Submissions from 2005

The MFMU Cesarean Registry: Factors affecting the success of trial of labor after previous cesarean delivery, M. B. Landon, S. Leindecker, C. Y. Spong, J. C. Hauth, and S. Bloom

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Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease in pregnancy complicated by twin gestation and severe preeclampsia: a case report., C.L. Loeffler, C.J. Macri, S.L. Bathgate, L. Freese, and J.W. Larsen

Implementation and evaluation of a genetics curriculum to improve obstetrician-gynecologist residents' knowledge and skills in genetic diagnosis and counseling., C.J. Macri, N.D. Gaba, L.M. Sitzer, L. Freese, and S.L. Bathgate


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The role of testosterone therapy in postmenopausal women: position statement of the north american menopause society., J.L. Shifren, S.R. Davis, L. Dennerstein, J.R. Heiman, and R.A. Lobo


Ultrasound-guided miduterine cavity embryo transfer is associated with a decreased incidence of retained embryos in the transfer catheter, Tali Silberstein, James R. Trimarchi, Rebecca Shackelton, Sherry Weitzen, David Frankfurter, and Shayne Plosker

Does osteopenia warrant treatment?, J.A. Simon

Restoring Sexual Desire After Surgical Menopause: Update on Assessment and Management., J.A. Simon

The role of testosterone in the treatment of hypoactive sexual desire disorder in postmenopausal women., J.A. Simon

Bisphosphonate dosing preferences in women with postmenopausal osteoporosis: a study., J.A. Simon, K.M. Beusterien, A. Hebborn, and N.L. Leidy

Testosterone patch increases sexual activity and desire in surgically menopausal women with hypoactive sexual desire disorder: results of the intimate SM1 study., J.A. Simon, G. Braunstein, L. Nachtigall, W. Utian, and M. Katz

Submissions from 2004


Re: Imatinib mesylate administration in the first 100 days after stem cell transplantation, Paolo Anderlini, Sheetal Sheth, Krystal Hicks, Cindy Ippoliti, Sergio Giralt, and Richard E. Champlin

Frequency of uterine contractions in asymptomatic pregnant women with or without a short cervix on transvaginal ultrasound scan, V. Berghella, J. D. Iams, R. B. Newman, C. MacPherson, and R. L. Goldenberg

A cost-effectiveness evaluation of two continuous-combined hormone therapies for the management of moderate-to-severe vasomotor symptoms, M. F. Botteman, N. P. Shah, J. Lian, C. L. Pashos, and J. A. Simon


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Prophylactic antibiotic administration prior to hysterectomy: A quality improvement initiative, Andrea J. DiLuigi, Jeffrey F. Peipert, Sherry Weitzen, and Roxanne M. Jamshidi

Asthma during pregnancy, M. P. Dombrowski, M. Schatz, R. Wise, V. Momirova, and M. Landon


Assessing ethnicity in preconception counseling: genetics--what nurse practitioners need to know., Quannetta T. Edwards, Diane Seibert, Charles Macri, Carolyn Covington, and Joan Tilghman


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Pimecrolimus for the treatment of vulvar lichen sclerosus - A report of 4 cases, A. T. Goidstein, S. C. Marinoff, and K. Christopher


Digital assessment of the reproductive tract (DART), Roxanne Jamshidi and Paul Blumenthal


Variations in individual physician success rates within an in vitro fertilization program might be due to patient demographics, Sasmira Lalwani, Lorna Timmreck, Ronit Friedman, Alan Penzias, Michael Alper, and Richard H. Reindollar


Variations within an in vitro fertilization program might be caused by patient demographics, Sasmira Lalwani, Lorna Timmreck, Ronit Friedman, Alan Penzias, Michael Alper, and Richard H. Reindollar

Once-weekly alendronate 70 mg and raloxifene 60 mg daily in the treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis, M. Luckey, R. Kagan, S. Greenspan, H. Bone, and R. D. P. Kiel

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Submissions from 2003

Comparison of human papillomavirus genotypes, sexual, and reproductive risk factors of cervical adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma: Northeastern United States, S. F. Altekruse, J. V. Lacey, L. A. Brinton, P. E. Gravitt, and S. G. Silverberg

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Testosterone patches for the treatment of low sexual desire in surgically menopausal women, G. Braunstein, J. Shifren, J. Simon, J. Lucas, and C. Rodenberg

Combined first-trimester versus second-trimester serum screening for Down syndrome: A cost analysis, W. Cusick, P. Buchanan, T. W. Hallahan, D. A. Krantz, and J. W. Larsen

