Submissions from 2006

Language lateralization and the role of the fusiform gyrus in semantic processing in young children, L. M. Balsamo, B. Xu, and W. D. Gaillard

Late-occurring stroke among long-term survivors of childhood leukemia and brain tumors: A report from the childhood cancer survivor study, D. C. Bowers, Y. Liu, W. Leisenring, and E. McNeil

Emerging strategies for the treatment of hereditary metabolic storage disorders, R. O. Brady

Neurologic complications of cardiovascular surgery., T. Chang and R.A. Jonas

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Mechanisms of Disease: signaling pathways and immunobiology of inflammatory myopathies, M. C. Dalakas

Spatial memory following temporal lobe resection., C. M. Diaz-Asper, S. Dopkins, and S. J. Potolicchio

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Pharmacological management of mood and anxiety disorders in headache patients, J. L. Griffith and M. Razavi

A multi-functional cytoprotective agent that reduces neurodegeneration after ischemia, Z.G. Jiang, X. Yang, W. Pan, and R.W. Chen

Neurologic complications of primary systemic amyloidosis, J. J. Kelly

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Fabry disease and vascular risk factors: future strategies for patient-based studies and the knockout murine model, D. F. Moore, M. P. Gelderman, S. R. Fuhrman, and R. Schiffmann

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Cyclin-dependent kinase 5 activity regulates pain signaling, T. K. Pareek, J. Keller, S. Kesavapany, and H. C. Pant

Alice in migraineland, R. M. Restak

ACHE Award Lecture. Alice in migraineland, R.M. Restak

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Germinoma: unusual imaging and pathological characteristics - Report of two cases, E. J. Rushing, G. D. Sandberg, A. R. Judkins, and G. Vezina

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Shaken baby syndrome: An odyssey, R. H. Uscinski

Visual complications in childhood cancer survivors: A Childhood Cancer Survivor Study report, K. Whelan, A. Mertens, R. Castleberry, and P. Mitby

Submissions from 2005

Seizure focus affects regional language networks assessed by fMRI, M. M. Berl, L. M. Balsamo, B. Xu, and E. N. Moore

Intrathecal mafosfamide: A preclinical pharmacology and phase I trial, S. M. Blaney, F. M. Balis, S. Berg, and C. A. S. Arndt

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Stroke as a late treatment effect of Hodgkin's disease: A report from the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study, D. C. Bowers, D. E. McNeil, Y. Liu, and Y. Yasui

Fabry's Disease, R.O. Brady and R. Schiffmann

Pediatric sleep disorders, P. K. Capp, P. L. Pearl, and D. Lewin

Medical bioremediation: Prospects for the application of microbial catabolic diversity to aging and several major age-related diseases, ADNJ De Grey, PJJ Alvarez, RO Brady, and AM Cuervo

Sleep apnea and sports performance., H.A. Emsellem and K.E. Murtagh

Wernicke encephalopathy after bariatric surgery: losing more than just weight, D. Foster, M. Falah, N. Kadom, and R. Mandler

fMRI language task panel improves determination of language dominance., W.D. Gaillard, L. Balsamo, B. Xu, and C. McKinney

Multiagent chemotherapy and deferred radiotherapy in infants with malignant brain tumors: A report from the children's cancer group, J. R. Geyer, R. Sposto, M. Jennings, and J. M. Boyett

Multivariate linear discrimination of seizures, K. K. Jerger, S. L. Weinstein, T. Sauer, and S. J. Schiff

Peripheral neuropathy: the importance of history and examination for correct diagnosis., J.J. Kelly

Lymphoma and peripheral neuropathy: A clinical review, J. J. Kelly and D. S. Karcher

Long-term expression of the human glucocerebrosidase gene in vivo after transplantation of bone-marrow-derived cells transformed with a lentivirus vector, EY Kim, YB Hong, Z Lai, and Y. Cho

