Submissions from 2008

Physician Assistants and Title VII Support, J. F. Cawley

Research needs and challenges in the development of HIV diagnostic and treatment monitoring tests for use in resource-limited settings, B. Cheng, A. Landay, and V. Miller


Development of UNICEF Latin America/Caribbean (LAC) Well-Being Indicators, Mark Edberg

An intervention to improve postpartum outcomes in African-American mothers: a randomized controlled trial, A. A. El-Mohandes, M. Kiely, J. G. Joseph, S. Subramanian, and A. A. Johnson

Training and application of community-oriented primary care (COPC) through family medicine in Catalonia, Spain, J. Gofin and G. Foz

The design, implementation and acceptability of an integrated intervention to address multiple behavioral and psychosocial risk factors among pregnant African American women, K. S. Katz, S. M. Blake, R. A. Milligan, P. W. Sharps, and D. B. White

Health-care reform and school-based health care, J. G. Lear, E. A. Barnwell, and D. Behrens

Strategies for the base of the pyramid: lessons from social marketing, R. C. Lefebvre

An evaluation of community health center adoption of online health information., M. A. Martinez, T. Kind, E. Pezo, and K. Pomerantz

Use of consumer survey data to target cessation messages to smokers through mass media, D. E. Nelson, M. Gallogly, L. L. Penderson, M. Barry, and D. McGoldrick

Long-term trends in adolescent and young adult smoking in the United States: Metapatterns and implications, D. E. Nelson, P. Mowery, K. Asman, L. L. Pederson, and P. M. O'Malley

Evidence perks. Mental health evidence-based programs and practices on the Web, J. Scheer, M. Arbesman, and D. Lieberman

Submissions from 2007

Pregnancy Intentions and Happiness Among Pregnant Black Women at High Risk for Adverse Infant Health Outcomes, S. M. Blake, M. Keily, C. C. Gard, A. A. E. El-Mohandes, and M. N. El-Khorazaty

No longer invisible: challenges to PA education, J. F. Cawley

Adolescent girls' perceptions of smoking risk and protective factors: implications for message design, B. Curbow, J. Bowie, J. Binko, S. Smith, and E. Dreyling

Effective Osteoporosis Education in the Outpatient Orthopaedic Setting, K. K. Fine

Colorectal cancer screening of African Americans by internal medicine resident physicians can be improved with focused educational efforts, M. Friedman and M. L. Borum

HIV/AIDS and intimate partner violence: intersecting women's health issues in the United States, A. C. Gielen, R. M. Ghandour, J. G. Burke, P. Mahoney, and K. A. McDonnell

Community-oriented primary care: a public health model in primary care, J. Gofin and R. Gofin

The relationships among sexually transmitted infection, depression, and lifetime violence in a sample of predominantly african american women., K. Laughon, A. C. Gielen, J. C. Campbell, J. Burke, and K. McDonnell

Health At School: A Hidden Health Care System Emerges From The Shadows, J. G. Lear

Physician Assistants: Education, Practice, and Global Interest, C. Legler, J. F. Cawley, and W. Fenn

The influence of the media environment on physical activity: looking for the big picture, E. Maibach

The Influence of the Media Environment on Physical Activity: Looking for the Big Picture, E. Maibach

Communication and marketing as tools to cultivate the public's health: a proposed "people and places" framework, E.W. Maibach, L. C. Abroms, and M. Marosits

Low-income minority mothers' reports of infant health care utilisation compared with medical records, K. Murray, A. E. El-Mohandes, M. N. El-Khorazaty, and M. Kiely

Feasibilty, cost, and cost-effectiveness of a telephone-based motivational intervention for underserved pregnant smokers, D. R. Parker, R. A. Windsor, M. B. Roberts, J. Hecht, and N. V. Hardy

The use of the Internet for children's health and the environment, J. A. Paulson and S. J. Arnesen

Preface, J. A. Paulson and B. A. Gitterman

Evidence perks. New Web portal to international evidence-based practice resources, J. Scheer

Evidence perks. Using Institute of Medicine reports to inform practice, J. Scheer

Evidence perks. Using the National Library of Medicine's Web resources, J. Scheer

Stroke recovery and OT: finding and using the evidence to inform practice, J. Scheer

Gastric antral vascular ectasia associated with sytemic sclerosis: A case report and review of the literature, S. Stephen and M. L. Borum

Not business as usual, H. Straker and S. Finister

Submissions from 2006

What is the best approach to reducing birth defects associated with isotretinoin?. [Review] [37 refs], L. Abroms, E. Maibach, K. Lyon-Daniel, and S. R. Feldman

Epidemiology of a pediatric emergency medicine research network - The PECARN core data project, E. R. Alpern, R. M. Stanley, M. H. Gorelick, A. Donaldson, and S. Knight

