Submissions from 2002

The care of my child with cancer: A new instrument to measure caregiving demand in parents of children with cancer, Diane Keegan Wells, Kelly James, Janet L. Stewart, Ida M. Moore, Katherine Patterson Kelly, Barbara Moore, Dana Bond, Joy Diamond, Brenda Hall, Rosemary Mahan, Lona Roll, and Beth Speckhart

Pediatric trauma: postinjury care in the pediatric intensive care unit, J.R. White and H.J. Dalton

Access to health care: health insurance considerations for young adults with special health care needs/disabilities, P.H. White

Transition: a future promise for children and adolescents with special health care needs and disabilities, P.H. White

Adenovirus-mediated gene transfer to renal glomeruli in rodents, X. Ye, M. Jerebtsova, X.H. Liu, Z. Li, and P.E. Ray

Amebiasis, J. Yost

Slug is a novel downstream target of MyoD. Temporal profiling in muscle regeneration, P. Zhao, S. Iezzi, E. Carver, D. Dressman, and T. Gridley

Submissions from 2001

Assessing an educational intervention to improve physician violence screening skills, A. Abraham, T.L. Cheng, J.L. Wright, I. Addlestone, and Z. Huang

A 20-year perspective on the changing use of hand over mouth (HOM) and restraint in postdoctoral pediatric dental education, G. Acs, G. Hersch, R.D. Testen, and M.W. Ng

Perceived outcomes and parental satisfaction following dental rehabilitation under general anesthesia, G. Acs, S. Pretzer, M. Foley, and M.W. Ng

Pulmonary artery sling with unresponsive hypercarbia necessitating extracorporeal membrane oxygenation support, A.M. Ades, D. Powell, F. Midgely, C. Sable, and L. Scavo

Hepatosplenomegaly and pulmonary infiltrates in an infant, L.J. Akinbami, D.M. Selby, and A.D. Slonim


Recent Progress in the Identification of the X-Linked Infantile Spinal Muscular Atrophy (, L L Baumbach, D Dressman, H Basterrechea, M E Ahearn, N T Bech-Hansen, R D Clark, A Meind, and E Hoffman

Prevalence of Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae infection in pediatric private practice., D. Best, C.A. Ford, and W.C. Miller

Trends in periconceptional folic acid use by relatives in Irish families with neural tube defects, J Byrne, C Byrne, and D Collins

MYO1F as a candidate gene for nonsyndromic deafness, DFNB15, A.H. Chen, D.A. Stephan, T. Hasson, K. Fukushima, and C.M. Nelissen

Clinical characteristics of non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus among southwestern American Indian youths, D.A. Coddington and J.J. Hisnanick

Meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials on the comparative efficacy and safety of azithromycin against other antibiotics for lower respiratory tract infections, D.G. Contopoulos-Ioannidis, J.P. Ioannidis, P. Chew, and J. Lau

Pathways for inappropriate dispensing of antibiotics for rhinosinusitis: a randomized trial, D.G. Contopoulos-Ioannidis, I.D. Koliofoti, I.C. Koutroumpa, I.A. Giannakakis, and J.P. Ioannidis

Tree-dimensional imaging of atrial septal occlusion device, R.R. Cross, C.A. Sable, M.C. Slack, and G.R. Martin

Disclosure of serostatus by HIV infected youth: the experience of the REACH study. Reaching for Excellence in Adolescent Care and Health, L.J. D'Angelo, S.E. Abdalian, M. Sarr, N. Hoffman, and M. Belzer

The spectrum of heterotopic gastric mucosa in children detected by Tc-99m pertechnetate scintigraphy., S.A. Emamian, E. Shalaby-Rana, and M. Majd

Closing the innovative loop: moving from the lab to the shop floor in biotechnology manufacturing, M.P. Feldman and C.R. Ronzio

Pediatric asthma: "Real world" measures of effectiveness, R.J. Fink

The pediatric forum: confidentiality and adolescents' willingness to consent to sexually transmitted disease testing., C.A. Ford, D. Best, and W.C. Miller

A developmental approach to pediatric environmental health., B.A. Gitterman and C.F. Bearer

The ABC's of limb-girdle muscular dystrophy: alpha-sarcoglycanopathy, Bethlem myopathy, calpainopathy and more., E.S. Gordon and E.P. Hoffman