Improved intracellular delivery of glucocerebrosidase mediated by the HIV-1 TAT protein transduction domain, OL Kyun, N Luu, CR Kaneski, and R Schiffmann

Cueing hierarchies and word retrieval: A therapy program, Craig W. Linebaugh, Rebecca J. Shisler, and Leslie Lehner

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Phase 1 study of concurrent RMP-7 and carboplatin with radiotherapy for children with newly diagnosed brainstern gliomas, R. J. Packer, M. Krailo, M. Mehta, and K. Warren

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Long-term outcomes of adult survivors of childhood cancer - Results from the childhood cancer survivor study, L. L. Robison, D. M. Green, M. Hudson, and A. T. Meadows

Postural headache in a child with Marfan syndrome: case report and review of the literature. (review), T. Rosser, J. Finkel, G. Vezina, and M. Majd

Cerebrovascular abnormalities in a population of children with neurofibromatosis type 1, T. L. Rosser, G. Vezina, and R. J. Packer

Nerve conduction studies of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve. Implications in the diagnosis of meralgia paresthetica., M.J. Russo, L.B. Firestone, R.N. Mandler, and J.J. Kelly

The N370S (Asn370 ? Ser) mutation affects the capacity of glucosylceramidase to interact with anionic phospholipid-containing membranes and saposin C, R Salvioli, M Tatti, S Scarpa, and SM Moavero

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The basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor Nex-1/Math-2 promotes neuronal survival of PC12 cells by modulating the dynamic expression of anti-apoptotic and cell cycle regulators., M. Uittenbogaard and A. Chiaramello

Submissions from 2004

Safety and tolerability of 500 mcg versus 250 mcg interferon beta-1b: first phase of the BEYOND programme, P. Coyle, B. Arnason, G. Bigley, and D. Goodin

Photosensitive absence epilepsy with myoclonias and heterozygosity for succinic semialdehyde dehydrogenase (SSADH) deficiency, A. Dervent, K. M. Gibson, P. L. Pearl, and G. S. Salomons

Sodium oxybate demostrates long-term efficacy for the treatment of cataplexy in patients with narcolepsy, H.A. Emsellem

Functional MR imaging of language, memory, and sensorimotor cortex, W. D. Gaillard

fMRI language task panel improves determination of language dominance, W. D. Gaillard, L. Balsamo, B. Xu, and C. McKinney

MRI data in comparison of 500 mcg interferon beta-1b with 250 mcg: first phase of the BEYOND programme, D. Jeffery, B. Arnason, G. Bigley, and P. Coyle

The evaluation of peripheral neuropathy. Part I: clinical and laboratory evidence. (Review), J.J. Kelly

Aberrant processing of olfactory signals by the brain - a key to defective cognition in patients with congenital hyposmia, L. M. Levy, S. J. Potolicchio, and R. I. Henkin

Growth factor regulation in human olfactory system function: the role of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TCMS), R. Moharram, S. J. Potolicchio, I. Velicu, and B. M. Martin

Clinical aspects of the disorders of GABA metabolism in children., P.L. Pearl and K.M. Gibson

Current treatment of medulloblastoma: Recent advances and future challenges, B. R. Rood, T. J. MacDonald, and R. J. Packer

VEGF application induces astroglial growth and bFGF production in organotypic cortical explants, J. M. Rosenstein, N. Mani, A. Khaibullina, and G. Tadvalkar

Recovery from near death following cerebral anoxia: a case report demonstrating superiority of median somatosensory evoked potentials over EEG in predicting a favorable outcome after cardiopulmonary resuscitation., T.L. Rothstein

Spontaneous synaptic activity in chick vestibular nucleus neurons during the perinatal period, M. Shao, J. C. Hirsch, C. Giaume, and K. D. Peusner

Epilepsy duration, febrile seizures, and cerebral glucose metabolism, W. H. Theodore, K. Kelley, M. T. Toczek, and W. D. Gaillard

