Submissions from 2008

Dysregulated Mitochondrial Genes and Networks with Drug Targets in Postmortem Brain of Patients with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Revealed by Human Mitochondria-Focused cDNA Microarrays, Y. A. Su, J. Wu, L. Zhang, Q. Y. Zhang, and D. M. Su

B cells induce tolerance by presenting endogenous peptide-IgG on MHC class II molecules via an IFN-gamma-inducible lysosomal thiol reductase-dependent pathway, Y. Su, G. Carey, M. Maric, and D. W. Scott

Acetylsalicylic acid inhibits hepatitis C virus RNA and protein expression through cyclooxygenase 2 signaling pathways, K. Trujillo-Murillo, A. R. Rincon-Sanchez, H. Martinez-Rodriguez, F. Bosques-Padilla, and J. Ramos-Jimenez

Genomic islands from five strains of Burkholderia pseudomallei, A. Tuanyok, B. R. Leadem, R. K. Auerbach, S. M. Beckstrom-Sternberg, and J. S. Beckstrom-Sternberg

Burkholderia pseudomallei genome plasticity associated with genomic island variation, S. Tumapa, M. T. G. Holden, V. Wuthiekanun, D. Limmathurotsakul, and W. Chierakul

Genome sequencing and analysis of the filamentous fungus Penicillium chrysogenum, M. A. Van Den Berg, R. Albang, K. Albermann, J. H. Badger, and J.M. Daran

Molecular mechanism underlying differential apoptosis between human melanoma cell lines UACC903 and UACC903(+6) revealed by mitochondria-focused cDNA microarrays, Q. Zhang, J. Wu, A. Nguyen, B. D. Wang, and P. He

Submissions from 2007

Nuclear Factor 90(NF90) targeted to TAR RNA inhibits transcriptional activation of HIV-1, E. T. Agbottah, C. Traviss, J. McArdle, S. Karki, and G. C. St Laurent

Microarray analysis of the temporal response of skeletal muscle to methylprednisolone: comparative analysis of two dosing regimens, R. R. Almon, D. C. DuBois, Z. Yao, E. P. Hoffman, and S. Ghimbovschi

Identification and quantification of thymosin beta4 in human saliva and tears, M. Badamchian, A. A. Damavandy, H. Damavandy, S. D. Wadhwa, and B. Katz

Third-generation human mitochondria-focused cDNA microarray and its bioinformatic tools for analysis of gene expression, X. Bai, J. Wu, Q. Zhang, S. Alesci, and I. Manoli

Thymosin beta4 upregulates the expression of hepatocyte growth factor and downregulates the expression of PDGF-beta receptor in human hepatic stellate cells, E. Barnaeva, A. Nadezhda, E. Hannappel, M. H. Sjogren, and M. Rojkind

Elucidation of veA-dependent genes associated with aflatoxin and sclerotial production in Aspergillus flavus by functional genomics, J. W. Cary, G. R. OBrian, D. M. Nielsen, W. Nierman, and P. Harris-Coward

Preferential chemotaxis of activated human CD4(+) T cells by extracellular cyclophilin A, J. M. Damsker and S. L. Constant

IGF-II gene region polymorphisms related to exertional muscle damage, J. M. Devaney, E. P. Hoffman, H. Gordish-Dressman, A. Kearns, and E. Zambraski

X-linked infantile spinal muscular atrophy: clinical definition and molecular mapping, D. Dressman, M. E. Ahearn, K. O. Yariz, H. Basterrecha, and F. Martinez

Molecular cloning and characterization of Ac-MTP-2, an astacin-like metalloprotease released by adult Ancylostoma caninum, J. Feng, B. Zhan, Y. Liu, S. Liu, and A. Williamson

Liver Galbeta1,4GlcNAc alpha2,6-sialyltransferase is down-regulated in human alcoholics: possible cause for the appearance of asialoconjugates, M. Gong, M. Garige, K. Hirsch, and M. R. Lakshman