Can delivery room management impact the length of hospital stay in premature infants?, H. Aly, A. N. Massaro, and A. A. E. El-Mohandes

RNA, DNA and molecular targets in archived paraffin-embedded tissue samples, 1980-2005, L. W. Ayers, M. S. McGrath, S. Silver, J. Orenstein, and K. Bhatia

Surgical history in inflammatory bowel disease may affect bone mineral density screening practices, M. L. Borum, C. H. Kim, and D. Jager

Long-term changes of serum chemokine levels in vaccinated military personnel, B. Brichacek, C. Vanpouille, A. J. Trachtenberg, T. Pushkarsky, and L. Dubrovsky

The Effects of Resident Work Hour Restrictions on Physican Assistant hospital utilization, J. F. Cawley and R. S. Hooker

Flexibility as a management principle in dementia care: the Adards example.[see comment], J. Cohen-Mansfield and A. Bester

Hearing aids for nursing home residents: Current policy and future needs, J. Cohen-Mansfield and D. L. Infeld

Comparison of exercise models in an elderly population, J. Cohen-Mansfield, M. S. Marx, and J. M. Guralnik

The role of physician characteristics in clinical trial acceptance: Testing pathways of influence, B. Curbow, L. A. Fogarty, K. A. McDonnell, J. Chill, and L. B. Scott

HIV infection and AIDS in adolescents: An update of the position of the Society for Adolescent Medicine, L. J. D'Angelo, C. Samples, A. S. Rogers, L. Peralta, and L. Friedman

A convergent diffusion and social marketing approach for disseminating proven approaches to physical activity promotion, J. W. Dearing, E. W. Maibach, and D. B. Buller

Race may influence patients' decision to receive hepatitis C treatment, M. Friedman, D. Jager, C. Rodak, and M. L. Borum

Reactivation of chronic hepatitis B leading to fulminant hepatic failure in an immunosuppressed patient, D. B. Graham and M. L. Borum

Metastatic Crohn's disease of the face, D. B. Graham, D. L. Jager, and M. L. Borum

Challenges in the evaluation and implementation of school-based prevention and intervention programs on sensitive topics, L. H. Jaycox, D. F. McCaffrey, B. W. Ocampo, G. A. Shelley, and S. M. Blake

Value Added: Graduate Level Education in Physician Assistant Programs, V. Joslin, P. Cook, R. Ballweg, J. F. Cawley, and A. A. Miller

Trials and tribulations of protecting children from environmental hazards, B. A. Lanphear, J. Paulson, and S. Beirne

Health At School: A Hidden Health Care System Emerges From The Shadows, J. G. Lear

A marketing perspective on disseminating evidence-based approaches to disease prevention and health promotion, E. W. Maibach, M. A. Van Duyn, and B. Bloodgood

Understanding consumers' health information preferences: development and validation of a brief screening instrument, E. W. Maibach, D. Weber, H. Massett, G. R. Hancock, and S. Price

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) notes. Seat belt use in 2005: demographic results, M. P. McKay

Adolescent immunizations: A position paper of the society for adolescent medicine, A. B. Middleman, S. L. Rosenthal, V. I. Rickert, L. Neinstein, and D. B. Fishbein

Clinical trials in pediatric traumatic brain injury: unique challenges and potential responses., J. E. Natale, J. G. Joseph, R. K. Pretzlaff, T. J. Silber, and A. M. Guerguerian

Does obesity effect the gastric emptying or small bowel transit times of capsule endoscopy, D. Ramsay, M. Frist, C. Entwisle, D. Jager, and S. Zeddun

Does treating physician speciality of hepatits C infected patients effect physicians' serological testing and immunization rate of hepatitis A and B, D. Ramsay, S. Putchakayala, E. Yuan, and M. Borum

Hospitalization of children and adolescents for eating disorders in the State of New York, K. Robergeau, J. Joseph, and T. J. Silber

Trends in elderly ED visits 1993-2003: What does the future hold?, D. C. Roberts and M. McKay

Disparity in location of urban mental service providers, C. R. Ronzio, M. F. Guagliardo, and N. Persaud

Choice of screening modality in a colorectal cancer education and screening program for the uninsured. [References]., M. Sarfaty and Shibao Feng

Development of T-cell non Hodgkin's lymphoma in a patient with hepatitis C: A case report and review of the literature, S. Stephen and M. L. Borum

Manifest, Hidden, and Divine: Introduction to Sefirot Aikido, J. Susman

Diclofenac hepatotoxicity, T. N. Witte and M. L. Borum

Esophageal dysmotility confirmed by esophageal manometry in a patient with stiff-man syndrome and dysphagia, T. N. Witte, M. L. Borum, and M. A. Ali

