Submissions from 2013


A historical perspective: Stereotactic lesions for the treatment of epilepsy, James W. Leiphart, Richard M. Young, and Donald C. Shields


Two-category place representations persist over body rotations, Hyoun Kyoung Pyoun, Jesse Sargent, Stephen Dopkins, and John W. Philbeck


Distraction shrinks space, Jesse Sargent, Jeffrey Zacks, and John W. Philbeck


The future of practice science: Challenges and opportunities for neurosurgery, Nathan R. Selden, Zoher Ghogawala, Robert E. Harbaugh, Zachary N. Litvack, Matthew J. McGirt, and Anthony L. Asher


Age at initial consultation for craniosynostosis: Comparison across different patient characteristics, Michael Seruya, Albert K. Oh, John S. Myseros, Michael J. Boyajian, Amanda L. Yaun, Robert F. Keating, and Gary F. Rogers


Supraclavicular nerve graft interposition for reconstruction of pediatric brachial plexus injuries, Mitchel Seruya, Ketan M. Patel, Robert F. Keating, and Gary F. Rogers


Identification of knowledge gaps in neurosurgery using a validated self-assessment examination: Differences between general and spinal neurosurgeons, Jason Sheehan, Robert M. Starke, Nader Pouratian, and Zachary N. Litvack


Neurosurgery concepts: Key perspectives on regulatory proteins, management of ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament, and radiosurgery for intracranial lesions, Jonathan H. Sherman, Zachary A. Smith, Jin Mo Cho, Michael Lim, Chaim B. Colen, Chae-Yong Kim, Vincent Yat Wang, Gabriel Zada, Gordon Li, and Isaac Yang


Successful endoscopic repair of persistent cerebrospinal fluid leak following attempted transcranial repair, Alan Siu, Rishi Vashishta, Joseph F. Goodman, Fabio Roberti, and Ameet Singh


Acute embolization of ruptured brain arteriovenous malformations., Andrew B. Stemer, William O. Bank, Rocca A. Armonda, Ai-Hsi Liu, David W. Herzig, and Randy S. Bell


One-piece modified gasket seal technique, Aaron Wessell, Ameet Singh, and Zachary N. Litvack


The lateralization accuracy of inferior petrosal sinus sampling in 501 patients with Cushing's disease., Joshua J. Wind, Russell R. Lonser, Lynnette K. Nieman, Hetty L. Devroom, Richard Chang, and Richard H. Oldfield


Immediate titanium mesh cranioplasty for treatment of postcraniotomy infections, Joshua J. Wind, Chima Ohaegbulam, Fabio M. Iwamoto, Peter M. Black, and John K. Park


Hyper-arousal decreases human visual thresholds, Adam J. Woods, John W. Philbeck, and Philip Wirtz


Intrinsic frames of reference in haptic spatial learning, Naohide Yamamoto and John W. Philbeck


Peripheral vision benefits spatial learning by guiding eye movements, Naohide Yamamoto and John W. Philbeck


Durable response of intracranial cellular hemangioma to bevacizumab and temozolomide, Kee Kiat Yeo, Elena Puscasiu, Robert F. Keating, and Brian R. Rood

Submissions from 2012


Large occipital aneurysmal bone cyst causing obstructive hydrocephalus in a pediatric patient: Case report, Brian R. Curtis, Rory J. Petteys, Christopher T. Rossi, Robert F. Keating, and Suresh N. Magge

Large occipital aneurysmal bone cyst causing obstructive hydrocephalus in a pediatric patient., BR Curtis, RJ Petteys, CT Rossi, and RF Keating

Extradural subtemporal transzygomatic approach to the clival and paraclival region with endoscopic assist., F Gagliardi, N Boari, F Roberti, and C Gragnaniello


Extradural subtemporal transzygomatic approach to the clival and paraclival region with endoscopic assist, Filippo Gagliardi, Nicola Boari, Fabio Roberti, Cristian Gragnaniello, Federico Biglioli, Anthony J. Caputy, and Pietro Mortini

Development of the Nervous System, Alison K. Hall

Stem Cells in the Nervous System, Alison K. Hall and Robert H. Miller

Outcomes of Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy in Patients With Potentially Operable Stage I Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, S Kanani


Indocyanine green fluorescence endoscopy for visual differentiation of pituitary tumor from surrounding structures, Zachary N. Litvack, Gabriel Zada, and Edward R. Laws Jr.