To insure or not to insure: that is the question, D. Frankfurter


The transfer point is a novel measure of embryo placement, David Frankfurter, Celso P. Silva, Francisco Mota, James B. Trimarchi, and David L. Keefe

Using 100% embryo implantation IVF cycles to identify preferred embryo development patterns - morphokinetics, D. Frankfurter, R. Hackett, D. L. Keefe, and J. B. Trimarchi


Risk of death in pregnancy achieved through oocyte donation in patients with Turner syndrome: A national survey, Megan Freebury Karnis, Alison Elizabeth Zimon, Sasmira Indru Lalwani, Lorna Smink Timmreck, Sigal Klipstein, and Richard Henry Reindollar


Prognostic value of embryo quality? [2] (multiple letters), Ralph R. Kazer, David Frankfurter, and David L. Keefe


Normal onset of puberty have definitions of onset changed?, Sasmira Lalwani, Richard H. Reindollar, and Ann J. Davis

Normal onset of puberty: Have definitions of onset changed?, Sasmira Lalwani, Richard H. Reindollar, and Ann J. Davis

Guidelines for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of postoperative infections, J.W. Larsen, W.D. Hager, C.H. Livengood, and U. Hoyme

Role of mobile DNA in the evolution of vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecalis, I. T. Paulsen, L. Banerjei, G. S. A. Myers, K. E. Nelson, and R. Seshadri

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Acupuncture is ineffective for carpal tunnel syndrome, A. Weinstein, J. Pan, P. Richardson, D. Norton, and X. D. Cai

Submissions from 2002

Female androgen insufficiency: the Princeton consensus statement on definition, classification and assessment., G. Bachmann, J. Bancroft, G. Braunstein, H. Burger, and S. Davis

Maternal temperature variation during parturition., M.L. Bartholomew, E. Ashkin, A. Schiffman, and J.W. Larsen


Kinetics and mechanism of substitution reactions between myoglobin and activated self-assembled monolayers investigated using surface plasmon resonance, Alice A. Deckert, Jennifer Lesko, Stephanie Todaro, Margaret Doyle, and Christine Delaney

Morphology of human embryos and apoptosis, as measured by Expression of p53, a protein marker., A.K. Dubey, C. Nater, M.L. Sutherland, D. Peak, and B. Hartog

Management of postmenopausal osteoporosis: position statement of the North American Menopause Society., J.C. Gallagher, B. Ettinger, M.L. Gass, R. Kagan, and B.L. McClung


The need for sickle cell screening among pediatric Latino immigrants, Peter J. Gergen, Charles J. Macri, and Sonia Murrillo

MR imaging of diffuse adenomyosis changes after GnRH analog therapy., I. Imaoka, S.M. Ascher, K. Sugimura, K. Takahashi, and H. Li

Fetal gene therapy via the cerebrospinal fluid using an HSV-1 amplicon cosmid based vector, W. Patino, X.O. Breakefield, J.W. Larsen, A. Kwok, and C. Andry

Safety of anthrax vaccine: a review by the Anthrax Vaccine Expert Committee (AVEC) of adverse events reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)., J.L. Sever, A.I. Brenner, A.D. Gale, J.M. Lyle, and L.H. Moulton


Intestinal helminthes infestation in pregnancy: A case report and literature review, Stuart Shippey, Jason Heaton, Charles Macri, and Christian Macedonia

Estrogen replacement therapy: effects on the endogenous androgen milieu., J.A. Simon

The safety of Estrasorb, a new emulsion technology for systemic delivery of Estradiol., J. Simon, M. Heuer, M. Schear, and D.C. Wright

Maximizing health in menopausal women with disibilities., S.L. Welner, J.A. Simon, and B. Welner

Clinical improvements in oocyte cryopreservation, Jeannine Witmyer

Submissions from 2001

Expression of the alphav integrin adhesion molecule during development of preimplantation human embryos, A.K. Dubey, J.R. Cruz, B. Hartog, and P.R. Gindoff

Surgically induced endometriosis attenuates accrual of bone mineral density in growing rats., R.M. Hearns-Stokes, N.F. Santoro, and J.A. Simon

Estrogen receptor expression in an endometrial stromal sarcoma after tamoxifen therapy, J. B. Liao and J. Y. Lin

El abordaje de la osteoporosis desade la ginecologia, J.A. Simon

Safety of estrogen/androgen regimens, J.A. Simon

Surgically induced Menopause: sexual function issues., J.A. Simon

Safety profile: Transdermal testosterone treatment of women after Oophorectomy., J.A. Simon, N.A. Mazer, and K. Wekselman

