Submissions from 2004

TGF-beta 1 modulates matrix metalloproteinase-13 expression in hepatic stellate cells by complex mechanisms involving p38MAPK, PI3-kinase, AKT, and p70(S6k), C. G. Lechuga, Z. H. Hernandez-Nazara, J. A. D. Rosales, E. R. Morris, and A. R. Rincon

Formation and composition of the Bacillus anthracis endospore, H. B. Liu, N. H. Bergman, B. Thomason, S. Shallom, and A. Hazen

Exogenous ganglioside G(D1a) enhances epidermal growth factor receptor binding and dimerization, Y. H. Liu, R. X. Li, and S. Ladisch

Proteases and lipoprotein receptors in Alzheimer's disease, A. Makarova, S. E. Williams, and D. K. Strickland

The lysosomotropic action of beta-blockers prevent endothelial and cardiac iron accumulation and associated oxidative injury, I. T. Mak, J. H. Kramer, J. Chmielinska, and W. Weglicki

Anti-apoptotic properties of d-Propranolol (d-Prop), I. T. Mak, A. Torres-Duarte, Y. Su, and W. B. Weglicki

Potent antioxidant properties of 4-hydroxyl-propranolol., I.T. Mak and W.B. Weglicki

Factor XIIIa incorporates thymosin beta(4) preferentially into the fibrin(ogen) alpha C-domains, E. Makogonenko, A. L. Goldstein, P. D. Bishop, and L. Medved

Ethanol-induced alterations in sphingomyelin and phosphatidylcholine composition of HDL: Effects on HDL structure and its reverse cholesterol transport function, P. Marmillot, S. Patel, and M. R. Lakshman

Dual targeting of the human cytomegalovirus UL37 exon 1 protein during permissive infection., M.S. Mavinakere and A.M. Colberg-Poley

Internal cleavage of the human cytomegalovirus UL37 immediate early glycoprotein and divergent trafficking of its proteolytic fragments., M.S. Mavinakere and A.M. Colberg-Poley

The harmful effect of exercise on reducing taurine concentration in the tissues of rats treated with CCl4 administration., T. Miyazaki, Y. Matsuzaki, T. Ikegami, S. Miyakawa, and M. Doy

Optimal and effective dose of taurine to prolong exercise performance in rat., T. Miyazaki, Y. Matsuzaki, T. Ikegami, M. Shumpei, and M. Doy

To differentiate or not to differentiate - Regulation of cell fate decisions by being in the right place at the right time, S. A. Moody

VIP receptor antagonists inhibit mammary carcinogenesis in C3(1)SV40T antigen mice, T. W. Moody, J. Dudek, H. Zakowicz, J. Walters, and R. T. Jensen

Morphogenetic movements underlying eye field formation require interactions between the FGF and ephrinB1 signaling pathways, K. B. Moore, K. Mood, I. O. Daar, and S. A. Moody

Morphogenesis during Xenopus gastrulation requires Wee1-mediated inhibition of cell proliferation, M. S. Murakami, S. A. Moody, I. O. Daar, and D. K. Morrison

Structural flexibility in the Burkholderia mallei genome, W. C. Nierman, D. DeShazer, H. S. Kim, H. Tettelin, and K. E. Nelson

Regional distribution of alpha 901 integrin within the limbus of the mouse ocular surface, A. Pajoohesh-Ganji, S. P. Ghosh, and M. A. Stepp

A mouse model for the study of recurrent corneal epithelial erosions: alpha 9 beta 1 integrin implicated in progression of the disease, S. Pal-Ghosh, A. Pajoohesh-Ganji, M. Brown, and M. A. Stepp

Vaccine-stimulated, adoptively transferred CD8(+) T cells traffic indiscriminately and ubiquitously while mediating specific tumor destruction, D. C. Palmer, S. Balasubramaniam, K. Hanada, C. Wrzesinski, and Z. Y. Yu

Xenopus flotillin1, a novel gene highly expressed in the dorsal nervous system, P. D. Pandur, M. L. Dirksen, K. B. Moore, and S. A. Moody

Identification of competence pheromone responsive genes in Streptococcus pneumoniae by use of DNA microarrays, S. N. Peterson, C. K. Sung, R. Cline, B. V. Desai, and E. C. Snesrud

Thymosin beta(4) promotes angiogenesis, wound healing, and hair follicle development, D. Philp, A. L. Goldstein, and H. K. Kleinman

Molecular and cellular determinants of estrogen receptor alpha expression., J.J. Pinzone, H. Stevenson, J.S. Strobl, and P.E. Berg

