Autonomous laparoscopic robotic suturing with a novel actuated suturing tool and 3d endoscope

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Conference Proceeding

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Proceedings - IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation






© 2019 IEEE. Compared to open surgical techniques, laparoscopic surgical methods aim to reduce the collateral tissue damage and hence decrease the patient recovery time. However, constraints imposed by the laparoscopic surgery, i.e. the operation of surgical tools in limited spaces, turn simple surgical tasks such as suturing into time-consuming and inconsistent tasks for surgeons. In this paper, we develop an autonomous laparoscopic robotic suturing system. More specific, we expand our smart tissue anastomosis robot (STAR) by developing i) a new 3D imaging endoscope, ii) a novel actuated laparoscopic suturing tool, and iii) a suture planning strategy for the autonomous suturing. We experimentally test the accuracy and consistency of our developed system and compare it to sutures performed manually by surgeons. Our test results on suture pads indicate that STAR can reach 2.9 times better consistency in suture spacing compared to manual method and also eliminate suture repositioning and adjustments. Moreover, the consistency of suture bite sizes obtained by STAR matches with those obtained by manual suturing.

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