Indocyanine green fluorescence endoscopy for visual differentiation of pituitary tumor from surrounding structures: Clinical article, ZN Litvack, G Zada, and ER Laws

Response, ZN Litvack, G Zada, and ER Laws

Response to "a new definition of neuropathic pain", AL Oaklander, PR Wilson, PA Moskovitz, and DC Manning


Response to "a new definition of neuropathic pain"., Anne L. Oaklander, Peter R. Wilson, Peter A. Moskovitz, Donald C. Manning, Timothy Lubenow, Jon D. Levine, R. N. Harden, Bradley S. Galer, Mark S. Cooper, Stephen Bruehl, James Broatch, Charles B. Berde, and Gary J. Bennett


Controlled hypotension and blood loss during frontoorbital advancement, Michael Seruya, Albert K. Oh, Gary F. Rogers, Michael J. Boyajian, John S. Myseros, Amanda L. Yaun, and Robert F. Keating


Diagnosis and Surgical Options for Craniosynostosis, Mitchel Seruya, Suresh N. Magge, and Robert F. Keating

Controlled hypotension and blood loss during frontoorbital advancement: Clinical article, M Seruya, AK Oh, GF Rogers, and MJ Boyajian

Radiation necrosis following treatment of high grade glioma-a review of the literature and current understanding, A Siu, JJ Wind, JB Iorgulescu, and TA Chan

The Role of Avastin in the Management of Recurrent Glioblastoma, JA Sweet, ML Feinberg, and JH Sherman

Relapsed acute myelogenous leukemia of brachial plexus after marrow transplant, JA Sweet, RV Jones, L DePalma, and AJ Caputy


Relapsed acute myelogenous leukemia of brachial plexus after marrow transplant, Jennifer A. Sweet, Robert V. Jones, Alan Siu, Louis DePalma, and Anthony J. Caputy

Syndromic craniosynostosis, fibroblast growth factor receptor 2 (FGFR2) mutations, and sacrococcygeal eversion presenting as human tails, CC Wilkinson, DK Manchester, RF Keating, and LL Ketch


Syndromic craniosynostosis, fibroblast growth factor receptor 2 (FGFR2) mutations, and sacrococcygeal eversion presenting as human tails, C. Corbett Wilkinson, David K. Manchester, Robert F. Keating, Lawrence L. Ketch, and Ken R. Winston

Minimally invasive lumbopelvic instrumentation for traumatic sacrolisthesis in an elderly patient., JJ Wind, LM Burke, KH Kurtom, and F Roberti

The Role of Adjuvant Radiation Therapy in the Management of High-Grade Gliomas, JJ Wind, R Young, A Saini, and JH Sherman

Submissions from 2011

Acute tetraplegia and cardiac arrest following high cervical leptomeningeal metastasis of giant cell glioblastoma., JM Ammerman, PB Kerr, and F Roberti

The correlation between vagus nerve stimulation efficacy and partial onset epilepsies., AZ Burakgazi, E Burakgazi-Dalkilic, AJ Caputy, and SJ Potolicchio

Distribution of allele frequencies and effect sizes and their interrelationships for common genetic susceptibility variants., JH Park, MH Gail, CR Weinberg, and RJ Carroll

Moyamoya disease and surgical intervention, JW Rhee and SN Magge

Unreliability of intraoperative estimated blood loss in extended sagittal synostectomies: Clinical article, M Seruya, AK Oh, MJ Boyajian, and JS Myseros

Submissions from 2010

T-PA for mild ischemic stroke: We shouldn't be afraid to treat, JM Ammerman

Quantification of clival and paraclival exposure in the Le Fort I transmaxillary transpterygoid approach: A microanatomical study, N Boari, F Roberti, F Biglioli, and AJ Caputy

Hemodynamics and Bleb Formation in Intracranial Aneurysms, J. R. Cebral, M. Sheridan, and C. M. Putman

458: An Emergency Department-Based Model for Providing Colorectal Cancer Screening and Identifying Barriers to Care, S Davis, J Lee, J Burgess, and J Bland

The masters: Creating a new generation of leaders for mass communication education and beyond, MH DeFleur, DD Kurpius, A Osborne, and JM Hamilton

