Submissions from 2000

Out-of-hospital intravenous cannulation: the perspective of patients treated by London Ambulance Service paramedics., M. Halter, S. Lees-Mlanga, H. Snooks, K.L. Koenig, and K. Miller

Managed care and EMS: an interrogatory model to assist communities in evaluating innovative partnerships., K.L. Koenig

Weapons of mass destruction events with contaminated casualties: effective planning for health care facilities., A.G. Macintyre, G.W. Christopher, E. Eitzen, R. Gum, and S. Weir

The results of provider self-adjudication using the prudent layperson standard compared to the Managed Care Organization?s ED claim review process, R Shesser, K Holtermann, J Smith, and J. Braun

Appropriateness of intravenous cannulation by paramedics: a London study., H. Snooks, M. Halter, S. Lees-Mlanga, K.L. Koenig, and K. Miller

VA's role in bioterrorism preparations., D.S. Teeter and K.L. Koenig

Submissions from 1999

Injury surveillance in a pediatric emergency department, T.A. Adirim, J.L. Wright, E. Lee, T.A. Lomax, and J.M. Chamberlain

Post-lumbar puncture headache and backache in pediatrics: a case series and demonstration of magnetic resonance imaging findings., S. Atabaki and D. Ochsenschlager

The medical evaluation of the sexually abused child: lessons from a decade of research., S. Atabaki and J.E. Paradise

Domestic violence against women in the international community, T. Haile-Mariam and J. Smith

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) notes. Child safety seat distribution: what works?, J.S. Harris, B.T. Jolly, J.W. Runge, and K.H. Todd

Violence against women, Y. C. Haywood and T. Haile-Mariam

Emergency department evaluation of child abuse, A. M. Jain

Violence in the prehospital setting, R. Lucas

A retrospective review of air bag deaths, M. P. McKay and B. T. Jolly

Violence as a public health emergency, J. L. Scott

Submissions from 1998

Severe hyponatremia and inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion following ecstasy use. [Letter], I. Ajaelo, K. Koenig, and E. Snoey

The question of removing a ventilation bag before defibrillation., E. Cantello, T.E. Davy, and K.L. Koenig

Double-blind, multicenter trial to compare the efficacy of intramuscular dihydroergotamine plus hydroxyzine versus intramuscular meperidine plus hydroxyzine for the emergency department treatment of acute migraine headache, SC Carleton and CR. Chudnofsky

A method for assessing emergency department performance using patient outcomes, J. M. Chamberlain and M. M. Pollack

An emergency department-based field response team: case report and recommendations for a "go team", D. Jaslow, J. A. Barbera, S. Desai, and B. T. Jolly

EMS-initiated refusal and alternative methods of transport, D. Jaslow, J. A. Barbera, E. Johnson, and W. Moore

Disease surveillance in the ED: factors leading to the underreporting of gonorrhea, TD Kirsch and M. Barron

Should we honor prehospital DNR orders in patients who attempt suicide? [Letter], K.L. Koenig and A. Salvucci

EMS systems and managed care integration., K.L. Koenig, A.A. Salvucci, B.S. Zachariah, and R.E. O'Connor

An analysis of frequent users of emergency care at an urban university hospital, R. H. Lucas and S. M. Sanford

The pneumatic anti-shock garment (PASG): can we really recommend it?, A.A. Salvucci, K.L. Koenig, and S.J. Stratton

Cinderella's road map, M. R. Sills

Submissions from 1991


An analysis of emergency department use by patients with minor illness, R Shesser, Thomas Kirsch, J Smith, and R Hirsch

Submissions from 1986


Comparison of a videotape instructional program with a traditional lecture series for medical student emergency medicine teaching., Prudence P. Kline, Robert Shesser, Mark Smith, Thomas W. Turbiak, Robert E. Rosenthal, Harry L. Chen, and Ron M. Walls