Submissions from 2011

What can the Aspergillus flavus genome offer to mycotoxin research?, J Yu, WC Nierman, ND Fedorova, D Bhatnagar, and TE Cleveland

Restoring soluble guanylyl cyclase expression and function blocks the aggressive course of glioma, H Zhu, JT Li, F Zheng, E Martin, and AY Kots

Submissions from 2010

Primary hepatocyte culture supports hepatitis C virus replication: A model for infection-associated hepatocarcinogenesis, K. Banaudha, J.M. Orenstein, T. Korolnek, Laurent III St., and G.C.

Characterization of a 5-azacytidine-induced developmental Aspergillus fumigatus variant, R Ben-Ami, J Varga, RE Lewis, GS May, and WC Nierman

Stimulation of Inducible Nitric Oxide by Hepatitis B Virus Transactivator Protein HBx Requires MTA1 Coregulator, T. M. Bui-Nguyen, S. B. Pakala, D. R. Sirigiri, E. Martin, and F. Murad

NF-kappaB signaling mediates the induction of MTA1 by hepatitis B virus transactivator protein HBx, T. M. Bui-Nguyen, S. B. Pakala, R. D. Sirigiri, W. Xia, and M. C. Hung

Extranuclear functions of ER impact invasive migration and metastasis by breast cancer cells, D. Chakravarty, S.S. Nair, B. Santhamma, B.C. Nair, and L. Wang

Recent advances in the echocardiographic diagnosis of metral valve prolapse, T. O. Cheng, X.F. Wang, and M.X. Xie

Preface to Thymosins in Health and Disease, E. Garaci and A.L. Goldstein

Quercetin up-regulates paraoxonase 1 gene expression via sterol regulatory element binding protein 2 that translocates from the endoplasmic reticulum to the nucleus where it specifically interacts with sterol responsive element-like sequence in paraoxonase 1 promoter in HuH7 liver cells, M. Garige, M. Gong, R. Varatharajalu, and M.R. Lakshman

Adiponectin but not leptin is involved in early hepatic disease in morbidly obese patients, AK Hindle, C Edwards, A Mendonsa, M Rojkind, and T McCaffrey

SMURF: Genomic mapping of fungal secondary metabolite clusters, N Khaldi, FT Seifuddin, G Turner, D Haft, and WC Nierman

BP1, an isoform of DLX4 homeoprotein, negatively regulates BRCA1 in sporadic breast cancer, B.J. Kluk, Y. Fu, T.A. Formolo, L. Zhang, and A.K. Hindle

Metastasis-associated protein 1 and its short form variant stimulates Wnt1 transcription through promoting its derepression from Six3 corepressor, R. Kumar, S. Balasenthil, B. Manavathi, S.K. Rayala, and S.B. Pakala

Metastasis-associated protein 1 short form stimulates Wnt1 pathway in mammary epithelial and cancer cells, R Kumar, S Balasenthil, SB Pakala, SK Rayala, and AA Sahin

Is alcohol beneficial or harmful for cardioprotection?, R. Lakshman, M. Garige, M. Gong, L. Leckey, and R. Varatharajalu

Mi-2/NuRD complex making inroads into DNA-damage response pathway, D Li

Requirement of MTA1 in ATR-mediated DNA damage checkpoint function, D.-Q. Li, M.N. Khan, and R. Kumar

Revelation of p53-independent function of MTA1 in DNA Damage Response via Modulation of the p21(WAF1)-Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen Pathway, D. Q. Li, S. B. Pakala, S. D. N. Reddy, S. H. Peng, and Y. Lian

Carcinoembryonic antigen interacts with TGF-ß receptor and inhibits TGF-ß signaling in colorectal cancers, Y Li, H Cao, Z Jiao, SB Pakala, and DNR Sirigiri

Minireview: The SRC family of coactivators: An entrée to understanding a subset of polygenic diseases?, D.M. Lonard, R. Kumar, and B.W. O'Malley

SRC-3 Delta 4 Mediates the Interaction of EGFR with FAK to Promote Cell Migration, W. W. Long, P. Yi, L. Amazit, H. L. LaMarca, and F. Ashcroft

Continuing evolution of Burkholderia mallei through genome reduction and large-scale rearrangements, L Losada, CM Ronningf, D Deshazer, D Woods, and N Fedorova

Arpc1b, a centrosomal protein, is both an activator and substrate of Aurora A, P.R. Molli, D.Q. Li, S.B. Pakala, H. Katayama, and S. Sen

Cyclin-dependent kinase-mediated phosphorylation plays a critical role in the oncogenic functions of PELP1, BC Nair, SS Nair, D Chakravarty, R Challa, and B Manavathi

Global methylation profiling of lymphoblastoid cell lines reveals epigenetic contributions to autism spectrum disorders and a novel autism candidate gene, RORA, whose protein product is reduced in autistic brain, A. Nguyen, T.A. Rauch, G.P. Pfeifer, and V.W. Hu