Prevalence of esophageal dysmotility in patients with idiopathic refractory gastroparesis, T. N. Witte, M. L. Borum, E. E. Nsien, and M. A. Ali

Colonic varices secondary to superior mesenteric vein stenosis in a patient with Crohn's disease, T. N. Witte, C. R. Entwisle, M. L. Borum, and M. A. Ali

Pseudomelanosis duodeni diagnosed in a patient with upper gastrointestinal bleeding and calciphylaxis, S. Zeddun, A. Ali, M. Borum, and S. Bashir

Submissions from 2005

Psychosocial predictors of smoking trajectories during middle and high school, L. Abroms, B. Simons-Morton, D. L. Haynie, and R. Chen

HIV prevention community planning: challenges & opportunities for data-informed decision-making., H.A. Amaro, S.M. Blake, A.C. Morrill, K. Cranston, and J. Logan

Preventive healthcare of infants in a region of Lebanon: Parental beliefs, attitudes and behaviors, G. N. Atiyeh and A. El-Mohandes

Local school district adoption of state-recommended policies on HIV prevention education, S. M. Blake, R. A. Ledsky, R. J. Sawyer, C. Goodenow, and S. Banspach

Intimate Partner Violence, Substance Use, and HIV Among Low-Income Women: Taking a Closer Look, Jessica G. Burke, Laura Knab Thieman, Andrea C. Gielen, Patricia O'Campo, and Karen A. McDonnell

A curriculum for Physician Assistants in clinical prevention and population health., J.F. Cawley

Physician assistant supply and demand. (editorial), J.F. Cawley

The Physician Assistant profession., J.F. Cawley and R.S. Hooker

Geriatric pain. Self-reports of pain in nursing home residents with dementia: a comparison of assessments, J. Cohen-Mansfield

Time for change: the role of nonpharmacological interventions in treating behavior problems in nursing home residents with dementia., J. Cohen-Mansfield and J.E. Mintzer

Using Formative Evaluation to Improve a Smoking Cessation Intervention for Pregnant Women, Myra A. Crawford, Lesa L. Woodby, Toya V. Russell, and Richard A. Windsor

Survey Nonresponse Bias Among Young Adults: The Role of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs, Carol B. Cunradi, Roland Moore, Moira Killoran, and Genevieve Ames

Assessing Cardiovascular Reactivity in Working Women with the Social Competence Interview, Barbara Curbow, Karen A. McDonnell, Erin Dreyling, Alyson Hall, and Sheila Fitzgerald

The trend of maternal mortality in Egypt from 1992-2000: An emphasis on regional differences, R. Gipson, A. El-Mohandes, O. Campbell, A. H. Issa, and N. Matta

Improving the use of data for HIV prevention decision making: lessons learned., R.A. Jenkins, A.R Averbach, A. Robbins, K. Cranston, and H. Amaro

Bridging data and decision making: development of techniques for improving the HIV prevention community planning process., R.A. Jenkins, A. Robbins, K. Cranston, K. Batchelor, and A.C. Freeman

Doctoral degrees for PAs: questions and issues., P.E. Jones and J.F. Cawley

Prevention of type 2 diabetes with troglitazone in the Diabetes Prevention Program., W.C. Knowler, R.F. Hamman, S.L. Edelstein, E. Barrett-Connor, and D.A. Ehrmann

Abuse, HIV status and health-related quality of life among a sample of HIV positive and HIV negative low income women, Karen A. McDonnell, Andrea C. Gielen, Patricia O'Campo, and Jessica G. Burke

HIV prevention community planning: enhancing data-informed decision-making., A.C. Morrill, H.A. Amaro, S.M. Blake, K. Cranston, and A.R. Averbach

Uncovering neighbourhood influences on intimate partner violence using concept mapping, Patricia O'Campo, Jessica Burke, Geri Lynn Peak, Karen A. McDonnell, and Andrea C. Gielen

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Impact of intensive lifestyle and metformin therapy on cardiovascular disease risk factors in the diabetes prevention program. [see comment], R. Ratner, R. Goldberg, S. Haffner, S. Marcovina, and T. Orchard

Uptake of colorectal cancer screening in an uninsured population., M. Sarfaty and S. Feng

Use of a patient assistant to facilitate medical visits for Latino patients with low health literacy, M. Sarfaty, C. H. Turner, and E. Damotta

Training and resource needs of teachers who provide HIV education to special population students., R. Sawyer, S.M. Blake, R. Ledsky, C. Goodenow, and D. Evans

Coronary heart disease prevention in menopausal women. [Review] [82 refs], D. Schneider and J. Hsia