Osteoporosis in survivors of acute lymphoblastic leukemia., T.B. Haddy, R.B. Mosher, and G.H. Reaman

The sequence and antiapoptotic functional domains of the human cytomegalovirus UL37 exon 1 immediate early protein are conserved in multiple primary strains., W.A. Hayajneh, A.M. Colberg-Poley, A. Skaletskaya, L.M. Bartle, and M.M. Lesperance

The carboxyl terminus of the human cytomegalovirus UL37 immediate-early glycoprotein is conserved in primary strains and is important for transactivation., W.A. Hayajneh, D.G. Contopoulos-Ioannidis, M.M. Lesperance, A.M. Venegas, and A.M. Colberg-Poley

Q&A: Blood volumes needed for common tests., J.M. Hicks

Recommendations and opinions for the use of point-of-care testing for hospitals and primary care: summary of a 1999 symposium., J.M. Hicks, R. Haekel, C.P. Price, K. Lewandrowski, and A.H.B. Wu

Molecular pathophysiology and targeted therapeutics for muscular dystrophy., E.P. Hoffman and D. Dressman

Patient care guidelines and pediatric infectious diseases., E. Ibia and J. Joseph

Meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials on the comparative efficacy and safety of azithromycin against other antibiotics for upper respiratory tract infections, J.P. Ioannidis, D.G. Contopoulos-Ioannidis, P. Chew, and J. Lau

Comparison of evidence of treatment effects in randomized and nonrandomized studies, J.P. Ioannidis, A.B. Haidich, M. Pappa, N. Pantazis, and S.I. Kokori

Replication validity of genetic association studies, J.P. Ioannidis, E.E. Ntzani, T.A. Trikalinos, and D.G. Contopoulos-Ioannidis

Enhanced survival in Sandhoff disease mice receiving a combination of substrate deprivation therapy and bone marrow transplantation, M. Jeyakumar, F. Norflus, C.J. Tifft, M. Cortina-Borja, and T.D. Butters

Severe autosomal recessive rippling muscle disease, R.L. Koul, R.P. Chand, A. Chacko, M. Ali, and K.M. Brown

Mutations of the cardiac ryanodine receptor (RyR2) gene in familial polymorphic ventricular tachycardia., P.J. Laitinen, K.M. Brown, K. Piippo, H. Swan, and J.M. Devaney

Grtp1, a novel gene regulated by growth hormone, C. Lu, J. Kasik, D.A. Stephan, S. Yang, and M.A. Sperling

The use of a bioactive skin substitute decreases length of stay for pediatric burn patients, J.R. Lukish, M.R. Eichelberger, K.D. Newman, M. Pao, and K. Nobuhara

The use of a bioactive skin substitute decreases length of stay for pediatric burn patients., J.R. Lukish, M.R. Eichelberger, K.D. Newman, M. Pao, and K. Nobuhara

Expression profiling of medulloblastoma: PDGFRA and the RAS/MAPK pathway as therapeutic targets for metastatic disease., T.J. MacDonald, K.M. Brown, B. LaFleur, K. Peterson, and C. Lawlor

A simple and rapid magnetic bead separation technique for the isolation of tetramer-positive virus-specific CD8 T cells, A.B. McDermott, H.M. Spiegel, J. Irsch, G.S. Ogg, and D.F. Nixon

Identification and characterization of a novel transcript of the murine growth hormone receptor gene exhibiting development- and tissue-specific expression., R.K. Menon, A. Shaufl, J.H. Yu, D.A. Stephan, and R.P. Friday

Low factor VIII recovery in haemophilia A patients without inhibitor titre is not due to the presence of anti-factor VIII antibodies undetectable by the Bethesda assay., W. Mondorf, J. Klinge, N.L. Luban, G. Bray, and E. Saenko

Seven-year-old Indian girl with fever and cervical lymphadenitis. Kikuchi-Fujimoto disease, S. Nambiar, R.S. Chandra, R.H. Schwartz, and B.A. Jantausch

Parental preferences in the management of vesicoureteral reflux., K. Ogan, H.G. Pohl, D. Carlson, A.B. Belman, and H.G. Rushton