Evolving pathway-driven biomarkers in breast cancer, K Ohshiro

Identification of a Novel Estrogen Receptor-alpha Variant and Its Upstream Splicing Regulator, K. Ohshiro, P. Mudvari, Q. C. Meng, S. K. Rayala, and A. A. Sahin

Acetylation-dependent oncogenic activity of metastasis-associated protein 1 co-regulator, K. Ohshiro, S.K. Rayala, C. Wigerup, S.B. Pakala, and R.S.D. Natha

Regulation of NF-?B circuitry by a component of the nucleosome remodeling and deacetylase complex controls inflammatory response homeostasis, SB Pakala, TM Bui-Nguyen, SDN Reddy, D. Li, and SK Rayala

MTA1 coregulator regulates LPS response via MyD88-dependent signaling, SB Pakala, SDN Reddy, TM Bui-Nguyen, SS Rangparia, and A Bommana

Minimization of free radical damage by metal catalysis of multivitamin/multimineral supplements, AB Rabovsky, AM Komarov, JS Ivie, and GR Buettner

MicroRNAs and cancer therapy: The next wave or here to stay?, S.D.N. Reddy, S.B. Pakala, and R. Kumar

Investigation of post-transcriptional gene regulatory networks associated with autism spectrum disorders by microRNA expression profiling of lymphoblastoid cell lines, T. Sarachana, R. Zhou, G. Chen, H.K. Manji, and V.W. Hu

Breast cancer cell surface annexin II induces cell migration and neoangiogenesis via tPA dependent plasmin generation, M. Sharma, R. T. Ownbey, and M. C. Sharma

Biological activities of thymosin β4 defined by active sites in short peptide sequences, G. Sosne, P. Qiu, A.L. Goldstein, and M. Wheater

Fabrication and characterization of a surface-acoustic-wave biosensor in cmos technology for cancer biomarker detection, O. Tigli, L. Bivona, P. Berg, and M.E. Zaghloul

Betaine protects chronic alcohol and omega -3 PUFA-mediated down-regulations of PON1 gene, serum PON1 and homocysteine thiolactonase activities with restoration of liver GSH, R. Varatharajalu, M. Garige, L. C. Leckey, M. K. Gong, and M. R. Laksham

The role of magnesium deficiency in cardiovascular and intestinal inflammation, WB Weglicki, IT Mak, JJ Chmielinska, MI Tejero-Taldo, and AM Komarov


Signal transduction inhibitor therapy for lymphoma., Thomas E. Witzig and Mamta Gupta

Filamin A regulates focal adhesion disassembly and suppresses breast cancer cell migration and invasion, Y Xu, TA Bismar, J Su, B Xu, and G Kristiansen

Epigenetic silencing of ß-spectrin, a TGF-ß signaling/scaffolding protein in a human cancer stem cell disorder: Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome, Z Yao, S Choufani, A Rashid, T Blake, and W Yao

Hydrolysis of filter-paper cellulose to glucose by two recombinant endogenous glycosyl hydrolases of Coptotermes formosanus, D Zhang, AR Lax, JM Bland, J Yu, and N Fedorova

The launch of international journal of biochemistry and molecular biology, J Zhang, R Kumar, W Hong, G Shaw, and D Wang

Submissions from 2009

New strain of human T lymphotropic virus (HTLV) type 3 in a pygmy from Cameroon with peculiar HTLV serologic results, S. Calattini, E. Betsem, S. Bassot, S. A. Chevalier, and R. Mahieux

Potential of Aspergillus flavus genomics for applications in biotechnology, T. E. Cleveland; J. Yu; N. B. Fedorova; Payne, G. A. D.; and W. C. Nierman

HIV inactivation by cross-linking of photo-labeled antiretroviral compounds with HIV reverse transcriptase, S. Colby-Gerinario, A. Rios, J. Quesada, D. Anderson, and A. L. Goldstein

MicroRNA-661, a c/EBP alpha Target, Inhibits Metastatic Tumor Antigen 1 and Regulates Its Functions, S. Divijendra, N. Reddy, S. B. Pakala, K. Ohshiro, and S. K. Rayala

Quorum-sensing control of anitbiotic synthesis in Burkholderia thailandensis, B. A. Duerkop, J. Varga, J. R. Chandler, S. B. Peterson, and J. P. Herman

Using aCGH to study instraspecific genetic variability in two pathogenic molds, Aspergillus fumigatus, N. D. Fedorova, S. Harris, D. Chen, D. W. Denning, and J. Yu

From lab to bedside: Emerging clincial applications of thymosin a1, A. L. Goldstein and A. L. Goldstein