Functional consequences of cyclin D1/BRCA1 interaction in breast cancer cells, K. Kehn, R. Berro, A. Alhaj, M. E. Bottazzi, and W. I. Yeh

HIV-1 TAR element is processed by Dicer to yield a viral micro-RNA involved in chromatin remodeling of the viral LTR, Z. Klase, P. Kale, R. Winograd, M. V. Gupta, and M. Heydarian

Subcutaneous fat alterations resulting from an upper-body resistance training program, M. A. Kostek, L. S. Pescatello, R. L. Seip, T. J. Angelopoulos, and P. M. Clarkson

Cellular homeoproteins, SATB1 and CDP, bind to the unique region between the human cytomegalovirus UL127 and major immediate-early genes, J. Lee, Z. Klase, X. Gao, J. S. Caldwell, and M. F. Stinski

Anti-Vpr activities of heat shock protein 27, D. Liang, Z. Benko, E. Agbottah, M. Bukrinsky, and R. Y. Zhao

Expression profiling of astrocytes from hyperammonemic mice reveals downregulation of genes important for water and potassium homeostasis, U. Lichter-Konecki, E. Hoffman, and V. Gallo

Interaction of the fibronectin COOH-terminal Fib-2 regions with fibrin: Further characterization and localization of the Fib-2-binding sites, E. Makogonenko, K. C. Ingham, and L. Medved

Long-term ethanol consumption impairs reverse cholesterol transport function of high-density lipoproteins by depleting high-density lipoprotein sphingomyelin both in rats and in humans, P. Marmillot, J. Munoz, S. Patel, M. Garige, and R. B. Rosse

Rapid onset of gene expression in lung, supportive of formation of alveolar septa, induced by refeeding mice after calorie restriction, D. Massaro, E. Alexander, K. Reiland, E. P. Hoffman, and G. D. Massaro

Statewide annual hospital charges for acute care of traffic injuries: Nebraska, 2004, M. P. McKay

Rosiglitazone sensitizes MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells to anti-tumour effects of tumour necrosis factor-alpha, CH11 and CYC202, M. Mody, N. Dharker, M. Bloomston, P. S. Wang, and F. S. Chou

The role of different regions of ATP-Binding cassette transporter A1 in cholesterol efflux, N. Mukhamedova, Y. Fu, M. Bukrinsky, A. T. Remaley, and D. Sviridov

Spraying mode effect on droplet formation and ion chemistry in electrosprays, P. Nemes, I. Marginean, and A. Vertes

Origin and distribution of epipolythiodioxopiperazine (ETP) gene clusters in filamentous ascomycetes, N. J. Patron, R. F. Waller, A. J. Cozijnsen, D. C. Straney, and D. M. Gardiner

Localization and expression of MUC5B and MUC7 mucins in pediatric sinus mucosa, M. T. Peñia, P. K. Aujla, E. Zudaire, A. M. Watson, and R. Przygodzki

Transcriptional regulation of chemical diversity in Aspergillus fumigatus by LaeA, R. M. Perrin, N. D. Fedorova, J. W. Bok, R. A. Cramer, and J. R. Wortman

Laparoscopic splenectomy for delayed splenic rupture after embolization, E. Pucci, F. Brody, H. Zemon, T. Ponsky, and A. Venbrux

Molecular mechanisms of ethanol/acetaldehyde-induced liver fibrosis, M. Rojkind

Modulation of RANTES expression by HCV core protein in liver derived cell lines, A. Ruggieri, M. Franco, I. Gatto, A. Kumar, and M. Rapicetta

Prevalence of vitamin D insufficiency in African-American children with forearm fractures, L. M. Ryan, C. Brandoli, R. J. Freishtat, J. M. Chamberlain, and J. L. Wright

Intestinal inflammation caused by magnesium deficiency alters basal and oxidative stress-induced intestinal function, B. J. Scanlan, B. Tuft, J. E. Elfrey, A. Smith, and A. Zhao

A single mutation in the active site swaps the substrate specificity of N-acetyl-L-ornithine transcarbamylase and N-succinyl-L-ornithine transcarbamylase, D. Shi, X. Yu, J. Cabrera-Luque, T. Y. Chen, and L. Roth