From the Most Fleeting of Glimpses: On the Time Course for the Extraction of Distance Information, DA Gajewski, JW Philbeck, S Pothier, and D Chichka

Neurosarcoidosis presenting as an isolated intrasellar mass: Case report and review of the literature, MM Kimball, JJ Wind, KT Codispoti, and JW Leiphart

Response, JW Leiphart

Stereotactic lesions for the treatment of psychiatric disorders a review, JW Leiphart and FH

The effect of acute postoperative pain and chronic neuropathic pain on subsequent weight gain in the rate, J. W. Leiphart, P. P. Vasudevan, S. R. Rajjoub, and L. W. Dominguez

A comparison of blindpulling and blindwalking as measures of perceived absolute distance, JW Philbeck, AJ Woods, C Kontra, and P Zdenkova

Blood-flow characteristics in a terminal basilar tip aneurysm prior to its fatal rupture, DM Sforza, CM Putman, E Scrivano, and P Lylyk

Mucosa-associated lymphoma tissue of the dura presenting as meningioma, J. Shaia, P.B. Kerr, A. Saini, and F. Roberti

Curciate paralysis secondary to traumatic atlantooccipital dislocation: Case report, J. Sweet, J. Ammerman, V. Deshmukh, and J. White

Pathologic Cervical Burst Fracture Presenting with Airway Compromise, JJ Wind

Submissions from 2009

Neurosurgical Management of Spinal Dysraphism and Neurogenic Scoliosis, M. Cardoso and R. F. Keating

Hemodynamic Patterns of Anterior Communicating Artery Aneurysms: A Possible Association with Rupture, M. A. Castro, C. M. Putman, M. J. Sheridan, and J. R. Cebral

Primary spinal cord tumors of childhood: Effects of clinical presentation, radiographic features, and pathology on survival, J.R. Crawford, A. Zaninovic, M. Santi, and E.J. Rushing

Delayed activin A administration attenuates tissue death after transient focal cerebral ischemia and is associated with decreased stress-responsive kinase activation, Shibani S. Mukerji, Riley N. Rainey, Jamie L. Rhodes, and Alison K. Hall

Spontaneous intramedullary hemorrhage of spinal hemangioblastoma: case report, G. K. Sharma, E. J. Kucia, and R. F. Spetzler

Pleomorphic xanthoastrocytoma presenting with life-threatening hemorrhage in a child Case report, J. J. Wind, P. B. Kerr, J. A. Sweet, and V. R. Deshmukh

Images in clinical medicine. Bilateral subacute subdural hematomas, J. J. Wind and J. W. Leiphart

Submissions from 2008

Cerebral hemorrhage and vasospasm in a child with congenital heart disease, J. Carpenter, R. Keating, S. Weinstein, and G. Vezina

Sublabial-endonasal approach to the sella turcica, P. B. Kerr and E. H. Oldfield

Cement-Embolic Stroke Associated with Vertebroplasty, F. A. Marden and C. M. Putman

Moyamoya disease associated with hemoglobin fairfax and beta-thalassemia, F. A. Marden, C. M. Putman, J. M. Grant, and J. Greenberg

Spontaneous encephaloceles of the temporal lobe, J. J. Wind, A. J. Caputy, and F. Roberti

Submissions from 2007

A novel technique for the intraoperative monitoring of detrusor activity in intradural lesions of the cauda equina. Technical note, J. M. Ammerman, P. B. Kerr, S. T. Jarrell, and A. J. Caputy

CNS germ cell tumor (CNSGCT) of childhood: presentation and delayed diagnosis, J. R. Crawford, M. R. Santi, G. Vezina, and J. S. Myseros

Bone morphogenetic proteins promote gliosis in demyelinating spinal cord lesions, Molly L. Fuller, Anne K. DeChant, Brian Rothstein, Andrew Caprariello, Rae Wang, Alison K. Hall, and Robert H. Miller

Activin is a neuronal survival factor that is rapidly increased after transient cerebral ischemia and hypoxia in mice, Shibani S. Mukerji, Ekaterina A. Katsman, Charles Wilber, Noah A. Haner, Warren R. Selman, and Alison K. Hall

The pterygopalatine fossa: An anatomic report, F. Roberti, N. Boari, P. Mortini, and A. J. Caputy

