Submissions from 2000

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Infant sleep position policies in licensed child care centers after Back to Sleep campaign., R.Y. Moon and W.M. Biliter

Let's go shopping: a tool for pediatric resident education, R.Y. Moon and B.A. Gitterman

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Ocular injuries from paintball, M.A. Otto, A.D. DePiero, B.L. Klein, and M.S. Jaafar

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Pediatric oncology nursing in cooperative group clinical trials comes of age, Kathy Ruccione and Kathy P. Kelly

A minimal ankyrin promoter linked to a human γ-globin gene demonstrates erythroid specific copy number dependent expression with minimal position or enhancer dependence in transgenic mice, Denise E. Sabatino, Clara Wong, Amanda P. Cline, Louise Pyle, Lisa J. Garrett, Patrick G. Gallagher, and David M. Bodine

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Decreases in asthma mortality in the United States, R.M. Sly

Immunophilins:their properties and their potential role in therapeutic drug monitoring., S.J. Soldin

Evaluation of the Abbott PCx (R) point of care glucose analyzer in a pediatric hospital., S.J. Soldin, P.D. Devairakkam, and P.K. Aagarwalla

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Inhaled corticosteroids in childhood asthma: growing concerns., K.B.A. Witzmann and R.J. Fink

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Submissions from 1999

Injury surveillance in a pediatric emergency department, T. A. Adirim, J. L. Wright, E. Lee, T. A. Lomax, and J. M. Chamberlain

Long-term genetic and reproductive effects of ionizing radiation and chemotherapeutic agents on cancer patients and their offspring, J. Byrne

Stroke after zoster ophthalmicus in a 12-year-old girl with protein C deficiency, D. Cadavid, P. L. Pearl, E. C. Dubovsky, A. Angiolillo, and L. G. Vezina

Use of the laboratory information system to improve the quality and reduce the cost of microbiology testing, J. M. Campos

Vancomycin-resistant enterococcus faecium colonization in children, J. M. Campos

Determinants of counseling in primary care pediatric practice: physician attitudes about time, money, and health issues, T. L. Cheng, T. G. DeWitt, J. A. Savageau, and KG O'Connor

A new paradigm of injury intentionality, T. L. Cheng, J. L. Wright, C. B. Fields, R. A. Brenner, and D. Schwarz

The epidural dorsomedian septum as a possible cause for unilateral anaesthesia in an infant, J. C. Finkel

Radiologic changes in infancy in McKusick cartilage hair hypoplasia, R. B. Glass and C. J. Tifft

Communicating bad news: a pediatric department's evaluation of a simulated intervention, L. W. Greenberg, D. Ochsenschlager, R. O'Donnell, J. Mastruserio, and G. J. Cohen

Teaching telephone management skills to pediatric residents in a pilot program using a standardized patient, L. W. Greenberg, F. Pedreira, P. Getson, and C. Brasseux

Up-regulation of Duffy antigen receptor expression in children with renal disease, X. H. Liu, T. J. Hadley, L. Xu, S. C. Peiper, and P. E. Ray

Blood transfusion in premature or young infants with polyagglutination and activation of the t antigen, N. L. C. Luban

Red blood cell transfusions in the newborn, N.L.C. Luban

Tumor gangliosides inhibit the tumor-specific immune response, R. McKallip, R. Li, and S. Ladisch

End-stage renal disease in two pediatric patients with Fechtner syndrome, M. M. Moxey-Mims, G. Young, A. Silverman, D. M. Selby, and J. G. White

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Prone infant sleeping despite the "Back to Sleep" campaign, M. C. Ottolini, B. E. Davis, K. Patel, H. C. Sachs, and N. B. Gershon

Brain tumors in children, R. J. Packer

Expanding the physician's role in pediatric environmental health, J.A. Paulson, R.J. Jackson, and D. Sussman

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Bacterial infections in infants 60 days and younger: epidemiology, resistance, and implications for treatment, K. B. Sadow, R. Derr, and S. J. Teach

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Chloramphenicol, M. R. Sills and D. Boenning

Pediatric reference rangs for creatine kinase ckmb, troponin 1, iron, and cortisol, S. J. Soldin

Free drug measurements: when and why? an overview, S.J. Soldin

The effect of gestational age, birth weight, and disease on troponin i and creatine kinase mb in the first year of life, S.J. Soldin

Unravelling sleep problems in treated and untreated children with ADHD, M. A. Stein

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Physical mapping of the Rippling muscle disease locus., D.A. Stephan and E.P. Hoffman

Characteristics of mothers of boys who sexually abuse., J. Stevenson and D. Skuse

Incidence of bacteremia, urinary tract infections, and unsuspected bacterial meningitis in children with febrile seizures, S. J. Teach and P. A. Geil

Human herpesviruses types 6 and 7 and febrile seizures, S. J. Teach, H. L. Wallace, M. J. Evans, P. K. Duffner, and J. Hay

Family functioning, neurocognitive functioning, and behavior problems in children with sickle cell disease, R.J. Thompson, F.D. Armstrong, W.G. Kronenberger, D. Scott, and M.A. McCabe

