and developmental disorders, G. A. Gioia, P. K. Isquith, L. Kenworthy, and R. M. Barton

Brain development in healthy, hyperactive and psychotic children., N. Gogtay, J. Giedd, and J.L. Rapoport

Rationale for long-term treatment of bipolar disorder and evidence for long-term lithium treatment., F.K. Goodwin

Hypnosis as a counter-measure against the polygraph test of deception, M.A. Gravitz

Hypnosis in the conquest of pain., M.A. Gravitz

The search for Bridey Murphy: Implications for modern hypnosis., M.A. Gravitz

Living with threat and uncertainty: what the Kosavars tell us., James L. Griffith

Living with threat and uncertainty: what the Kosavars tell us, J.L. Griffith

Conversations with Salma Abugideiri: to live the greater jihad, M.E. Griffith and S. Abugideiri

Addressing spirituality in its clinical complexities: Its potentials for healing, its potentials for harm., M.E. Griffith and J.L. Griffith

Addressing spirituality in its clinical complexities: Its potential for healing, its potential for harm, Melissa Elliott Griffith and James L. Griffith

Overview of child forensic psychiatry, L.H. Haller

The forensic evaluation and court testimony, L.H. Haller

Integrating family routines and rituals with other family research paradigms: Comment on the special section, G. W. Howe

Integrating family routines and rituals with other family research paradigms. Comment on the special section., G.W. Howe

Can prevention trials test theories of etiology?, G.W. Howe, D. Reiss, and J. Yuh

Romantic Science and the Experience of Self: Transatlantic currents from William James to Oliver Sacks, by Martin Halliwell (1999)[Book review], E.J. Lieberman

Genetic variation in the 22q11 locus and susceptibility to schizophrnenia., H. Liu, G.R. Abecasis, S.C. Heath, A. Knowles, and S. Demars

Genetic variation at the 22q11 PRODH2/DGCR6 locus presents an unusual pattern and increases susceptibility to schizophrenia., H. Lui, S.C. Heath, C. Sobin, J.L. Roos, and B.L. Galke

Teacher and observer ratings of head start children's social skills, R. Milfort and D. B. Greenfield

The Young Adult Sibling Study: An introduction, J. M. Neiderhiser

Ethical considerations in psychiatric profiling of political figures., J.M. Post

Ethics in child and adolescent forensic psychiatry, R.A. Ratner

Supplemental nocturnal nasogastric refeeding for better short-term outcome in hospitalized adolescent girls with anorexia nervosa, A.S. Robb, T.J. Silber, J.K. Orrell-Valente, A. Valadez-Meltzer, and N. Ellis

Revuew of Clinical and observational research: Roots of a controversy -- Andre Green & Daniel Stern. Monograph series of The Psychoanalytic Series of the Psychoanalysis Unit of University College London and the Anna Freud Centre, P. Rubovits-Seitz

The fate of interpretation in postclassical schools of psychoanalysis., P. Rubovits-Seitz

Genetic and environmental influences on associations between marriage and positive mental health, E. L. Spotts and D. Reiss

Dopamine transporter genotype (DAT1) affects stimulant response in children with ADHD, M. A. Stein, I. Waldman, C. Sarampote, K. Seymour, and A. Robb

Brief report: Self-care behaviors of children with Type 1 diabetes living in Puerto Rico., R. Streisand, D. Respess, S. Overstreet, L. Gonzalez de Pijem, and R.S. Chen

Families and the management of chronic disease, report for the Committee on Health and Behavior: research practice and policy; Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences, K. Weihs, L. Fisher, and M. Baird

Continuation phase treatment with bupropion SR effectively decreases the risk for relapse of depression, K.L. Weihs, T.L. Houser, S.R. Batey, J.A. Ascher, and C. Bolden-Watson

Submissions from 2001

Consensus statement: The evaluation and treatment of people with epilepsy and affective disorders, J. J. Barry, A. B. Ettinger, P. Friel, F. G. Gilliam, and C. L. Harden

Neuropsychological functioning as a moderator of the relationship between psychosocial functioning and the subjective experience of self and life in schizophrenia, John S. Brekke, Brandon Kohrt, and Michael F. Green

Advancing the ethics of research, Philip J. Candilis

Reply to Schafer: ethics and state extremism in defense of liberty., P. J. Candilis

Principles and narrative in forensic psychiatry: Toward a robust view of professional role, P. J. Candilis, R. Martinez, and C. Dording

Specific neurotrophic factors support the survival of cortical projection neurons at distinct stages of development, Lisa A. Catapano, Matthew W. Arnold, Francisco A. Perez, and Jeffrey D. Macklis

Observation of feeding in the diagnosis of posttraumatic feeding disorder of infancy., ChatoorI., J. Ganiban, J. Harrison, and R. Hirsch

Psychotherapy by psychiatrists in a managed care environment: Must it be an oxymoron? A forum from the APA commission on psychotherapy by psychiotrists, N. A. Clemens, K. R. MacKenzie, J. L. Griffith, and J. C. Markowitz

Psychotherapy by psychiatrists in a managed care environment: Must it be an oxymoron?: A Forum from the APA Commission on Psychotherapy by Psychiatrists, N.A. Clemens, K.R. MacKenzie, J.L. Griffith, and J.C. Markowitz

Ethnocultural allodynia, L. Comas-Diaz and F.M. Jacobsen

Non-herbal nutritional supplements-The next wave: A comprehensive review of risks and benefits for the C-L psychiatrist, Catherine Crone, Geoff Gabriel, and Thomas N. Wise

Forensic psychology and gender-based claims in immigration court., F.B. Evans and L.D. Rosenberg

Adolescent, parent, and observer perceptions of parenting: genetic and environmental influences on shared and distinct perceptions, M. Feinberg, J. Neiderhiser, G. Howe, and E.M. Hetherington

Improving capacity assessments [4], M. E. Foti, P. Candilis, and J. Holzer

Predictors of affective responses of mothers and fathers of children with cancer, N.C. Frank, R.T. Brown, R.L. Blount, and V. Bunke

Nocturnal pruritus in a cardiac pretransplant patient, Geoffrey M. Gabriel and Catherine C. Crone

Letter to the Editor [1], B. Gage, E. Barth-Berg, M. Harris, V. Harris, A. Reichman, R. Viswanathan, P. Candilis, and J. Srinivasaraghavan

The bipolar spectrum and the antidepressant view of the world, S. N. Ghaemi, J. Y. Ko, and F. K. Goodwin

Perceptual reconstruction in the treatment of inordinate grief, M.A. Gravitz

Forensic psychology and documentation of torture. Part I, U. Jacobs, F.B. Evans, and B. Patsilides

Forensic psychology and documentation of torture. Part II, U. Jacobs, F.B. Evans, and B. Patsilides