Submissions from 2007

Forensic ethics and the expert witness, Philip J. Candilis, Robert Weinstock, and Richard Martinez

Review of adjunctive glutamate antagonist therapy in the treatment of catatonic syndromes, Brendan T. Carroll, Harold W. Goforth, Christopher Thomas, Niraj Ahuja, William W. McDaniel, Marilyn F. Kraus, David R. Spiegel, Kathleen N. Franco, Leopold Pozuelo, and Camilo Muñoz

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Little Hans "analyzed" in the twenty-first century, J. F. Chused

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Informed consent revoked, Allen R. Dyer

In the wake of the tsunami: A physician's perspective, Allen R. Dyer

Factitious disorder: Detection, diagnosis, and forensic implications, Allen R. Dyer and Marc D. Feldman

Parenting and adolescent antisocial behavior and depression: evidence of genotype x parenting environment interaction, M. E. Feinberg, T. M. Button, J. M. Neiderhiser, D. Reiss, and E. M. Hetherington

Readers Forum: What is the best approach for management of depression in a pregnant woman after a suicide attempt?, J.B. Frank

Katrina relief: Lessons for the academic medical center, J. B. Frank and A. C. Trinidad

Katrina relief: Lessons for the academic medical center, J.B. Frank and A.C. Trinidad

Threats to the teaching alliance. Commentary on Ursano, Kartheiser, and Ursano (2007), R. C. Fritsch

Can genetic factors explain the spillover of warmth and negativity across family relationships?, J. M. Ganiban, E. L. Spotts, P. Lichtenstein, G. S. Khera, and D. Reiss

Review of hypnosis: theory, research and application, M. A. Gravitz

Sleep characteristics of youth with functional abdominal pain and a healthy comparison group, E. D. Huntley, J. V. Campo, R. E. Dahl, and D. S. Lewin

A decade of disasters: Lessons from the Indian experience, Sekar Kasi, Subhasis Bhadra, and Allen R. Dyer

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Preface, James L. Levenson, David F. Gitlin, and Cathy Crone

Combinations of DSM-IV-TR criteria sets for bipolar disorders, Daniel Z. Lieberman, Roger Peele, and Maryam Razavi

The Nonshared Environment in Adolescent Development (NEAD) project: a longitudinal family study of twins and siblings from adolescence to young adulthood, J. M. Neiderhiser and E. M. Hetherington

Psychiatric issues in bariatric surgery, L. Norris

Psychiatric Issues in Bariatric Surgery, Lorenzo Norris

Neurobehavioral syndromes associated with toxic exposures, L. H. Pastor

Psychiatric aspects of chemicals and toxins., L. H. Pastor

Psychiatric morbidity associated with chemical weapons exposure, L. H. Pastor and R. G. McIntosh

Review of the uses of enchantment: a novel, R. Peele and S. Kadekar

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Review of mass homicides of intelligentsia as a marker for genocide, A. J. Salerian, P. Tuglaci, G. Salerian, J. B. Edwards, and A. Baum

Psychiatric and Psychosocial Consequences of Pediatric Epilepsy, J. A. Salpekar and D. W. Dunn

Consequence of physician disruptive behavior., Charles P. Samenow, Anderson Spickard, William Swiggart, Judy Regan, and Donna Barrett

Consequences of Physician Disruptive Behavior, C. P. Samenow, W. A. Spickard, J. Ragan, and D. Barrett

Interfaces: Toward a new generation of systemic models in family research and practice, C. E. Sluzki

How not to learn cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), A. C. Trinidad

Painful physical symptoms in depression: a clinical challenge, T. N. Wise, D. A. Fishbain, and V. Holder-Perkins

Relation of fatigue with alexithymia and depression in psychiatric outpatients, T. N. Wise and M. J. Sheridan

Submissions from 2006

Preliminary evidence for sleep complaints among children referred for anxiety, C. A. Alfano, D. C. Beidel, S. M. Turner, and D. S. Lewin

Interpersonal relationship quality in people with cancer, T. A. Badger, K. L. Weihs, T. M. Enright, and R. Krouse

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Describing relationship problems in dsm-v: toward better guidance for research and clinical practice., S. R. H. Beach, N. J. Kaslow, R. E. Heyman, and D. Reiss

Low-fat dietary pattern and risk of colorectal cancer: The Women's Health Initiative rRandomized controlled dietary modification trial., S.A. Beresford, K.C. Johnson, C. Ritenbaugh, N.L. Lasser, and L.G. Snetselaar

Psychodynamic approaches to the adolescent with panic disorder, C. Bir, G. Laje, and R. Z. Ritvo

Panel I: Contemporary Views on Stages Versus Positions, R. Britton, J. Chused, S. Ellman, M. Likierman, and A. Bergman

Panel II: The Oedipus Complex, the Primal Scene, and the Superegos, R. Britton, J. Chused, S. Ellman, M. Likierman, and C. Ellman

