Submissions from 2019

Detection of Muscle Tension Dysphonia Using Eulerian Video Magnification: A Pilot Study., Jason Adleberg, Ashley P O'Connell Ferster, Daniel A Benito, and Robert T Sataloff

Quality of Care for the Screening, Diagnosis, and Management of Lupus Nephritis Across Multiple Healthcare Settings., Ishita Aggarwal, Jing Li, Laura Trupin, Lisa Gaynon, Patricia P Katz, Cristina Lanata, Lindsey Criswell, Louise B Murphy, Maria Dall'Era, and Jinoos Yazdany

E-cigarettes: Stick to the Evidence., Talal Alzahrani, Ivan Pena, Nardos Temesgen, and Stanton A Glantz

Reassessing the effects of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) on arterial stiffness and peripheral blood derived CD34+ progenitor cells in subjects with sleep apnea., Cleyton C Domingues, Fiona J Dore, Alexander Cho, Neeki Ahmadi, Yana Kropotova, Nabanita Kundu, Naji Younes, Vivek Jain, and Sabyasachi Sen

Disappearing nodules: spontaneously regressing pulmonary amyloidosis., Lisa N Glass, Mahbubur Sumon, Hannah Goulart, and Jalil Ahari

Resurrecting Compassion, Cheralyn J. Hendrix

Investigating the effect of discordant clinical and pathological diagnoses of complicated appendicitis on clinical outcomes., Janell J Holloway, Lanair Amaad Lett, Dennis Y Kim, Darin J Saltzman, Michael P Ferebee, Ian T Macqueen, and Christian M de Virgilio

Ocular Adverse Events following Use of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors for Metastatic Malignancies., Carl W Noble, Sapna S Gangaputra, Ian A Thompson, Amy Yuan, Andrea B Apolo, Jung-Min Lee, George N Papaliodis, Shilpa Kodati, Rachel Bishop, M Teresa Magone, Lucia Sobrin, and H Nida Sen

The Treatment of Laryngeal Cancer., Randa Obid, Magi Redlich, and Chafeek Tomeh

An atypical presentation of Sweet's syndrome in a myelofibrosis patient., Umera Thebo, Sirisha Tummala, Samah Nassereddine, and Faysal Haroun

Sentinel Lymph Node Evaluation: What the Radiologist Needs to Know., Gary J Whitman, Raya H AlHalawani, Niloofar Karbasian, and Rajesh Krishnamurthy

Submissions from 2018

Robotic transanal microsurgery for high early rectal neoplasia (T0-T1, N0 lesions), case series of 10 patients., Suzanne Arnott, Matthew Skancke, and Vincent Obias

Pathologic T3a renal cell carcinoma: a classification in need of further refinement., John M DiBianco, Patrick T Gomella, and Mark W Ball

Thoracic Paraspinal Castleman Disease in a Young Mexican-American Man with Postcoital Hematuria., Chase H Foster, Cyrus Elahi, Stephen Cheney, Todd Trier, Alireza Torabi, and Niti Manglik

Genetic abnormalities seen on CVS in early pregnancy failure., Alexis C Gimovsky, Amelie Pham, Sindy C Moreno, Sara Nicholas, Amanda Roman, and Stuart Weiner

Lymph Node Imaging of Pediatric Renal and Suprarenal Malignancies., Samuel A Gold, Vikram K Sabarwal, Chirag Gordhan, Graham R Hale, and Andrew Winer

Patients with Clinically Metabolically Healthy Obesity are Not Necessarily Healthy Subclinically: Further Support for Bariatric Surgery in Patients without Metabolic Disease?, Ivy N Haskins, Julietta Chang, Zubaidah Nor Hanipah, Tavankit Singh, Neal Mehta, Arthur J McCullough, Stacy A Brethauer, Philip R Schauer, and Ali Aminian

Excision of Os Trigonum in Dancers via an Open Posteromedial Approach., Jessica H Heyer, Amos Z Dai, and Donald J Rose

A Suspected Case of Acute Embolic Myocardial Infarction Following Direct-Current Cardioversion of Atrial Fibrillation., Abdulelah Nuqali, Qaiser Shafiq, Mubbasher M Syed, and Mujeeb Sheikh

Percutaneous Coronary Intervention for Iatrogenic Right Coronary Artery Dissection Post Bentall Procedure: A Case Report and Minireview., Sameer Saleem, Mubbasher A Syed, Khalid Changal, Abdulelah Nuqali, and Mujeeb Sheikh

Liposomal Bupivacaine Utilization in Total Knee Replacement Does Not Decrease Length of Hospital Stay., Grace Schumer, John W Mann, Matthew David Stover, John F Sloboda, Carol Sue Cdebaca, and Gina Moss Woods

High-flow nasal therapy vs standard oxygen during breaks off noninvasive ventilation for acute respiratory failure: A pilot randomized controlled trial., Giulia Spoletini, Chiara Mega, Lara Pisani, Mona Alotaibi, Alia Khoja, Lori Lyn Price, Francesco Blasi, Stefano Nava, and Nicholas S Hill

Submissions from 2017


Follicular lymphoma with rosette formation with an exclusive diffuse pattern., Fadi Alakeel and Louis DePalma


Synchronous Ductal Carcinoma In Situ and Intravascular Large B-cell Lymphoma of the Breast., Fadi Alakeel, Elsie Lee, Marilyn Baird-Howell, and Samantha Easley


Clinical signs associated with an increased risk of interstitial lung disease: a retrospective study of 101 patients with dermatomyositis., C C Ang, C O Anyanwu, E Robinson, J Okawa, R Feng, M Fujimoto, Y Hamaguchi, and V P Werth


