Submissions from 2004

Use of olanzapine in the treatment of bipolar I disorder, D.Z. Lieberman and F.K. Goodwin

Environmental risk factors in hospital suicide., D. Z. Lieberman, H. L. Resnik, and V. Holder-Perkins

Dreaming by the book: Freud's the interpretation of dreams and the history of the psychoanalytic movement, E. J. Lieberman

Exuberance: The passion for life, E. J. Lieberman

The man who shocked the world: The life and legacy of Stanley Milgram, E. J. Lieberman

Secrets of the soul: A social and cultural history of psychoanalysis, J. Lieberman

The present moment in psychotherapy and everyday life, J. Lieberman

Childhood bullying: Implications for physicians, J. M. Lyznicki, M. A. McCaffree, and C. B. Robinowitz

Success and succession, I.H. Marill and E.R. Siegel

Commentary: Alcoholic Blackout--Does It Remove Mens Rea?, James Merikangas

Identifying sources of nongenetic influences on change in parent-child relationships from adolescence to young adulthood, J. M. Neiderhiser

Genetic and environmental influences on mothering of adolescents: A comparison of two samples., J.M. Neiderhiser, D. Reiss, N. Pedersen, P. Lichtenstein, and E.L. Spotts

Visual, tactile, and phobic hallucinations: recognition and management in the emergency department, M. Pao, C. Lohman, D. Gracey, and L. Greenberg

Cognitive function in patients with chronic granulomatous disease: A preliminary report, M. Pao, E. A. Wiggs, M. M. Anastacio, J. Hyun, and E. S. DeCarlo

Cardiopathia Fantastica: The Cardiac Variant of Munchausen Syndrome, Ted A. Park, Mark Andrew Borsch, Allen R. Dyer, and Alan N. Peiris

Countering the psychological consequences of suicide terrorism, L. H. Pastor

Predictors of Unprotected Anal Intercourse Among HIV-Positive Latino Gay and Bisexual Men, Paul J. Poppen, Carol A. Reisen, Maria Cecilia Zea, Fernanda T. Bianchi, and John J. Echeverry

Schonfeld Lecture: Juvenile Justice?, Richard A. Ratner

Need for and use of mental health services among parents of children in the Head Start program, B. E. Razzino, M. New, A. Lewin, and J. Joseph

The psychoanalytic study of the child, volume 58, R. Z. Ritvo

Supervising and being supervised: A practice in search of a theory, S. Rosenblum

Adult mother-daughter relationships: a review of the theoretical and research literature., D.K. Shrier

The End of the World as We Know It (and I Feel Fine): Comment on Erard, B.L. Smith and F.B Evans

Accounting for depressive symptoms in women: a twin study of associations with interpersonal relationships, E. L. Spotts, J. M. Neiderhiser, J. Ganiban, D. Reiss, and P. Lichtenstein

Accounting for depressive symptoms in women: A twin study of associations with interpersonal relationships., E.L. Spotts, J.M. Neiderhiser, D. Reiss, J. Ganiban, and D. Reiss

Genetic and environmental influences on marital relationships., E. L. Spotts, J.M. Neiderhiser, H. Towers, K. Hansson, and P. Lichtenstein

Insomnia and tiredness in ADHD youth: Relationship with methylphenidate dose, age, and weight, M. A. Stein, C. Sarampote, and K. Seymour

A randomized, placebo-controlled trial of citalopram for the treatment of major depression in children and adolescents, K. D. Wagner, A. S. Robb, R. L. Findling, J. Q. Jin, and M. M. Gutierrez

Counseling Practice With Feminist-Multicultural Perspectives, Mollie Whalen, Karen P. Fowler-Lese, Jill S. Barber, Elizabeth Nutt Williams, and Ann B. Judge

Child and adolescent clinical features as forerunners of adult-onset major depressive disorder: retrospective evidence from an epidemiological sample., H. C. Wilcox and J. C. Anthony

The development of suicide ideation and attempts: an epidemiologic study of first graders followed into young adulthood, H. C. Wilcox and J. C. Anthony

Association of alcohol and drug use disorders and completed suicide: an empirical review of cohort studies., H. C. Wilcox, K. R. Conner, and E. D. Caine

Variations in evidence-based clinical practices in eight United States Veterans Administration Opioid Agonist Therapy Clinics, M.L. Willenbring and H. Hagedorn

Evidence-based clinical practice guidelines in substance use disorders: a survey of VA substance abuse treatment program leaders., M.L. Willenbring, D. Kivlahan, M. Kenny, and M. Grillo