Panel IV: Introduction to Issues Related to Treatment, R. Britton, J. Chused, S. Ellman, M. Likierman, and J. A. Kaplan

Panel III: The Role of Attachment and Love Versus Envy and Destructiveness in the First Year of Life: Affects, Impulses, and Defenses, R. Britton, J. Chused, S. Ellman, M. Likierman, and F. Williams

Willingness of subjects with thought disorder to participate in research, Philip J. Candilis, Cynthia M.A. Geppert, Kenneth E. Fletcher, Charles W. Lidz, and Paul S. Appelbaum

The need to understand IRB deliberations, Philip J. Candilis, Charles W. Lidz, and Robert M. Arnold

Commentary: The higher standard of aspirational ethics, Philip J. Candilis and Richard Martinez

Dynamic psychotherapy: a 50-year perspective, P. Chodoff

The impact of professionally conducted cultural programs on the physical health, mental health, and social functioning of older adults, G. D. Cohen, S. Perlstein, J. Chapline, J. Kelly, and K. M. Firth

Present and future of clinical psychology in private practice, L Comas-Diaz

Latino healing: the integration of ethnic psychology into psychotherapy., L. Comas-Diaz

An overview of psychiatric issues in liver disease for the consultation-liaison psychiatrist, Catherine C. Crone, Geoffrey M. Gabriel, and Andrea DiMartini

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Emerging empirical evidence on the ethics of schizophrenia research, Laura B. Dunn, Philip J. Candilis, and Laura Weiss Roberts

The Rorschach: Not what cracks and potshots claim it is, R. E. Erard and F.B. Evans

Commentary on "seven institutionalized children and their adaptation in late adulthood: The children of Duplessis". Surviving unspeakable trauma: Numbing the inner life, R. C. Fritsch

Promoting Repeat Tobacco Dependence Treatment: Are Relapsed Smokers Interested?, S. S. Fu, M. R. Partin, A. Snyder, L. C. An, and D. B. Nelson

The life and legacy of Harry Stack Sullivan, K. R. Gaarder

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Managing religious countertransference in clinical settings, James L. Griffith

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Low-fat dietary pattern and risk of cardiovascular disease: The Women's Health Initiative randomized controlled dietary mModification trial., B.V. Howard, Horn L. Van, J.E. Manson, M.L. Stefanick, and S. Wassertheil-Smoller

Comparison of alcohol abusers who seek traditional treatment versus those who use an online program., Suena W. Huang and Daniel Z. Lieberman

The trouble with Sullivan's "malevolent transformation", J. S. Kafka

Integrated psychiatric/medical care in a chronic hepatitis C clinic: Effect on antiviral treatment evaluation and outcomes, A. Knott, E. Dieperink, M. L. Willenbring, S. Heit, and J. M. Durfee

Advances in the pharmacotherapy of alcoholism: Challenging misconceptions, H. R. Kranzler, G. Koob, G. R. Gastfriend, R. Swift, and M. L. Willenbring


Effects of a personified guide on adherence to an online program for alcohol abusers., Daniel Z Lieberman

Effects of a personified guide on adherence to an online program for alcohol abusers, Daniel Z. Lieberman

Predicting user preferences for educational content based on the results of an automated evaluation for alcohol use problems., Daniel Z. Lieberman, Vilmaris Quinones-Cardona, and Kenneth P. Williams

Effects of a personified guide on adherence to an online program for alcohol abusers, D. Z. Lieberman

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Weight of the evidence or wait for the evidence? Protecting underground miners from diesel particulate matter. [Review] [55 refs], C. Monforton

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Auditory status of persons with intellectual disability at the German Special Olympic Games, K. Neumann, G. Dettmer, H. A. Euler, A. Giebel, and M. Gross

The cadaver's ball., R. Peele and M. Razavi

Psychiatrists as leaders in academic medicine, C. B. Robinowitz

The dynamics of human aggression, S. Rosenblum

The role of recurrence and cyclicity in differentiating mood disorder diagnoses, Jaclyn M. Saggese, Daniel Z. Lieberman, and Frederick K. Goodwin

The role of recurrence and cyclicity in differentiating the mood disorder diagnoses, J. Saggese, D. Z. Lieberman, and F. K. Goodwin

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Difficult babies, difficult parents: Toward a model based on a reciprocal fit. (In Italian), C. E. Sluzki

Short term heaven, long term limbo: A visit to a refugee camp in Rwanda?, C. E. Sluzki

The truth about cats and dogs: are there genetic influences on pet ownership?, E. L. Spotts, P. Lichtenstein, and J. M. Neiderhiser

Emergency department treatment of viral gastritis using intravenous ondansetron or dexamethasone in children, C. M. Stork, K. M. Brown, T. H. Reilly, L. Secreti, and L. H. Brown