Quercetin up-regulates paraoxonase 1 gene expression with concomitant protection against LDL oxidation, M. K. Gong, M. Garige, R. Varatharajalu, P. Marmillot, and C. Gottipatti


Inhibition of histone deacetylase overcomes rapamycin-mediated resistance in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma by inhibiting Akt signaling through mTORC2, Mamta Gupta, Stephen M. Ansell, Anne J. Novak, Shaji Kumar, Scott H. Kaufmann, and Thomas E. Witzig


A proliferation-inducing ligand mediates follicular lymphoma B-cell proliferation and cyclin D1 expression through phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-regulated mammalian target of rapamycin activation, Mamta Gupta, Stacey R. Dillon, Steven C. Ziesmer, Andrew L. Feldman, Thomas E. Witzig, Stephen M. Ansell, James R. Cerhan, and Anne J. Novak

Novel Splice Variants of sFlt1 are Upregulated in Preeclampsia, M. Heydarian, T. McCaffrey, L. Florea, Z. Yang, and M. M. Ross

Gene expression profiling of lymphoblasts from autistic and nonaffected sib pairs: altered pathways in neuronal development and steroid biosynthesis, V. W. Hu, A. Nguyen, K. S. Kim, M. E. Steinberg, and T. Sarachana

Gene expression profiling differentiates autism case-controls and phenotypic variants of autism spectrum disorders: evidence for circadian rhythm dysfunction in severe autism, V. W. Hu, T. Sarachana, K. S. Kim, A. Nguyen, and S. Kulkarni

Novel clustering of items from the Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised to define phenotypes within autism spectrum disorders, V. W. Hu and M. E. Steinberg

The Receptor Complex Associated with Human T-Cell Lymphotropic Virus Type 3 (HTLV-3) Env-Mediated Binding and Entry Is Distinct from, but Overlaps with, the Receptor Complexes of HTLV-1 and HTLV-2, K. S. Jones, Y. K. Huang, S. A. Chevalier, P. V. Afonso, and C. Petrow-Sadowski

Glucocorticoid receptor (GR) has intrinsic, GRa-independent transcriptional activity, T. Kino, I. Manoli, S. Kelkar, Y. Wang, and Y. A. Su

Neurogenic inflammation and cardiac dysfunction due to hypomagnesemia, J.H. Kramer, C. Spurney, M. Iantorno, C. Tziros, and I.T. Mak

PAK thread from amoeba to mammals, A. Kumar, P. R. Molli, S. B. Pakala, T. M. Bui Nguyen, and S. K. Rayala

Actin and microtubule cytoskeletons in the development and maintenance of cancer phenotypes. Preface, R. Kumar and A. Hall

Psoralidin, an herbal molecule, inhibits phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-mediated Akt signaling in androgen-independent prostate cancer cells, R Kumar, S Srinivasan, and C Damodaran

Extranuclear Coactivator Signaling Confers Insensitivity to Tamoxifen, R. Kumar, H. Zhang, C. Holm, R. K. Vadlamudi, and G. Landberg

E3 ubiquitin ligase COP1 regulates the stability and functions of MTA1, D.-Q. Li, S.D.N. Reddy, M.H. Lee, S.K. Rayala, and R. Kumar

MTA1 coregulator regulates p53 stability and function, D.-Q. Li, Y. Zhang, S. K. Rayala, and R. Kumar

Effect of competition on the production and activity of secondary metabolites in Aspergillus species, L. Losada, O. Ajayi, J. C. Frisvad, J. Yu, and W. C. Nierman

AZT-Induced Oxidative Cardiovascular Toxicity: Attenuation by Mg-Supplementation, I. T. Mak, J. J. Chmielinska, J. H. Kramer, and W. B. Weglicki

The protective effect of taurine against hepatic damage in a model of liver disease and hepatic stellate cells, T. Miyazaki, B. Bouscarel, T. Ikegami, A. Honda, and Y. Matsuzaki

PAK Signaling in oncogenesis, P. R. Molli, D. Q. Li, B. W. Murray, S. K. Rayala, and R. Kumar

Nuclear receptor coregulators in cancer biology, B. W. O'Malley and R. Kumar

Molecular constitution of breast but not other reproductive tissues is rich in growth promoting molecules: A possible link to highest incidence of tumor growths, I. Poola, J. Araham, J. J. Marshalleck, Q. Yue, and S. W. Fu

MicroRNA-661, a c/EBPa target, inhibits metastatic tumor antigen 1 and regulates its functions, S. D. N. Reddy, K. Ohshiro, S. K. Rayala, and R. Kumar

Simple sequence repeat (SSR)-based gene diversity in Burkholderia pseudomallei and Burkholderia mallei, H. Song, J. Hwang, J. Myung, H. Seo, and H. Yi