Endocrine outcome in children with medulloblastoma treated with 18 Gy of craniospinal radiation therapy, W. Z. Xu, A. Janss, R. J. Packer, and P. Phillips

Psychological outcomes in long-term survivors of childhood brain cancer: A report from the childhood cancer survivor study, B. J. Zebrack, J. G. Gurney, K. Oeffinger, and J. Whitton

Submissions from 2003

Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS): new tool, new therapy and new hope for ADHD, M. T. Acosta and F. E. Leon-Sarmiento

The use of gene expression analysis to gain insights into signaling mechanisms of metastatic medulloblastoma, A. Chopra, K. M. Brown, B. R. Rood, and R. J. Packer

A randomized, placebo-controlled trial of topiramate in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, M. E. Cudkowicz, J. M. Shefner, D. A. Schoenfeld, and R. H. Brown

PIP2 binding residues of Kir2.1 are common targets of mutations causing Andersen syndrome, M. R. Donaldson, J. L. Jensen, M. Tristani-Firouzi, and R. Tawil

Detection of human herpesvirus-6 in mesial temporal lobe epilepsy surgical brain resections, D. Donati, N. Akhyani, A. Fogdell-Hahn, and C. Cermelli

A 12-month, open-label, multicenter extension trial of orally administered sodium oxybate for the treatment of narcolepsy, H.A. Emsellem

The abrupt cessation of therapeutically administered sodium oxybate (GHB) does not cause withdrawal symptoms, H.A. Emsellem

Randomized placebo-controlled trial of creatine and glutamine in ambulatory Duchenne muscular dystrophy, D. Escolar, G. M. Buyse, E. Henricson, and R. Leshner

CINRG cooperative clinical trials in Duchenne muscular dystrophy: Results of the creatine/glutamine trial, D. M. Escolar, G. Buyse, E. Henricson, and J. Florence

fMRI identifies regional specialization of neural networks for reading in young children, W. D. Gaillard, L. M. Balsamo, Z. Ibrahim, and B. C. Sachs

Developmental aspects of language processing: fMRI of verbal fluency in children and adults, W.D. Gaillard, B.C. Sachs, J.R. Whitnah, and Z. Ahmad

Significant behavioral disturbances in succinic semialdehyde dehydrogenase (SSADH) deficiency (gamma-hydroxybutyric aciduria), K. M. Gibson, M. Gupta, P. L. Pearl, and M. Tuchman

Phase I study of thalidomide for the treatment of plexiform neurofibroma in neurofibromatosis 1, A. Gupta, B. H. Cohen, P. Ruggieri, and R. J. Packer

Murine succinate semialdehyde dehydrogenase deficiency, M. Gupta, B. M. Hogema, M. Grompe, and T. G. Bottiglieri

Endocrine and cardiovascular late effects among adult survivors of childhood brain tumors - Childhood Cancer Survivor Study, J. G. Gurney, N. S. Kadan-Lottick, R. J. Packer, and J. P. Neglia

Practice parameter: Treatment of the child with a first unprovoked seizure - Report of the Quality Standards Subcommittee of the American Academy of Neurology and the Practice Committee of the Child Neurology Society, D. Hirtz, A. Berg, D. Bettis, and C. Camfield

Magnetic resonance spectroscopy of neurotransmitters in human brain, E. J. Novotny, R. K. Fulbright, P. L. Pearl, and K. M. Gibson

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Clinical spectrum of succinic semialdehyde dehydrogenase deficiency., P.L. Pearl, K.M. Gibson, M.T. Acosta, and L.G. Vezina

Succinic semialdehyde dehydrogenase deficiency in children and adults, P. L. Pearl, E. J. Novotny, M. T. Acosta, and C. Jakobs

Succinic semialdehyde dehydrogenase deficiency in children and adults., P.L. Pearl, E.J. Novotny, M.T. Acosta, and C. Jakobs

Decompressive craniectomy in pediatric patients., R.S. Polin, M. Ayad, and J.A. Jane