Perimenopausal women in estrogen vasomotor trials: contribution to placebo effect and efficacy outcome, J.A. Simon, R.E. Stevens, S.A. Ayres, and K.V. Phelps

Unscheduled bleeding during initiation of continuous combined HRT: a direct comparison of two combinations of norethindrone acetate and ethinyl estradiol to medroxyprogesterone acetate and conjugated equine estrogens., J.A. Simons and Symons


Care of HIV-infected pregnant women in maternal-fetal medicine programs, Peter A. Sklar, Susanne L. Bathgate, Heather A. Young, and David M. Parenti

Late outcome of reoperative coronary revascularization on the beating heart, S.C. Stamou, A.J. Pfister, M.K. Dullum, S.W. Boyce, and A.S. Bafi

Submissions from 2000

Controversies in cardiology: role of HRT in treatment of postmenopausal women with cardiovascular risk factors. Risks and benefits of HRT: a roundtable discussion., R.S. Blumenthal, C.N. Bairey-Merz, and J.A. Simon

Controversies in cardiology: role of HRT in treatment of postmenopausal women with cardiovascular risk factors. Risks and benefits of HRT: a roundtable discussion., R.S. Blumenthal, C.N. Bairey-Merz, and J.A. Simon

Prevention of perinatal group B streptococcal infection: current controversies., W.D. Hager, A. Schuchat, R. Gibbs, R. Sweet, and P. Mead

Group intervention as one facet of a multi-component intervention with high risk mothers and their babies, M. H. Jarrett, L. T. Diamond, and A. El-Mohandes

First-trimester Down syndrome screening using dried blood biochemistry and nuchal translucency., D.A. Krantz, T.W. Hallahan, F. Orlandi, P. Buchanan, and J.W. Larsen

Transdermal testosterone treatment in oophorectomized women with impaired sexual function., J.L. Shifren, G.D. Braunstein, J.A. Simon, P.R. Casson, and G.P. Redmond

Submissions from 1999

Pregnancy-specific glycoprotein gene expression in recurrent aborters: a potential correlation to interleukin-10 expression, L.L. Arnold, T.M. Doherty, A.W. Flor, J.A. Simon, and J.Y. Chou

Impact of genetic counseling on primary and preventive care in obstetrics and gynecology, Gabriel M. Cohn, Richard C. Miller, Margot Gould, Charles J. Macri, and Martin L. Gimovsky

Is blastocyst transfer useful as an alternative treatment for patients with multiple in vitro fertilization failures?, J. R. Cruz, A. K. Dubey, J. Patel, D. Peak, and B. Hartog


Isolated bilateral anophthalmia in a girl with an apparently balanced de novo translocation: 46,XX,t(3;11)(q27;p11.2), Rita W. Driggers, Charles J. Macri, Jeffrey Greenwald, David Carpenter, John Avallone, Patricia N. Howard-Peebles, and Sondra W. Levin

Toxic effect patient's serum on mouse blastocyst., A.K. Dubey


Problems with evidence-based medicine, S. I. Lalwani and D. L. Olive

Successful management of fetal cervical teratoma using the EXIT procedure, M. E. Larsen, J. W. Larsen, S. L. Hamersley, T. P. McBride, and R. S. Bahadori

Simple office form for documentation of pelvic organ prolapse., T.T.M. Lee, T.L. Lyons, and W Winer


Is adrenomedullin a causal agent in some cases of type 2 diabetes?, A. Martínez, T. H. Elsasser, S. J. Bhathena, R. Pío, T. A. Buchanan, C. J. Macri, and F. Cuttitta

Progestogens in the treatment of secondary amenorrhea., J.A. Simon

Differential effects of estrogen-androgen and estrogen-only therapy on vasomotor symptoms, gonadotropin secretion and endogenous androgen bioavailability in postmenopausal women., J.A. Simon, E. Klaider, B. Wiita, A. Bowen, and H.M. Yang


Effect of meconium on the hemoglobin-oxygen association curve, S. S. Stadler, C. J. Macri, J. N. Kopelman, A. Mitchell, P. K. Chakraborty, and A. J. Satin

Submissions from 1998

Comparison of urinary free beta HCG and beta core HCG in prenatal screening for chromosomal abnormalities., T.W. Hallahan, D.A. Krantz, A.E. Tului, P.D. Buchanan, and F. Orlandi

Androgen effects on the Central Nervous System in the Post Menopausal woman., J.R. Plouffe and J.A. Simon

The role of progestogens in the treatment of secondary amenorrhea and postmenopausal bleeding., J.A. Simon

Effects of progestins and progesterone on CNS function., J.A. Simon, G. Kay, and C. Eberle