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Submissions from 1995

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Submissions from 1994

Introduction, Allen R. Dyer

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Submissions from 1993

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Submissions from 1992

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Submissions from 1991

Community psychiatry then and now: An introduction, Allen R. Dyer

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Submissions from 1990

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Submissions from 1989

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Submissions from 1988

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Submissions from 1987

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Submissions from 1986

Patients, Not Costs, Come First: Should Doctors Cut Costs at the Bedside?, Allen R. Dyer

The concept of character: Moral and therapeutic considerations, Allen R. Dyer

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Submissions from 1985

Ethics, advertising and the definition of a profession., A. R. Dyer

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Submissions from 1981

A comparative study of selective stimulation of raphe nuclei in the cat in inhibiting dorsal horn neuron responses to noxious stimulation, James L. Griffith and Glenn B. Gatipon

Submissions from 1978

Is social evolution a moral inversion?, Allen R. Dyer

Submissions from 1974

R.D. Laing in post critical perspective, A. R. Dyer

Submissions from 214


Use of modified acute concussion evaluation tools in the emergency department, Noel S. Zuckerbraun, Shireen M. Atabaki, Michael T. Collins, Danny Thomas, and Gerard A. Gioia

Submissions from 213


An educational symposium for patients with sickle cell disease and their families: Results from surveys of knowledge and factors influencing decisions about hematopoietic stem cell transplant, Amanda L. Thompson, Alexis Bridley, Eileen Twohy, Jackie Dioguardi, Jane Sande, Lewis L. Hsu, Naynesh Kamani, and Emily R. Meier