BP1 transcriptionally activates bcl-2 and inhibits TNFalpha-induced cell death in MCF7 breast cancer cells, H. S. Stevenson, S. W. Fu, J. J. Pinzone, J. Rheey, and S. J. Simmens

Chronic dietary Mg2+ deficiency induces cardiac apoptosis in the rat heart, M. I. Tejero-Taldo, J. J. Chmielinska, and W. B. Weglicki

Aflatoxin formation and gene expression in response to carbon source media shift in Aspergillus parasiticus, J. R. Wilkinson, J. Yu, H. K. Abbas, B. E. Scheffler, and H. S. Kim

Amino acid supplementation reveals differential regulation of aflatoxin biosynthesis in Aspergillus flavus NRRL 3357 and Aspergillus parasiticus SRRC 143, J. R. Wilkinson, J. Yu, J. M. Bland, W. C. Nierman, and D. Bhatnagar

Third-generation human mitochondria-focused cDNA microarray and its bioinformatic tools for analysis of gene expression., B. Xueyan, J. Wu, Q. Zhang, S. Alesci, and I. Manoli

Resistance to fas-induced apoptosis in cells from human atherosclerotic lesions: elevated Bcl-XL inhibits apoptosis and caspase activation, Z. Yang, D. Gagarin, A. Ramezani, R. G. Hawley, and T. A. McCaffrey

Gene profiling for studying the mechanism of aflatoxin biosynthesis in Aspergillus flavus and A-parasiticus, J. Yu, C. M. Ronning, J. R. Wilkinson, B. C. Campbell, and G. A. Payne

Differences in apoptosis and cell cycle distribution between human melanoma cell lines UACC903 and UACC903(+6), before and after UV irradiation, Q. Zhang, Y. Chen, B. D. Wang, P. He, and Y. A. Su

Submissions from 2006

Human cytomegalovirus temporally regulated gene expression in differentiated, immortalized retinal pigment epithelial cells, R. Adair, G. W. Liebisch, B. Lerman, and A. M. Colberg-Poley

Effect of SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling complex on HIV-1 Tat activated transcription, E. Agbottah, L. Deng, L. O. Dannenberg, A. Pumfery, and F. Kashanchi

Phosphorylation of HIV-I Tat by CDK2 in HIV-I transcription, T. Ammosova, R. Berro, M. Jerebtsova, A. Jackson, and S. Charles

Secreted proteome profiling in human RPE cell cultures derived from donors with age related macular degeneration and age matched healthy donors.[see comment], E. An, X. Lu, J. Flippin, J. M. Devaney, and B. Halligan

Ethanol down-regulates CMP-NeuAc : GM3 alpha 2,8 sialyltransferase (ST8sia-1) gene in the rat brain, M. A. Azuine, M. Garige, and M. R. Lakshman

Effects of chronic ethanol administration on the activities and relative synthetic rates of myelin and synaptosomal plasma membrane-associated sialidase in the rat brain, M. A. Azuine, S. J. Pate, and M. R. Lakshman

Oxidative stress mediates the transformation of rodent hepatic stellate cells to myoribroblasts in culture, A. Batavia, E. Hernandez-Perez, M. Bustamante, J. A. Dominguez-Rosales, and J. K. Sicklick

Acetylated tat regulates human immunodeficiency virus type 1 splicing through its interaction with the splicing regulator p32, R. Berro, K. Kehn, C. de la Fuente, A. Pumfery, and R. Adair

Optimized prostate biopsy sampling model, D. G. Bostwick, V. E. Gould, G. Onik, A. Hoang, and H. B. Burke

Long-term changes of serum chemokine levels in vaccinated military personnel, B. Brichacek, C. Vanpouille, A. J. Trachtenberg, T. Pushkarsky, and L. Dubrovsky

Human immunodeficiency virus infection and macrophage cholesterol metabolism, M. Bukrinsky and D. Sviridov