Exploring feeding difficulties in children: The generosity of acceptance, Vol. 1, Gianna Williams, Paul Williams, Jane Desmarais, and Kent Ravenscroft

Effects of lamotrigine on neurocognitive measures in bipolar I patients, L. N. Yatham and A. A. Krishnan

Disclosure of HIV-positive status to Latino gay men's social networks., M.C. Zea, C.A. Reisen, P.J. Poppen, J.J. Echeverry, and F.T. Bianchi

Submissions from 2003


Compromised constitutions: the Iranian experience with the 1918 influenza pandemic., Amir Afkhami

Early intervention in schizophrenia: Three frameworks for guiding ethical inquiry, Philip J. Candilis

Effect of Divalproex combined with olanzapine or risperidone in patients with an acute exacerbation of schizophrenia - Reply, D. E. Casey, D. G. Daniel, A. A. Wassef, L. A. Tracy, and P. Wozniak

How international are psychiatry journals? [8], Lisa A. Catapano and David J. Castle

Food refusal by infants and young children: Diagnosis and treatment., I. Chatoor and J. Ganiban

The role of enactments, J. F. Chused

The psychiatric consultant. Mental health problems in assisted living residents: the physician's role in treatment and staff education, G. D. Cohen, K. Blank, C. I. Cohen, C. Gaitz, and B. Liptzin

Mental health problems in assisted living residents. The physician's role in treatment and staff education, G.D. Cohen, K. Blank, C.I. Cohen, C. Gaitz, and B. Liptzin

Ten-year review of rating scales. VI: Scales assessing externalizing behaviors, B. R. Collett, J. L. Ohan, and K. M. Myers

Competency: A practical guide for mental health service providers, L. Comas-Diaz

Cultural assessment in clinical psychiatry, L. Comas-Diaz

Culture and psychotherapy: A guide to clinical practice, L. Comas-Diaz

Comprehensive review of hepatitis C for psychiatrists: Risks, screening, diagnosis, treatment, and interferon-based therapy complications, Catherine Crone and Geoffrey M. Gabriel

Recognition of childhood depression: personal reminiscences, L. Cytryn

Bayesian hierarchical modeling of heterogeneity in multiple contingency tables: An application to behavioral observation data, G. A. Dagne, C. H. Brown, and G. W. Howe

Neuroprotection by complement (C1) inhibitor in mouse transient brain ischemia, Maria Grazia De Simoni, C. Storini, M. Barba, L. Catapano, A. M. Arabia, E. Rossi, and L. Bergamaschini

Revitalizing psychological testing: a review of Marshall SilversteinΓÇÖs self psychology and diagnostic assessment: identifying selfobject functions through psychological testing., F. B. Evans

Commentary on "Reflections on Sullivan and the language of psychiatry". The times of David McK. Rioch., K. Gaarder

Introduction to special issue on antidepressant use in bipolar disorder, S. N. Ghaemi and F. K. Goodwin

Antidepressants in bipolar disorder: the case for caution, S. N. Ghaemi, D. J. Hsu, F. Soldani, and F. K. Goodwin

Long-term treatment with bupropion SR effectively prevents the relapse and recurrence of depression, E. Goodale, K. Weihs, J. Ascher, N. Richard, and A. Metz

Impact of formularies on clinical innovation, F. K. Goodwin

Preventing inpatient suicide, F.K. Goodwin

Rationale for using lithium in combination with other mood stablizers in the management of bipolar disorder, F.K. Goodwin

Suicide risk in bipolar disorder during treatment with lithium and divalproex, F.K. Goodwin, B. Fireman, G.E. Simon, E.M. Hunkeler, and J. Lee

The course of bipolar disorder and the nature of agitated depression, F. K. Goodwin and S. N. Ghaemi

Optimizing lithium treatment in bipolar disorder: a review of the literature and clinical recommendations, F. K. Goodwin and M. A. Goldstein

Optimizing lithium treatment in bipolar disorder: a review of the literature and clinical recommendations., F. K. Goodwin and M. A. Goldstein

Child care research: A clinical perspective, S. I. Greenspan

Infant and early childhood mental health: a comprehensive developmental approach to assessment and intervention, S. I. Greenspan and S. Wieder

Consequences of child exposure to war and terrorism, P.T. Joshi and D.A. O'Donnell

The bipolar spectrum: a clinical perspective, J. J. Katzow, D. J. Hsu, and S. N. Ghaemi