Ultrasound-guided internal jugular venous cannulation in infants: a prospective comparison with the traditional palpation method, S. T. Verghese, W. A. McGill, R. I. Patel, J. E. Sell, and F. M. Midgley

Heat shock protein 90 is involved in pulsatile flow-induced dilation of rat middle cerebral artery, M. Viswanathan, O. Rivera, and B. L. Short

Update on hepatitis C for the general pediatrician, B. L. Wiedermann

Prothrombin G20210A mutation in a child with spinal cord infarction, G. Young, K. A. Krohn, and R. J. Packer

Sebastian syndrome: case report and review of the literature, G. Young, N. L. Luban, and J. G. White

Giant platelet disorders in African-American children misdiagnosed as idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, G. Young, N. Luban, and J. G. White

Submissions from 1998

Adult height in children with growth hormone deficiency who are treated with biosynthetic growth hormone: the National Cooperative Growth Study experience, G. P. August, J. R. Julius, and S. L. Blethen

Futility considerations in the neonatal intensive care unit, G. B. Avery

Cardiovascular complications adversely affect survival during extracorporeal membrane oxygenation [see comments], J. A. Becker, B. L. Short, and G. R. Martin

Epstein-Barr virus DNA in the blood of infants, young children, and adults by age and HIV status, C.D. Brandt, A.V. Sison, T.A. Rakusan, E.S. Saxena, and T.E. Kaufman

The changing pattern of substance abuse in urban adolescents, C. Brasseux, L. J. D'Angelo, M Guagliardo, and J. Hicks

Genetic disease in offspring of long-term survivors of childhood and adolescent cancer [see comments], J. Byrne, S. A. Rasmussen, S. C. Steinhorn, R. R. Connelly, and M. H. Myers

Echocardiographic evidence for a ductal tissue sling causing discrete coarctation of the aorta in the neonate: case report, P. F. Callahan, E. S. Quivers, L. M. Bradley, J. E. Sell, and G. R. Martin

Pediatric risk of admission (PRISA): a measure of severity of illness for assessing the risk of hospitalization from the emergency department, J. M. Chamberlain, K. M. Patel, U. E. Ruttimann, and M. M. Pollack

Attachment and feeding problems: a reexamination of nonorganic failure to thrive and attachment insecurity, I. Chatoor, J. Ganiban, V. Colin, N. Plummer, and R. J. Harmon

The acidic domain of pUL37x1 and gpUL37 plays a key role in transactivation of HCMV DNA replication gene promoter constructions, A. M. Colberg-Poley, L. Huang, V. E. Soltero, A. C. Iskenderian, and R. F. Schumacher

Risk of abuse of diphenhydramine in children and adolescents with chronic illnesses, P. A. Dinndorf, M. A. McCabe, and S. Frierdich

Familial occurrence of congenital aneurysm of the muscular interventricular septum, H. Eriksson, S. M. Cooper, K. N. Rosenbaum, and R. N. Ruckman

Pattern of neuropsychological deficit at age five years following neonatal unilateral brain injury, P. Glass, D. I. Bulas, A. E. Wagner, S. R. Rajasingham, and L. A. Civitello

Hemodynamic effects of high-frequency oscillatory ventilation in children, A. M. Goodman and M. M. Pollack

Prospective, randomized study of the efficacy of Mepitel on children with partial-thickness scalds, C. S. Gotschall, M. I. Morrison, and M. R. Eichelberger

Prolonged oral acyclovir administration associated with neutropenia and thrombocytopenia, M. Grella, J. R. Ofosu, and B. L. Klein

Treatment of diencephalic syndrome with chemotherapy: growth, tumor response, and long term control, A. L. Gropman, R. J. Packer, H. S. Nicholson, L. G. Vezina, and R. Jakacki

Increased drug use among old-for-grade and dropout urban adolescents, M.F. Guagliardo, Z. Huang, J. Hicks, and L D'Angelo

Late complication after single-rod instrumentation, R. S. Hatch, P. F. Sturm, and C. C. Wellborn

Preparing for the Millennium, J.M. Hicks

Studying clinical decision making by patients, parents, and health care providers in pediatric oncology., P. S. Hinds and K. P. Kelly

Successful therapy of refractory graft versus host disease with tacrolimus and Psoralen plus ultraviolet light, R. F. Jubran and P. A. Dinndorf

Metabolic and molecular bases of Menkes disease and occipital horn syndrome, S.G. Kaler

Current status of solvent/detergent-treated frozen plasma, H.G. Klein, R.Y. Dodd, Dzik W.H., and N.L. Luban

Langerhans cell histiocytosis, S. Ladisch

PCR detection of human cytomegalovirus DNA in clinical specimens using novel UL37 exon 3 and US3 primers, M. M. Lesperance, D. G. Contopoulos-Loannidis, M. del Pilar Gutierrez, and A. M. Colberg-Poley

Nerve growth factor-induced neurite formation in PC12 cells is independent of endogenous cellular gangliosides, R. Li, Y. Kong, and S. Ladisch