Dexamethasone-mediated repression of MUC5AC gene expression in human lung epithelial cells, Y. Chen, T. J. Nickola, N. DiFronzo, A. M. Colberg-Poley, and M. C. Rose

Atrial and ventricular inflammatory responses to zidovudine (azt) in normal and mg-deficient animals, J. J. Chmielinska and I. T. Mak

Salience of self-identity roles in persons with dementia: Differences in perceptions among elderly persons, family members and caregivers, J. Cohen-Mansfield, A. Parpura-Gill, and H. Golander

Blocking extracellular cyclophilin-CD147 interactions inhibits asthma-mediated lung inflammation, S. L. Constant, W. M. Gwinn, J. M. Damsker, R. Falahati, and I. Okwumabua

Involvement of HTLV-I Tax and CREB in aneuploidy: a bioinformatics approach, C. de la Fuente, M. V. Gupta, Z. Klase, K. Strouss, and P. Cahan

Inhibition of HIV-1 virus replication using small soluble Tat peptides, A. Emmanuel, Z. B. Naigong, S. Dadgar, A. Pumfery, and J. D. Wade

Transcriptome analysis of Aspergillus fumigatus exposed to voriconazole, M. E. D. Ferreira, I. Malavazi, M. Savoldi, A. A. Brakhage, and M. H. S. Goldman

Bioinformatics of alternative splicing and its regulation, L. Florea

Chronic ethanol consumption upregulates the cytosolic and plasma membrane sialidase genes, but downregulates lysosomal membrane sialidase gene in rat liver, M. Garige, M. A. Azuine, and M. R. Lakshman

Chronic ethanol up-regulates the cytosolic and plasma membrane sialidase genes, but down-regulates lysosomal membrane sialidase gene in rat liver, M. Garige, M. A. Azuine, and M. R. Lakshman

Ethanol destabilizes liver Gal beta l, 4GlcNAc alpha2,6-sialyltransferase, mRNA by depleting a 3'-untranslated region-specific binding protein, M. Garige, M. Gong, and M. R. Lakshman

Ethanol-mediated post-transcriptional regulation of ST6Gal 1 (2, 6-ST) mRNA in rat liver: involvement of a specific cytosol binding protein that interacts with the 3 '-untranslated region of the mRNA, M. Garige, M. Gong, and R. Lakshman

An assessment of downward trends in neurodevelopmental disorders in the United States following removal of thimerosal from childhood vaccines, D. A. Geier and M. R. Geier

Novel approach to inhibit asthma-mediated lung inflammation using anti-CD147 intervention, W. M. Gwinn, J. M. Damsker, R. Falahati, I. Okwumabua, and A. Kelly-Welch

Gene expression profiling of lymphoblastoid cell lines from monozygotic twins discordant in severity of autism reveals differential regulation of neurologically relevant genes, V. W. Hu, B. C. Frank, S. Heine, N. H. Lee, and J. Quackenbush

Decreased glucagon responsiveness by bile acids: A role for protein kinase C alpha and glucagon receptor phosphorylation, T. Ikegami, L. Krilov, J. P. Meng, B. Patel, and K. Chapin-Kennedy

Laparoscopic resection of an adrenal pseudocyst, M. Kar, E. Pucci, and F. Brody

Iron uptake and release by macrophages is sensitive to propranolol, A. M. Komarov, J. M. Hall, J. J. Chmielinska, and W. B. Weglicki

Antioxidant and lysosomotropic properties of acute D-propranolol underlies its cardioprotection of postischemic hearts from moderate iron-overloaded rats, J. H. Kramer, S. B. Murthi, R. M. Wise, I. T. Mak, and W. B. Weglicki

Time-course studies implicate the benefits of D-propranolol's antioxidant/lysoso-motropic effects on FE-loaded I/II hearts, J. Kramer, S. Murthi, R. Wise, I. T. Mak, and W. Weglicki

Role of PKC in the down-regulation of the glucagon receptor by glucagon and the bile acid chenodeoxycholic acid, L. Krilov, J. P. Meng, and B. Bouscarel