Tailored anteromedial lobectomy in the treatment of refractory epilepsy of the temporal lobe: Long term surgical outcome and predictive factors., F. Roberti, S. J. Potolicchio, and A. J. Caputy

Real-time imaging of convection-enhanced delivery of viruses and virus-sized particles, N. J. Szerlip, S. Walbridge, L. Yang, and P. F. Morrison

Activin acts with nerve growth factor to regulate calcitonin gene-related peptide mRNA in sensory neurons, P. Xu and A. K. Hall

Activin acutely sensitizes dorsal root ganglion neurons and induces hyperalgesia via PKC-mediated potentiation of transient receptor potential vanilloid I, Weiguo Zhu, Pin Xu, Fernando X. Cuascut, Alison K. Hall, and Gerry S. Oxford

Submissions from 2006

A prospective evaluation of the role for intraoperative x-ray in lumbar discectomy. Predictors of incorrect level exposure, J. M. Ammerman, M. D. Ammerman, J. Dambrosia, and B. J. Ammerman

Multiple metachronous brain metastases from primary ureteral carcinoma, J. M. Ammerman, M. Baggenstos, R. V. Jones, and J. Sweet

Reduced expression of endothelin B receptors and mechanical hyperalgesia in experimental chronic diabetes, Liliana N. Berti-Mattera, Cheryl E. Gariepy, Rebecca M. Burke, and Alison K. Hall

Differential cortical thickness across the central sulcus: a method for identifying the central sulcus in the presence of mass effect and vasogenic edema, T. J. Biega, R. R. Lonser, and J. A. Butman

Spontaneous dissection of the internal carotid artery during magnetic resonance imaging, T. J. Biega, C. M. Putman, and F. A. Marden

Patient-specific computational fluid dynamics modeling of anterior communicating artery aneurysms: A study of the sensitivity of intra-aneurysmal flow patterns to flow conditions in the carotid arteries, M. A. Castro, C. M. Putman, and J. R. Cebral

Quantification and comparison of telovelar and transvermian approaches to the fourth ventricle, V. R. Deshmukh, E. G. Figueirdo, P. Deshmukh, and N. R. Crawford

Treatment of recurrent previously coiled anterior circulation aneurysm with minimally invasive keyhole craniotomy: report of two cases, V. R. Deshmukh, J. S. Hott, T. Dumont, and P. Nakaji

Long-term clinical and angiographic follow-up of unclippable wrapped intracranial aneurysms, V. R. Deshmukh, U. K. Kakarla, E. G. Figueiredo, and J. M. Zabramski

Surgical management of distal coil migration and arterial perforation after attempted coil embolization of a ruptured ophthalmic artery aneurysm: technical case report, V. R. Deshmukh, J. Klopfenstein, F. C. Albuquerque, and L. J. Kim

Resolution of hemifacial spasm after surgical obliteration of a tentorial arteriovenous fistula: case report, V. R. Deshmukh, P. H. Maughan, and R. F. Spetzler

Spatial memory following temporal lobe resection., C. M. Diaz-Asper, S. Dopkins, and S. J. Potolicchio

An anatomical evaluation of the mini-supraorbital approach and comparison with standard craniotomies, E. G. Figueiredo, V. Deshmukh, P. Nakaji, and P. Deshmukh

Endovascular Reconstruction with the Neuroform Stent as monotherapy for the treatment of uncoilable intradural pseudoaneurysms, D. Fiorella, F. C. Albuquerque, V. R. Deshmukh, and H. Woo

Synchronous endoscopy and microsurgery: a novel strategy to approach complex ventricular lesions. Report of three cases, P. A. Gore, P. Nakaji, V. R. Deshmukh, and H. L. Rekate

Rodent sensory neuron culture and analysis., Alison K. Hall

Durectomy and reconstruction for the treatment of a recurrent spinal meningioma. Case Report, E. M. Horn, V. R. Deshmukh, G. P. Lekovic, and C. A. Dickman

Neurologic complications of primary systemic amyloidosis, J. J. Kelly

Neurological outcome in a patient with a null ornithine transcarbamylase genotype following liver transplantation at 6 weeks of age, L. Orfanelli, C. Greene, P. Glass, and W. D. Gaillard