Submissions from 2009

Academic motivation and self-regulation: A comparative analysis of undergraduate and graduate students learning online, Anthony R. Artino and Jason M. Stephens

Beyond Grades in Online Learning: Adaptive Profiles of Academic Self-Regulation Among Naval Academy Undergraduates, Anthony R. Artino and Jason M. Stephens


Physical demand levels in individuals completing a sports performance-based work conditioning/hardening program after lumbar fusion., Keith Cole, Matt Kruger, Dylan Bates, Greg Steil, and Mike Zbreski

How to bathe a person with dementia: An evidence based guide, Ellen Costello and M. Corcoran

Commentary: On regulation and medical education: Sociology, learning, and accountability, Steven J. Durning, Anthony R. Artino, and Eric Holmboe

The impact of pass/fail grading [2], Steven J. Durning, Anthony R. Artino, and Eric Holmboe


The effects of a twelve-week home walking program on cardiovascular parameters and fatigue perception of individuals with multiple sclerosis: a pilot study., E Lynne Geddes, Ellen Costello, K Raivel, and R Wilson

Wiki and threaded discussion for online collaborative activities: Students' perceptions and use, Andri Ioannou and Anthony R. Artino

Submissions from 2008

Motivational beliefs and perceptions of instructional quality: Predicting satisfaction with online training, Anthony R. Artino

Promoting academic motivation and self-regulation: Practical guidelines for online instructors, Anthony R. Artino

Development and initial validation of the online learning value and self-efficacy scale, Anthony R. Artino and D. Betsy McCoach


Update on falls prevention for community-dwelling older adults: review of single and multifactorial intervention programs, Ellen Costello and Joan E. Edelstein


Assessing Reflection and Higher-order Thinking in the Clinical Setting Using Electronic Discussion Threads, Heidi Dunfee, Aaron Rindflesch, Maryanne Driscoll, John Hollman, and Margaret M. Plack


Toward a definition of pharmaceutical innovation, Steven Morgan, Ruth Lopert, and Devon Greyson


Virtual Action Learning Sets: A Model for Facilitating Reflection in the Clinical Setting, Margaret Plack, Heidi Dunfree, Aaron Rindflesch, and Maryanne Driscoll

The effectiveness of manual physical therapy and exercise for mechanical neck pain: A randomized clinical trial, Michael J. Walker, Robert E. Boyles, Brian A. Young, Joseph B. Strunce, Matthew B. Garber, Julie M. Whitman, Gail Deyle, and Robert S. Wainner

Submissions from 2006

Mask-on hypoxia training for tactical jet aviators: Evaluation of an alternate instructional paradigm, Anthony R. Artino, Richard V. Folga, and Brian D. Swan

Fracture Management, J Cleland and Matthew B. Garber

Bony and Soft Tissue Surgery, J. Cleland and Matthew B. Garber


Feedback-controlled stimulation enhances human paralyzed muscle performance., Richard K Shields, Shauna Dudley-Javoroski, and Keith R. Cole

A comparison between two physical therapy treatment programs for patients with lumbar spinal stenosis: A randomized clinical trial, Julie M. Whitman, Timothy W. Flynn, John D. Childs, Robert S. Wainner, Howard E. Gill, Michael G. Ryder, Matthew B. Garber, Andrew C. Bennett, and Julie M. Fritz

Submissions from 2005


Long-Term Reliability of the Timed Up-and-Go Test among Community-Dwelling Elders, Richard W. Bohannon and Karen Schaubert


Test-retest reliability of grip-strength measures obtained over a 12-week interval from community-dwelling elders., Richard W. Bohannon and Karen L. Schaubert

Physical therapy treatment effectiveness for osteoarthritis of the knee: A randomized comparison of supervised clinical exercise and manual therapy procedures versus a home exercise program, Gail D. Deyle, Stephen C. Allison, Robert L. Matekel, Michael G. Ryder, John M. Stang, David D. Gohdes, Jeremy P. Hutton, Nancy E. Henderson, and Matthew B. Garber

Diagnostic imaging and differential diagnosis in 2 case reports, Matthew B. Garber


The reflective practitioner: reaching for excellence in practice., Margaret M. Plack and Larrie Greenberg


Reliability of the sit-to-stand test over dispersed test sessions, Karen Schaubert and Richard Bohannon


Reliability and validity of three strength measures obtained from community-dwelling elderly persons., Karen L. Schaubert and Richard W. Bohannon


Sustained muscle activity minimally influences dynamic position sense of the ankle., Richard K Shields, Sangeetha Madhavan, and Keith Cole


Proprioceptive coordination of movement sequences in humans., Richard K Shields, Sangeetha Madhavan, Keith R. Cole, Jared D Brostad, Jeanne L Demeulenaere, Christopher D Eggers, and Patrick H Otten

Submissions from 2004

Training the fleet to survive--new initiatives in Naval Aviation Survival Training., Anthony Artino and Michael Prevost


What are the effects, if any, of lower-extremity strength training on gait in children with cerebral palsy?, Wendy S. Pippenger and David A. Scalzitti


Reflective practice: A model to enhance professional behaviors, integration and critical thinking within a case studies classroom experience, Margaret Plack and Anita Santasier

Submissions from 2003


Because of the risk of developing heterotopic ossification, are passive range of motion exercises contraindicated following traumatic injuries?, David A. Scalzitti

Submissions from 2002

A clinical prediction rule for classifying patients with low back pain who demonstrate short-term improvement with spinal manipulation, Timothy Flynn, Julie Fritz, Julie Whitman, Robert Wainner, Jake Magel, Daniel Rendeiro, Barbara Butler, Matthew Garber, and Stephen Allison


The Evolution of the Doctorate of Physical Therapy: Moving Beyond the Controversy, Margaret Plack and Christopher Kevin Wong


Does exercise during hospitalization after stem cell transplantation decrease reports of fatigue and reduce the duration of the hospital stay?, David A. Scalzitti and Cynthia Sternisha

Submissions from 2000

Effectiveness of manual physical therapy and exercise in osteoarthritis of the knee: A randomized, controlled trial, Gail D. Deyle, Nancy E. Henderson, Robert L. Matekel, Michael G. Ryder, Matthew B. Garber, and Stephen C. Allison


Computer-Assisted Instruction Versus Traditional Instruction in Teaching Human Gross Anatomy, Margaret Plack

Submissions from 1997


Screening for psychological factors in patients with low back problems: Waddell's nonorganic signs., David A. Scalzitti