Advances in neglected tropical disease vaccines: Developing relative potency and functional assays for the Na-GST-1/Alhydrogel hookworm vaccine., Jill B. Brelsford, Jordan L Plieskatt, Anna Yakovleva, Amar Jariwala, Brian P Keegan, Jin Peng, Pengjun Xia, Guangzhao Li, Doreen Campbell, Maria Victoria Periago, Rodrigo Correa-Oliveira, Maria Elena Bottazzi, Peter J. Hotez, David Diemert, and Jeffrey M. Bethony

Conflating Medical Care With Patient Care., David S Burstein

The Things We Take for Granted., David S Burstein


Primary Cardiac Angiosarcoma: A Rare Tumor, Anne Chen, A. Toubaji, and S. Aziz


Safety and Immunogenicity of the Na-GST-1 Hookworm Vaccine in Brazilian and American Adults., David J Diemert, Janaína Freire, Vanderson Valente, Carlos Geraldo Fraga, Frederico Talles, Shannon Grahek, Doreen Campbell, Amar Jariwala, Maria Victoria Periago, Martin Enk, Maria Flávia Gazzinelli, Maria Elena Bottazzi, Robert Hamilton, Jill Brelsford, Anna Yakovleva, Guangzhao Li, Jin Peng, Rodrigo Correa-Oliveira, Peter Hotez, and Jeffrey Bethony


Analytic, Preanalytic, and Clinical Validation of p53 IHC for Detection of TP53 Missense Mutation in Prostate Cancer, L. B. Guedes, Fawaz Almutairi, M. C. Haffner, W. B. Isaacs, A. E. Ross, E. M. Schaeffer, and T. L. Lotan


MSH2 Loss in Primary Prostate Cancer., Liana Guedes, Emmanuel S Antonarakis, Michael T Schweizer, Nooshin Mirkheshti, Fawaz Almutairi, Jong Chul Park, Stephanie A Glavaris, Jessica L Hicks, Mario A Eisenberger, Angelo M De Marzo, Jonathan I Epstein, William B Isaacs, James R Eshleman, Colin C Pritchard, and Tamara L Lotan


Extramedullary Haematopoiesis Presenting with Cardiac Tamponade in a Patient with Polycythaemia Vera., Faysal Haroun, Viktoria Elkis, Anne Chen, and Elsie Lee


A rare breed: Wild-type braf and ighv expression in a 29 year old lady with classical hairy cell leukemia, A. Hossain, Hind Rafei, Amar Jariwala, and Khaled El-Shami


Strongyloides Hyperinfection Syndrome in an Immunocompetent Host Resulting in Bandemia and Death., Aung Myint, Courtney Chapman, Isabel Almira-Suarez, and Nupur Mehta


Need For Improved Skin Cancer Surveillance in Pediatric Cancer Survivors., Divya Sharma, Thomas Lee, Adam J Friedman, and Kelley Pagliai Redbord


Prevalence and Prognostic Significance of PTEN Loss in African-American and European-American Men Undergoing Radical Prostatectomy., Jeffrey J Tosoian, Fawaz Almutairi, Carlos L Morais, Stephanie Glavaris, Jessica Hicks, Debasish Sundi, Elizabeth Humphreys, Misop Han, Angelo M De Marzo, Ashley E Ross, Scott A Tomlins, Edward M Schaeffer, Bruce J Trock, and Tamara L Lotan

Submissions from 2016


There's no place like home: an analysis of migration patterns of dermatology residents prior to, during, and after their training., Allison J Chen, Julia Schwartz, and Alexandra B Kimball


Metastatic Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma During Pregnancy., Jessica Davis, Showkat Bashir, Helmae Wubneh, and Marie L. Borum


Analytic Validation of RNA In Situ Hybridization (RISH) for AR and AR-V7 Expression in Human Prostate Cancer., Liana B Guedes, Carlos L Morais, Fawaz Almutairi, Michael C Haffner, Qizhi Zheng, John T Isaacs, Emmanuel S Antonarakis, Changxue Lu, Harrison Tsai, Jun Luo, Angelo M De Marzo, and Tamara L Lotan


Skin Barrier Health: Regulation and Repair of the Stratum Corneum and the Role of Over-the-Counter Skin Care., Thomas Lee and Adam Friedman


The incidence of herpes zoster in cutaneous lupus erythematosus (CLE), dermatomyositis (DM), pemphigus vulgaris (PV), and bullous pemphigoid (BP)., Elizabeth S Robinson, Aimee S Payne, Lisa Pappas-Taffer, Rui Feng, and Victoria P Werth


Getting under the Skin: Report from the International Psoriasis Council Workshop on the Role of Stress in Psoriasis., Julia Schwartz, Andrea W M Evers, Christine Bundy, and Alexandra B Kimball

Submissions from 2015


New tools for NTD vaccines: A case study of quality control assays for product development of the human hookworm vaccine Na-APR-1M74., Mark S Pearson, Amar R. Jariwala, Giovanni Abbenante, Jordan Plieskatt, David Wilson, Maria Elena Bottazzi, Peter J Hotez, Brian Keegan, Jeffrey M. Bethony, and Alex Loukas


Levels of 8-OxodG Predict Hepatobiliary Pathology in Opisthorchis viverrini Endemic Settings in Thailand., Prasert Saichua, Anna Yakovleva, Christine Kamamia, Amar R. Jariwala, Paul J. Brindley, Jeffrey M. Bethony, and + 8 more