Submissions from 1989

Retinyl acetate–induced arthritis in C3H‐Avy mice, Scott D. Boden, Panos A. Labropoulos, Bruce D. Ragsdal, Pietro M. Gullino, and Lynn H. Gerber

Mechanical considerations for the syndesmosis screw. A cadaver study, S. D. Boden, P. A. Labropoulos, P. McCowin, W. F. Lestini, and S. R. Hurwitz

Mycobacterial infections, S. F. Gunther and C. S. Levy

Efficacy of cortisone injection in treatment of trigger fingers and thumbs, Michael R. Marks and Stephen F. Gunther

Submissions from 1988

The effect of cryosurgery and polymethylmethacrylate in dogs with experimental bone defects comparable to tumor defects, M. M. Malawer, M. R. Marks, D. McChesney, M. Piasio, S. F. Gunther, and B. M. Schmookler

Submissions from 1987

When does mass screening for open neural tube defects in low-risk pregnancies result in cost savings?, L. L. Tosi, A. S. Detsky, D. P. Roye, and M. L. Morden

Submissions from 1986

Multiple flexor tendon xanthomas and contractures in the hands of a child with familial hypercholesterolemia, Stephen F. Gunther, Andrew G. Gunther, Jeffrey M. Hoeg, and Howard S. Kruth

Submissions from 1985

The embedded ring. Case report and review of the literature, T. B. Fleeter and S. F. Gunther

Dorsal wrist pain and the occult scapholunate ganglion, Stephen Flack Gunther

Submissions from 1984

A new technique for obtaining iliac bone grafts, George L. Grillon, Stephen F. Gunther, and Peter W. Connole

Submissions from 1982

Irreducible palmar dislocation of the proximal phalanx of the thumb—Case report, Stephen Flack Gunther and Christopher Joseph Zielinski

Hematogenous Serratia marcescens osteomyelitis of the carpal scaphoid from an indwelling radial artery catheter, Eric L. Knutson, Charles S. Levy, James A. Curtin, Harold Allen, and Stephen F. Gunther

Kienböck's disease—Update on silicone replacement arthroplasty, David M. Lichtman, A. Herbert Alexander, Gregory R. Mack, and Stephen F. Gunther

Cranial-nerve palsies complicating Jefferson fracture. A case report, C. J. Zielinaski, S. F. Gunther, and Z. Deeb

Submissions from 1981

Retinyl acetate arthritis in C3H Avy mice, L. H. Gerber, P. Labropoulos, J. L. Decker, and P. Gullino

Congenital fusion of the scaphoid and trapezium—Case report, Christopher J. Zielinski and Stephen F. Gunther

Submissions from 1980

Congenital anomaly of the cervical spine: Fusion of the occiput, atlas, and odontoid process. A case report, S. F. Gunther

Submissions from 1979

A hand infection from A. calcoaceticus (M. polymorpha), J. R. Schneider and S. F. Gunther

Submissions from 1978

Removal of os supranaviculare from a runner's painful foot: A case report, L. Zwelling, S. F. Gunther, and E. Hockstein

Submissions from 1977

Experience with atypical mycobacterial infection in the deep structures of the hand, Stephen F. Gunther, Robert C. Elliott, Robert L. Brand, and John P. Adams

Submissions from 1976

Mycobacterium kansasii infection in the deep structures of the hand. Report of two cases, S. F. Gunther and R. C. Elliott

Submissions from 1975

Diazepam * hypnosis for orthopaedic manipulations, Stephen F. Gunther

Submissions from 1974

An avoidable soccer injury, Stephen F. Gunther