Reporting of conflicts of interest in guidelines of preventive and therapeutic interventions, G.N. Papanikolaou, M.S. Baltogianni, D.G. Contopoulos-Ioannidis, A.B. Haidich, and I.A. Giannakakis

Early diuresis renogram findings predict success following pyeloplasty, H.G. Pohl, H.G. Rushton, J.S. Park, A.B. Belman, and M. Majd

Eating disorders in children. Diagnosis and age-specific treatment., A.S. Robb

Airway mucus obstruction: mucin glycoproteins, MUC gene regulation and goblet cell hyperplasia., M.C. Rose, T.J. Nickola, and J.A. Voynow

Rotary Internationl: a partner in polio eradication. [Brown F.(ed): Progress in polio eradication: vaccine strategies for the end game.], J.L. Sever

(99m)Tc-MDP scintigraphic findings in children with leukemia: value of early and delayed whole-body imaging, E. Shalaby-Rana and M. Majd

Characterization of cross reactivity by carbamazepine 10, 11-epoxide with carbamazepine assays., S. Shen, R.J. Elin, and S.J. Soldin

Crystallization and preliminary X-ray crystallographic studies of wild-type human ornithine transcarbamylase and two naturally occurring mutants at position 277, D. Shi, H. Morizono, X. Yu, L. Tong, and N.M. Allewell

Human ornithine transcarbamylase: crystallographic insights into substrate recognition and conformational changes, D. Shi, H. Morizono, X. Yu, L. Tong, and N.M. Allewell

Ethics in pediatric research: who needs it?, T.J. Silber

Cloning and characterization of 13 novel transcripts and the human RGS8 gene from the 1q25 region encompassing the hereditary prostate cancer (HPC1) locus., R. Sood, T.I. Bonner, I. Makalowska, D.A. Stephan, and C.M. Robbins

Prognostic factors and secondary malignancies in childhood medulloblastoma, T. Stavrou, C.M. Bromley, H.S. Nicholson, J. Byrne, and R.J. Packer

An evaluation of analytic goals for assays of drugs. A college of American pathologists therapeutic drug monitoring survey study., B.W. Steele, E. Wang, G.E. Palomaki, G.G. Klee, and R.J. Elin

Sleep and behavior problems in school-aged children., M.A. Stein, J. Mendelsohn, W.H. Obermeyer, J. Amromin, and R. Benca

Positional cloning utilizing genomic DNA microarrays: Niemann-Pick Type C disease as a model system., D.A. Stephan, Y. Chen, Y. Jiang, L. Malechek, and J.Z. Gu

Detection of P-glycoprotein in cell lines and leukemic blasts: failure of select monoclonal antibodies to detect clinically significant Pgp levels in primary cells, B.J. Taylor, D.P. Olson, and S.P. Ivy

Identification of mutations in the cardiac ryanodine receptor gene in families affected with arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy type 2 (ARVD2)., N. Tiso, D.A. Stephan, A. Nava, A. Bagattin, and J.M. Devaney

Direct ex vivo measurement of CD8(+) T-lymphocyte responses to human parvovirus B19., T. Tolfvenstam, A. Oxenius, D.A. Price, B.L. Shacklett, and H.M. Spiegel

Simultaneous simple and fast quantification of three major immunosuppressants by liquid chromatography--tandem mass-spectrometry, A. Volosov, K.L. Napoli, and S.J. Soldin

Predictors of outcome in severely head-injured children, J.R. White, Z. Farukhi, C. Bull, J. Christensen, and T. Gordon

Prospects for prenatal gene therapy in disorders causing mental retardation., X. Ye, M. Mitchell, K. Newman, and M.L. Batshaw

Differences in the human and mouse amino-terminal leader peptides of ornithine transcarbamylase affect mitochondrial import and efficacy of adenoviral vectors, X. Ye, K.P. Zimmer, R. Brown, C. Pabin, and M.L. Batshaw

Quantification of Benzoic, Phenylacetic, and Phenylbutyric acids from filter-paper blood spots by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry with stable isotope dilution, X. Yu, M.M. Thompson, D. Shi, and M. Tuchman

Submissions from 2000

Expression of wild-type and mutant human ornithine transcarbamylase genes in Chinese hamster ovary cells and lack of dominant negative effect of R141Q and R40H mutants., L. Augustin, M. Mavinakere, H. Morizono, and M. Tuchman