Vestibular ganglionectomy and otolith nerve identification in the hatchling chicken, S. M. Pollack, A. Popratiloff, and K. D. Peusner

AMPA receptor subunit expression in chick vestibular nucleus neurons, A. Popratiloff, Y. X. Wang, J. Narvid, R. S. Petralia, and C. Giaume

Topography and interactions of the arytenoid and cricoid articular facets: Implications for vocal process positional shifts, K. X. Probst, M. A. S. Ybarra, H. Kashima, and R. W. Crosby

New roles for VEGF in nervous tissue - beyond blood vessels, J. M. Rosenstein and J. M. Krum

Pharmacogenomic data submissions to the FDA: clinical pharmacology case studies, G. Ruano, J. M. Collins, A. J. Dorner, S. J. Wang, and R. Guerciolini

Role of viral regulatory and accessory proteins in HIV-1 replication, A. Seelamgari, A. Maddukuri, R. Berro, C. de la Fuente, and K. Kehn

Spontaneous synaptic activity in chick vestibular nucleus neurons during the perinatal period, M. Shao, J. C. Hirsch, C. Giaume, and K. D. Peusner

The limits of log-ratios, V. Sharov, K. Y. Kwong, B. Frank, E. Chen, and J. Hasseman

N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor blockade inhibits cardiac inflammation in the Mg2+-deficient rat, M. I. Tejero-Taldo, J. J. Chmielinska, G. Gonzalez, I. T. Mak, and W. B. Weglicki

Magnesium deficiency stimulates angiogenesis in the rat heart, M. I. Tejero-Taldo, J. J. Chmielinska, and W. B. Weglicki

Protein profile of tax-associated complexes., K. Wu, M.E. Bottazzi, C. de la Fuente, L. Deng, and S.D. Gitlin

Aspergillus flavus expressed sequence tags for identification of genes with putative roles in aflatoxin contamination of crops, J. J. Yu, C. A. Whitelaw, W. C. Nierman, D. Bhatnagar, and T. E. Cleveland

Coordination of transcription factor phosphorylation and histone methylation by the P-TEFb kinase during human immunodeficiency virus type 1 transcription, M. S. Zhou, L. W. Deng, V. Lacoste, H. U. Park, and A. Pumfery

Cutting edge: IL-5 primes Th2 cytokine-producing capacity in eosinophils through a STAT5-dependent mechanism, Y. C. Zhu, L. Q. Chen, Z. Huang, S. Alkan, and K. D. Bunting

Submissions from 2003

Complex alternative processing of human cytomegalovirus UL37 pre-mRNA, R. Adair, G. W. Liebisch, and A. M. Colberg-Poley

Opposing roles of Ras/Raf oncogenes and the MEK1/ERK signaling module in regulation of expression and adhesive function of surface transglutaminase, S. S. Akimov and A. M. Belkin

Effects of lipid-esterified conjugated linoleic acid isomers on platelet function: evidence for stimulation of platelet phospholipase activity, M. M. Al-Madaney, J. K. G. Kramer, and J. Y. Vanderhoek

Nuclear protein phosphatase-1 regulates HIV-1 transcription, T. Ammosova, M. Jerebtsova, M. Beullens, Y. Voloshin, and P. E. Ray

Expression of BP1, a distal-less homeobox gene, impairs marine definitive erythropoiesis, M. Beaudoin, P. Berg, and M. Trudel

Global effects of virulence gene regulators in a Bacillus anthracis strain with both virulence plasmids, A. Bourgogne, M. Drysdale, S. G. Hilsenbeck, S. N. Peterson, and T. M. Koehler

The Fn14 cytoplasmic tall binds tumour-necrosis-factor-receptor-associated factors 1, 2, 3 and 5 and mediates nuclear factor-kappa B activation, S. A. N. Brown, C. M. Richards, H. N. Hanscom, S. L. Y. Feng, and J. A. Winkles

Dual phosphorylation controls Cdc25 phosphatases and mitotic entry, D. V. Bulavin, Y. Higashimoto, Z. N. Demidenko, S. Meek, and P. Graves

Integrative molecular and developmental biology of adult stem cells, K. D. Bunting and R. G. Hawley

Physical and social disorders in person with mental disorders, H. B. Burke, M. Biernoff, J. Reaves, and L. Jones

Mechanisms of ganglioside inhibition of APC function, S. Caldwell, A. Heitger, W. P. Shen, Y. H. Liu, and B. Taylor

Pharmacological cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors as HIV-1 antiviral therapeutics, C. de la Fuente, A. Maddukuri, K. Kehn, S.Y. Baylor, and L. Deng