Relationship between apoE4 allele and excitatory amino acid levels after traumatic brain injury, Mary E. Kerr, M. Ilyas Kamboh, Kim Yookyung, Marilyn F. Kraus, Ava M. Puccio, Steven T. DeKosky, and Donald W. Marion

Remembered parental bonding in adult twins: Genetic and environmental influences, P. Lichtenstein, J. Ganiban, J. M. Neiderhiser, N. L. Pedersen, and K. Hansson


An automated treatment for jet lag delivered through the internet., Daniel Z Lieberman


Determinants of satisfaction with an automated alcohol evaluation program., Daniel Z Lieberman

An automated treatment for jet lag delivered through the Internet, Daniel Z. Lieberman

Determinants of Satisfaction with an Automated Alcohol Evaluation Program, Daniel Z. Lieberman

An automated treatment for jet lag delivered through the internet, D.Z. Lieberman

Determinants of satisfaction with an automated alcohol evaluation program, D.Z. Lieberman

New developments in the bipolar spectrum conceptualization, D.Z. Lieberman and F.K. Goodwin

The nature of melancholy: From Aristotle to Kristeva, E. J. Lieberman

Efficacy of sertraline in severe generalized social anxiety disorder: results of a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, M.R. Liebowitz, N.A. DeMartinis, K. Weihs, P.D. Longborg, and W.T. Smith

The behavior genetics of personality and the NEAD study, J. C. Loehlin, J. M. Neiderhiser, and D. Reiss

Adolescent attitudes about end-of-life decision-making, M. E. Lyon, M. A. McCabe, K. Patel, and L. J. D'Angelo

Latino parents' attitudes about discipline guidance, a qualitative pilot study, E. J. Menvielle, I. Rivera, J. L. Wright, I. B. Horn, and T. L. Cheng

Genetic and environmental influences on change and continuity in family relations from adolescence to young adulthood, J. M. Neiderhiser

The impact of antisocial behavior on young adult parent-child relationships: Genetic and environmental influences, J. M. Neiderhiser

Central American adolescent acculturation and parental distress: Relationship to ratings of adolescent behavior problems, B. Razzino, J. Joseph, and E. Menvielle

Another chance: forensic psychological assessment of recidivism and dangerousness in immigration adjudications, L. D. Rosenberg and F.B. Evans

Research diagnostic criteria for infants and preschool children: The process and empirical support, M. Scheeringa, T. Anders, N. Boris, A. Carter, and I. Chatoor-Koch

An eight-week, multicenter parallel group, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of sertraline in elderly outpatients with major depression, L.S. Schneider, D. Nelson, C.M. Clary, P. Newhouse, and K.R.R. Krishman

Measuring functional developmental delay in infants and young children: prevalence rates from the NHIS-D, G. A. Simpson, L. Colpe, and S. Greenspan

Soles of the feet: a mindfulness-based self-control intervention for aggression by an individual with mild mental retardation and mental illness, N.N. Singh, R.G. Wahler, A.D. Adkins, and R.E. Myers

A dose-response study of OROS methylphenidate in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, M. A. Stein, C. S. Sarampote, I. D. Waldman, A. S. Robb, and C. Conlon

Brief report: cross-cultural replication of an anomalous IQ factor structure in children with diabetes, R. Streisand, M.C. Cant, R. Chen, L. Gonzalez de Pijem, and C.S. Holmes

Pediatric-specific parenting stress and family functioning in parents of children treated for cancer, R. Streisand, A. E. Kazak, and K. P. Tercyak

Pediatric-specific parenting stress and family functioning in children treated for cancer, R. Streisand, K. Tercyak, and A.E. Kazak

Strategies for pharmacologic treatment of high functioning autism and Asperger syndrome, K.E. Towbin

Maternal panic disorder: Infant temperament, neurophysiology, and parenting behaviors, S. L. Warren, M. R. Gunnar, J. Kagan, T. F. Anders, and S. J. Simmens

DC : 0-3 assessment protocol project: Defining a comprehensive information set to support DC : 0-3 diagnostic formulation, D. R. Weston, J. M. Thomas, K. E. Barnard, S. Wieder, and R. Clark

Climbing the symbolic ladder in the DIR model through floor time/interactive play, S. Wieder and S. I. Greenspan

Genetic and environmental influence on adolescent cannabis use: The role of family relationships, H. C. Wilcox, J. Neiderhiser, and D. Reiss