Non-coding RNA transcripts: Sensors of neuronal stress, modulators of synaptic plasticity, and agents of change in the onset of Alzheimer's disease, G. St. Laurent III, M. A. Faghihi, and C. Wahlestedt

Two types of human malignant melanoma cell lines revealed by expression patterns of mitochondrial and survival-apoptosis genes: Implications for malignant melanoma therapy, D. M. Su, Q. Zhang, X. Wang, P. He, and Y. J. Zhu

The transcriptional network that controls growth arrest and differentiation in a human myeloid leukemia cell line, H. Suzuki, A. R. R. Forrest, C. O. Daub, P. J. Balwierz, and K. M. Irvine

Macro- and micronutrient dyshomeostasis in the adverse structural remodelling of myocardium, K. T. Weber, W. B. Weglicki, and R. U. Simpson

Neutral endopeptidase inhibition enhances substance P mediated inflammation due to hypomagnesemia, W.B. Weglicki, J.J. Chmielinska, I. Tejero-Taldo, J.H. Kramer, and C.F. Spurney

Cardiovascular inflammation and lesion cell apoptosis: a novel connection via the interferon-inducible immunoproteasome, Z. Yang, D. Gagarin, G. St Laurent, N. Hammell, and I. Toma

Submissions from 2008

Overexpression of BP1, a homeobox gene, is associated with resistance to all-trans retinoic add in acute promyelocytic leukemia cells, R. T. Awwad, K. Do, H. Stevenson, S. W. Fu, and F. Lo-Coco

CDK13, a new potential human immunodeficiency virus type 1 inhibitory factor regulating viral mRNA splicing, R. Berro, C. Pedati, K. Kehn-Hall, W. Wu, and Z. Klase

Impaired ribosome biogenesis disrupts the integration between morphogenesis and nuclear duplication during the germination of Aspergillus fumigatus, R. Bhabhra, D. L. Richie, H. S. Kim, W. C. Nierman, and J. Fortwendel

Predicting the individual clinical benefit of prophylactic bilateral mastectomy and oophorectomy in BRCA carriers with breast cancer, H. B. Burke, A. Hoang, K. Metcalfe, J. Culver, and D. MacDonald

Amplification of the BP1 homeobox gene in breast cancer, L. R. Cavalli, Y.G. Man, J. D. Rone, Y. U. Zhang, and R. S. Lima

Expression of a noncoding RNA is elevated in Alzheimer's disease and drives rapid feed-forward regulation of beta-secretase, M. A. Faghihi, F. Modarresi, A. M. Khalil, D. E. Wood, and B. G. Sahagan

Genomic islands in the pathogenic filamentous fungus Aspergillus fumigatus, N. D. Fedorova, N. Khaldi, V. S. Joardar, R. Maiti, and P. Amedeo

Down-regulation of liver Gal beta 1, 4GlcNAc alpha 2, 6-sialyltransferase gene by ethanol significantly correlates with alcoholic steatosis in humans, M. Gong, L. Castillo, R. S. Redman, M. Garige, and K. Hirsch

Conjugated linoleic acids and CLA-containing phospholipids inhibit no formation in aortic endothelial cells, K. J. Jenko and J. Y. Vanderhoek

Elucidation of the functional genomics of antioxidant-based inhibition of aflatoxin biosynthesis, J. H. Kim, J. J. Yu, N. Mahoney, K. L. Chan, and R. J. Molyneux

Glucagon receptor recycling: role of carboxyl terminus, beta-arrestins, and cytoskeleton, L. Krilov, A. Nguyen, T. Miyazaki, C. G. Unson, and B. Bouscarel

Insights into cellular microRNAs and human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1), A. Kumar and K. T. Jeang

Ganglioside depletion and EGF responses of human GM3 synthase-deficient fibroblasts, Y. Liu, Y. Su, M. Wiznitzer, O. Epifano, and S. Ladisch

Inhibition of neutral endopeptidase potentiates neutrophil activation during Mg-deficiency in the rat, I. T. Mak, J. H. Kramer, J. J. Chmielinska, M. H. Khalid, and K. M. Landgraf

COOH-terminal truncated HBV X protein plays key role in hepatocarcinogenesis, N. F. Ma, S. H. Lau, L. Hu, D. Xie, and J. Wu

Sub-telomere directed gene expression during initiation of invasive aspergillosis, A. McDonagh, N. D. Fedorova, J. Crabtree, Y. Yu, and S. Kim

Bile acids and signal transduction: role in glucose homeostasis, A. Nguyen and B. Bouscarel

Halofuginone upregulates the expression of heparanase in thioacetamide-induced liver fibrosis in rats., O. Ohanyon; N. Mawasi; A. T. Pevzner; Gildor, T. A.; and M. Pines

SreA-medicated iron regulation in aspergillus fumigatus, M. Schretti, H. S. Kim, M. Eisendle, C. Kragl, and W. C. Nierman