Paradoxical effects of a stress signal on pro- and anti-apoptotic machinery in HTLV-1 Tax expressing cells, C. de la Fuente, L. Wang, D. Wang, L. Deng, and K. Wu

TWEAK is an endothelial cell growth and chemotactic factor that also potentiates FGF-2 and VEGF-A mitogenic activity, P. J. Donohue, C. M. Richards, S. A. N. Brown, H. N. Hanscom, and J. Buschman

LIS1 induces HIV-1 tat-mediated transcription of HIV-1 promoter by inhibiting the activity of protein phosphatase 2A, N. N. Epie and S. Nekhai

Correlation of expression of BP1, a homeobox gene, with estrogen receptor status in breast cancer, S. W. Fu, A. Schwartz, H. Stevenson, J. J. Pinzone, and G. J. Davenport

Thymosin beta(4): A new molecular target for antitumor strategies, A. L. Goldstein

N-Butyldeoxynojirimycin inhibits murine melanoma cell ganglioside metabolism and delays tumor onset., M. Guerrera and S. Ladisch

Skeletal muscle dictates the fibrinolytic state after exercise training in overweight men with characteristics of metabolic syndrome., D.S. Hittel, W.E. Kraus, and E.P. Hoffman

The greatest surprise for everyone--notes on the 50th anniversary of the double helix, H.F. Judson

The quest for the mechanisms of life, M. I. Klapa and J. Quackenbush

Chronic AZT treatment further enhances oxidative stress in vivo and postischemic injury to hearts from Mg-deficient rats, J. H. Kramer, I. T. Mak, and W. B. Weglicki

Inhibition of endogenous VEGF impedes revascularization and astroglial proliferation: roles for VEGF in brain repair, J. M. Krum and A. Khaibullina

Genome-wide analyses of steroid- and radiation- triggered programmed cell death in Drosophila, C. Y. Lee, E. A. Clough, P. Yellon, T. M. Teslovich, and D. A. Stephan

The low density lipoprotein receptor-related protein modulates protease activity in the brain by mediating the cellular internalization of both neuroserpin and neuroserpin-tissue-type plasminogen activator complexes, A. Makarova, I. Mikhailenko, T. H. Bugge, K. List, and D. A. Lawrence

Activation of receptor-mediated angiogenesis and signaling pathways after VEGF administration in fetal rat CNS explants, N. Mani, A. Khaibullina, J. M. Krum, and J. M. Rosenstein

Does metabolic radiolabeling stimulate the stress response? Gene expression profiling reveals differential cellular responses to internal beta vs. external gamma radiation, N. F. Marko, P. B. Dieffenbach, G. Yan, S. Ceryak, and R. W. Howell

Restriction of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 Rev function in murine A9 cells involves the Rev C-terminal domain, S.M. Marques, J.L. Veyrune, R.R. Shukla, and A. Kumar

Amino acid ratios in plasma and tissues in a rat model of liver cirrhosis before and after exercise, T. Miyazaki, Y. Matsuzaki, M. Karube, B. Bouscarel, and S. Miyakawa

Chronic d-propranolol treatment reduces iron-overload-mediated systemic injury and loss of rat heart function, S. B. Murthi, J. H. Kramer, R. M. Wise, I. T. Mak, and J. Chmielinska

Mg-gluconate provides superior protection against postischemic dysfunction and oxidative injury compared to Mg-sulfate., S.B. Murthi, R.M. Wise, W.B. Weglicki, A.M. Komarov, and J.H. Kramer

Effect of factor VIII on tissue factor-initiated spatial clot growth, M. V. Ovanesov, E. G. Lopatina, E. L. Saenko, N. M. Ananyeva, and L. I. Ul'yanova

Thymosin beta(4) increases hair growth by activation of hair follicle stem cells, D. Philp, M. Nguyen, B. Scheremeta, S. St-Surin, and A. M. Villa

Developmental change in expression and subcellular localization of two shaker-related potassium channel proteins (Kv1.1 and Kv1.2) in the chick tangential vestibular nucleus, A. Popratiloff, C. Glaume, and K. D. Peusner

Differential expression of connexin 43 in the chick tangential vestibular nucleus, A. Popratiloff, S. M. Pollack, C. Giaume, and K. D. Peusner

Chromatin remodeling and modification during HIV-1 Tat-activated transcription, A. Pumfery, L. Deng, A. Maddukuri, C. de la Fuente, and H. Li

Performance- and safety-enhanced lentiviral vectors containing the human interferon-beta scaffold attachment region and the chicken beta-globin insulator, A. Ramezani, T. S. Hawley, and R. G. Hawley

