Submissions from 2011

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Submissions from 2010

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Submissions from 2009

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Submissions from 2008

The expanding role of the nephrologist in the intensive care unit, L. S. Chawla

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Submissions from 2007

Pheumocephalus in an infant with Ohtahara syndrome--a case report, C. Abdallah and B. McMillan

Pseudocholinesterase activity: determination and interpretation in pediatric anesthesia, C. Abdallah and D. Udomtecha

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Submissions from 2006

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Submissions from 2005

Modification of continuous venovenous hemodiafiltration with single-pass albumin dialysate allows for removal of serum bilirubin, L. S. Chawla, F. Georgescu, B. Abell, M. G. Seneff, and P. L. Kimmel

Ondansetron oral disintegrating tablets: Acceptability and efficacy in children undergoing adenotonsillectomy, I. T. Cohen, D. Joffe, K. Hummer, and A. Soluri

Ondansetron oral disintegrating tablets: acceptability and efficacy in children undergoing adenotonsillectomy., I.T. Cohen, D. Joffe, K. Hummer, and A. Soluri

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How to avoid last-minute cancellation, R.S. Hannallah

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A randomized controlled trial to evaluate S-Caine patch for reducing pain associated with vascular access in children., N.F. Sethna, S.T. Verghese, R.S. Hannallah, J.C. Solodiuk, and D. Zurakowski

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