When academic performance is higher than WISC-III IQs, is the sequential-processing model of intelligence the preferred approach to assessment?, A.S. Bloom

Prevalence of Mullerian Duct anomalies detected at ultrasound., J. Byrne, A. Nussbaum-Blask, W.S. Taylor, A. Rubin, and M. Hill

Nosocomial enterococcal infections in children, J. M. Campos

Microbiology laboratory informatics, Joseph M Campos

A 6-Mb High-Resolution Physical and Transcription Map Encompassing the Hereditary Prostate Cancer 1 (HPC1) Region, J.D. Carpten, I. Makalowska, C.M. Robbins, N. Scott, and R. Sood

Teaching prevention in pediatrics., T. L. Cheng, L. Greenberg, H. Loeser, and D. Keller

Expression profiling in the muscular dystrophies: identification of novel aspects of molecular pathophysiology., Y.W. Chen, P. Zhao, R. Borup, and E.P. Hoffman

Changing trends in neonatal subglottic stenosis, S.S. Choi and G.H. Zalzal

Human cytomegalovirus UL37 immediate-early regulatory proteins traffic through the secretory apparatus and to mitochondria, A.M. Colberg-Poley, M.B. Patel, D.P. Erezo, and J.E. Slater

Minor immunophilin binding of tacrolimus and sirolimus metabolites, D.L. Davis, J.N. Murthy, H. Gallant-Haidner, R.W. Yatscoff, and S.J. Soldin

Comparsion of steady-state trough sirolimus samples by HPLC and a radioreceptor assay, D.L. Davis, J.N. Murthy, K.L. Napoli, B.D. Kahan, and H. Gallant-Haidner

Biochemical characterization of the minor immunophilins, D.L. Davis, J.N. Murthy, and S.J. Soldin

An immunophilin-binding assay for sirolimus, D.L. Davis and S.J. Soldin

Identification of Ubiquitin as an Immunophilin, D.L. Davis and S.J. Soldin

Lack of definitive severe mitochondrial signs and symptoms among deceased HIV-uninfected and HIV-indeterminate children < or = 5 years of age, Pediatric Spectrum of HIV Disease project (PSD), USA., K. Dominguez, J. Bertolli, M. Fowler, V. Peters, and I. Ortiz

Government as God: an update on federal intervention in the treatment of critically ill newborns, D. K. Fine

Inhaled Corticosteroids in Childhood Asthma: Growing Concerns, R. J. Fink and K. A. Witzmann

Human immunodeficiency virus-infected adolescents: a descriptive study of older children in New York City, Los Angeles County, Massachusetts and Washington, DC., T. Frederick, P. Thomas, L. Mascola, H.W. Hsu, and T. Rakusan

Association between HIV in pregnancy and antiretroviral therapy, including protease inhibitors and low birth weight infants., P.J. Goldstein, R. Smit, M. Stevens, and J.L. Sever

Survival in children with perinatal HIV infection and very low CD4 lymphocyte counts., H.W. Hsu, S. Pelton, J.M. Williamson, P. Thomas, and L. Mascola

Group intervention as one facet of a multi-component intervention with high risk mothers and their babies, M. H. Jarrett, L. T. Diamond, and A. El-Mohandes

Somatic deletions in hereditary breast cancers implicate 13q21 as a putative novel breast cancer susceptibility locus., T. Kainu, S.H. Juo, R. Desper, A.A. Schaffer, and E. Gillanders

Immune reconstitution following autologous purged bone marrow transplantation in children., N. Kamani, A. Kattamis, A. Carroll, D.C. Campbell, and N. Bunin

Chronic granulomatous disease and other disorders of neutrophil function., N.R. Kamani and A.J. Infante

Identification, chromosomal mapping, and partial characterization of mouse InsI6: a new member of the insulin family., J. Kasik, L. Muglia, D.A. Stephan, and R.K. Menon

Acute lymphocytic leukemia in children. A medical success story., K. P. Kelly

Clinical heterogeneity in mitochondrial DNA deletion disorders: a diagnostic challenge of Pearson syndrome, F. Lacbawan, C.J. Tifft, N.L.C. Luban, S.M. Schmandt, and M. Guerrera