The genome sequence of Bacillus anthracis Ames and comparison to closely related bacteria, T. D. Read, S. N. Peterson, N. Tourasse, L. W. Baillie, and I. T. Paulsen

Sequence analysis of a rainbow trout cDNA library and creation of a gene index, C. E. Rexroad, Y. Lee, J. W. Keele, S. Karamycheva, and G. Brown

Neurotrophic effects of vascular endothelial growth factor on organotypic cortical explants and primary cortical neurons, J. M. Rosenstein, N. Mani, A. Khaibullina, and J. M. Krum

TM4: A free, open-source system for microarray data management and analysis, A. I. Saeed, V. Sharov, J. White, J. Li, and W. Liang

Associations between air emissions from sour gas processing plants and indices of cow retainment and survival in dairy herds in Alberta, H. M. Scott, C. L. Soskolne, K. D. Lissemore, S. W. Martin, and M. M. Shoukri

Spontaneous synaptic activity is primarily GABAergic in vestibular nucleus neurons of the chick embryo, M. Shao, J. C. Hirsch, C. Giaume, and K. D. Peusner

Convergence of RNA cis elements and cellular polyadenylation factors in the regulation of human cytomegalovirus UL37 exon 1 unspliced RNA production, Y. Su, R. Adair, C.N. Davis, N.L. DiFronzo, and A.M. Colberg-Poley

Human cytomegalovirus UL37 immediate early target minigene RNAs are accurately spliced and polyadenylated, Y. Su, J.R. Testaverde, C.N. Davis, W.A. Hayajneh, and R. Adair

Conjugated linoleic acid exhibits stimulatory and inhibitory effects on prostanoid production in human endothelial cells and platelets, A. P. Torres-Duarte and J. Y. Vanderhoek

Modulation of the LDL receptor and LRP levels by HIV protease inhibitors, H. Tran, S. Robinson, I. Mikhailenko, and D. K. Strickland

Severe liver disease in urea cycle disorders, J. D. Traynor, M. Tuchman, M. A. Manning, S. I. Goodman, and G. M. Enns

The basic helix-loop-helix differentiation factor Nex1/MATH-2 functions as a key activator of the GAP-43 gene, M. Uittenbogaard, D. L. Martinka, and A. Chiaramello

Sequential interaction of actin-related proteins 2 and 3 (Arp2/3) complex with neural Wiscott-Aldrich syndrome protein (N-WASP) and cortactin during branched actin filament network formation, T. Uruno, J. L. Liu, Y. S. Li, N. Smith, and X. Zhan

Haematopoietic lineage cell-specific protein 1 (HS1) promotes actin-related protein (Arp) 2/3 complex-mediated actin polymerization, T. Uruno, P. J. Zhang, J. L. Liu, J. J. Hao, and X. Zhan

Inhibition of melanoma tumor growth by a novel inhibitor of glucosylceramide synthase, M. Weiss, S. Hettmer, P. Smith, and S. Ladisch

TWEAK, a member of the TNF superfamily, is a multifunctional cytokine that binds the TweakR/Fn14 receptor, S. R. Wiley and J. A. Winkles

Center-similar distributions with applications in multivariate analysis, Z. H. Yang and S. Kotz

Progressive Ankylosis (Ank) protein is expressed by neurons and Ank immunohistochemical reactivity is increased by limbic seizures, M. Yepes, E. Moore, S. A. N. Brown, H. N. Hanscom, and E. P. Smith

DNA damage-induced G(2)/M checkpoint in SV40 large T antigen-immortalized embryonic fibroblast cells requires SHP-2 tyrosine phosphatase, L. P. Yuan, W. M. Yu, and C. K. Qu

The Tat/TAR-dependent phosphorylation of RNA polymerase II C-terminal domain stimulates cotranscriptional capping of HIV-1 mRNA, M. Zhou, L. Deng, F. Kashanchi, J.N. Brady, and A.J. Shatkin

The Tat/TAR-dependent phosphorylation of RNA polymerase IIC-terminal domain stimulates cotranscriptional capping of HIV-1 mRNA, M. S. Zhou, L. W. Deng, F. Kashanchi, J. N. Brady, and A. J. Shatkin

Submissions from 2002

Osteopontin identified as lead marker of colon cancer progression, using pooled sample expression profiling., D. Agrawal, T. Chen, R. Irby, J. Quackenbush, and A.F. Chambers

Monitoring of representational difference analysis substrction procedures by global microarrays., T. Andersson, P. Unneberg, P. Nilsson, J. Odeberg, and J. Quackenbush

Identification of antithrombotic substances in common herbs and spices., J.M. Bailey, A.N. Makheja, and J.Y. Vanderhoek