Modulation of normal signaling by shed tumor gangliosides, S. Ladisch

PI3 Kinase is involved in PDGF-{beta} receptor up-regulation post-PDGF-BB treatment in mouse hepatic Stellate cells, C. G. Lechuga, Z. H. Hernandez-Nazara, E. Hernandez, M. Bustamante, and G. Desierto

Bile acids stimulate PKC alpha autophosphorylation and activation: role in the attenuation of prostaglandin E-1-induced cAMP production in human dermal fibroblasts, M. Le, L. Krilov, J. P. Meng, K. Chapin-Kennedy, and S. Ceryak

Pro-atherogenic risk assessment by NMR lipoprotein subclass analysis in HIV-infected patients naive to anti-retroviral therapy, A. P. Liappis, N. J. Bisby, S. Z. Schuck, A. A. Desrosiers, and V. Paliouras

Lipid and non-lipid lowering benefits of atorvastatin in patients on HAART with increased low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels, A. P. Liappis, A. C. Laborico, J. E. Clarke, N. J. Bisby, and B. Yoon

Membrane ganglioside enrichment lowers the threshold for vascular endothelial cell angiogenic signaling, Y. H. Liu, J. McCarthy, and S. Ladisch

Internal energy transfer in laser desorption/ionization from silicon nanowires, G. Luo, Y. Chen, H. Daniels, R. Dubrow, and A. Vertes

D-propranolol attenuates lysosomal iron accumulation and oxidative injury in endothelial cells, I. T. Mak, J. J. Chmielinska, L. Nedelec, A. Torres, and W. B. Weglicki

Depressed prostacyclin production in Ang II-treated endothelial cells - Association with Fe accumulation and decreased COX-1 protein, I. T. Mak, A. Torres, J. M. Kang, J. Chmielinska, and W. B. Weglicki

Processing of human cytomegalovirus UL37 mutant glycoproteins in the endoplasmic reticulum lumen prior to mitochondrial importation, M. S. Mavinakere, C. D. Williamson, V. S. Goldmacher, and A. M. Colberg-Poley

Loss of emerin at the nuclear envelope disrupts the Rb1/E2F and MyoD pathways during muscle regeneration, G. Melcon, S. Kozlov, D. A. Cutler, T. Sullivan, and L. Hernandez

Biphasic regulation by bile acids of dermal fibroblast proliferation through regulation of cAMP production and COX-2 expression level, J. P. Meng, S. Ceryak, Z. Aratsu, L. Jones, and L. Epstein

Acetylornithine transcarbamylase: a novel enzyme in arginine biosynthesis, H. Morizono, J. Cabrera-Luque, D. S. Shi, R. Gallegos, and S. Yamaguchi

BP1 is a negative modulator of definitive erythropoiesis, M-S. Mpollo, P. E. Berg, H. Beachemin, V. Agati, and M. Trudel

Human immunodeficiency virus impairs reverse cholesterol transport from macrophages, Z. Mujawar, H. Rose, M. P. Morrow, T. Pushkarsky, and L. Dubrovsky

Ethanol exposure decreases the interaction of annexin VI with sub-cellular membrane-bound apolipoprotein E in rat liver, M. Nguyen and P. Marmillot

Neurological outcome in a patient with a null ornithine transcarbamylase genotype following liver transplantation at 6 weeks of age, L. Orfanelli, C. Greene, P. Glass, W. D. Gaillard, and L. G. Vezina

GRB14, GPD1, and GDF8 as potential network collaborators in weight loss-induced improvements in insulin action in human skeletal muscle, J. J. Park, J. R. Berggren, M. W. Hulver, J. A. Houmard, and E. P. Hoffman

Potential use of pharmacological cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors as anti-HIV therapeutics, A. Pumfery, C. de la Fuente, R. Berro, S. Nekhai, and F. Kashanchi

Hepatic stellate cells sustain and/or promote differentiation of liver stem cells, M. Rojkind, E. Barnaeva, M. Bustamante, D. Nicholson, and C. Rahner