Submissions from 2006

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Care for the adult family members of victims of unexpected cardiac death, R. Zalenski, R. F. Gillum, T. E. Quest, and J. L. Griffith

Submissions from 2005

Endovascular ablation of a temporal lobe epileptogenic focus - a complication of Wada testing, J.M. Ammerman, A.J. Caputy, and S.J. Potolicchio

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Submissions from 2004

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Submissions from 2003

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Submissions from 2002

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Outcome analysis of preoperative embolization in cranial base surgery, C.L. Rosen, J.M. Ammerman, L.N. Sekhar, and W.O. Bank

Submissions from 2001

Skin cell induction of calcitonin gene-related peptide in embryonic sensory neurons in vitro involves activin, Alison K. Hall, Kyl J. Dinsio, and Jason Cappuzzello

Influence of non-neuronal cells on establishment of neuropeptide Y expression by sympathetic neurons in vitro, Sally E. MacPhedran and Alison K. Hall

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Submissions from 2000

Library: historical perspective. F.M.R. Walshe (1885-1973), N. H. Horwitz

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Submissions from 1999

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Submissions from 1998

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Minimally invasive posterolateral lumbar arthrodesis, P. A. Moskovitz

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Combined supra/infratentorial-transsinus approach to large pineal region tumors, I. M. Ziyal, L. N. Sekhar, E. Salas, and W. J. Olan

Submissions from 1997

Regeneration of adult axons in white matter tracts of the central nervous system, Stephen J.A. Davies, Michael T. Fitch, Stacey P. Memberg, Alison K. Hall, Geoffrey Raisman, and Jerry Silver

The generation of neuronal heterogeneity in a rat sensory ganglion, Alison K. Hall, Xingbin Ai, Georgia E. Hickman, Sally E. MacPhedran, Constance O. Nduaguba, and Christie P. Robertson

Submissions from 1996

Developing sympathetic neurons express a neuronal trait before a catecholaminergic synthetic enzyme in vivo, Melissa L. Shirley, Jamie D. Campbell, and Alison K. Hall

Submissions from 1995

Multiple mechanisms regulate sympathetic neuronal phenotype, A. K. Hall and S. E. MacPhedran

Lectin binding distinguishes between neuroendocrine and neuronal derivatives of the sympathoadrenal neural crest, David M. Katz, Melissa E. White, and Alison K. Hall

Dividing neuron precursors express neuron‐specific tubulin, Stacey P. Memberg and Alison K. Hall

Proliferation, differentiation, and survival of rat sensory neuron precursors in vitro require specific trophic factors, Stacey P. Memberg and Alison K. Hall

Submissions from 1993

Ontogeny of the erythroid/HepG2-type glucose transporter (GLUT-1) in the rat nervous system, Sami I. Harik, Alison K. Hall, Peggy Richey, Lars Andersson, Per Lundahl, and George Perry

SA-1 antigen expression in small intensely fluorescent cells is associated with proliferation, James J. Sejvar, Story C. Landis, and Alison K. Hall

Submissions from 1992

Division and migration of satellite glia in the embryonic rat superior cervical ganglion, A. K. Hall and S. C. Landis

Cytokines and neurokines: related ligands and related receptors, Alison K. Hall and Mahendra S. Rao

Submissions from 1991

Principal neurons and small intensely fluorescent (SIF) cells in the rat superior cervical ganglion have distinct developmental histories, A. K. Hall and S. C. Landis

Early commitment of precursor cells from the rat superior cervical ganglion to neuronal or nonneuronal fates, Alison K. Hall and Story C. Landis

Submissions from 1990

Binding properties of detergent-solubilized NCAM, A. K. Hall, R. Nelson, and U. Rutishauser

Submissions from 1988

Can Opioids Regulate Hemopoietic Differentiation?, EDWARD S. GOLUB, TERESITA DIAZ DE'PAGAN, IRIS SUN, ALISON K. HALL, FRED L. CRANE, and GARY ISOM

The organization of cytoplasm at the presynaptic active zone of a central nervous system synapse, Dennis M.D. Landis, Alison K. Hall, Lori A. Weinstein, and Thomas S. Reese

The neural cell adhesion molecule (NCAM) as a regulator of cell-cell interactions, Urs Rutishauser, Ann Acheson, Alison K. Hall, Dennis M. Mann, and Jeffrey Sunshine

Submissions from 1987

Visualization of neural cell adhesion molecule by electron microscopy, A. K. Hall and U. Rutishauser

Submissions from 1985

Phylogeny of a neural cell adhesion molecule, Alison K. Hall and Urs Rutishauser

Submissions from 1983

Stem cell is a stem cell is a stem cell, Alison K. Hall