William H. G. Logan and His Bow

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Journal Article

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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - Global Open




© 2020 American Medical Association. All rights reserved. Summary: The Logan Bow is an external device comprising a curved bow-shaped metal bar, with spikes attached to its cross bars, and is widely used as part of a cleft lip management to maintain postoperative apposition and to avoid excessive strain after cheiloplasty for a cleft lip. Since its first description by William Hoffman Gardiner Logan, in the early 20th century, no significant modifications have been made to its original design. Even though this external device continues to be commonly used by cleft care providers, there is a paucity of objective evidence regarding its potential benefits and adverse effects even after almost 100 years since its original description. The goal of the current historical manuscript is to provide the reader an engaging study on the life of the man who invented this device, W. H. G. Logan, his initial description of the bow that bears his name, and how this external device is being used.

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