Submissions from 2020


Predictors of success on the MCAT among post-baccalaureate pre-medicine students., Rohini Ganjoo, Lisa Schwartz, Mackenzie Boss, Matthew McHarg, and Yuliya Dobrydneva

Submissions from 2019

Colony-stimulating factor-1- and interleukin-34-derived macrophages differ in their susceptibility to Mycobacterium marinum, Milan Popovic, Amulya Yaparla, Dominic Paquin-Proulx, Daphne V. Koubourli, Rose Webb, Marcia Firmani, and Leon Grayfer


What's Your Style? Enhanced Interprofessional Communication and Practice Using the Communication Wheel., Lisa Schwartz, Majeda El-Banna, JoAnn Fitzgerald Conroy, and Julia Browne

Submissions from 2017


Going Online: A Pedagogical Assessment of Bioethics Distance Education Courses for Health Sciences Professionals, Shawneequa L. Callier, Attila Hertelendy, Joan Butler, Thomas D. Harter, Marcia Firmani, and Melissa M. Goldstein

Going online: A pedagogical assessment of bioethics distance education courses for health sciences professionals, Shawneequa L. Callier, Attila Hertelendy, Joan Butler, Thomas D. Harter, Marcia Firmani, and Melissa M. Goldstein


Transition to Independence: Characteristics and Outcomes of Mentored Career Development (KL2) Scholars at Clinical and Translational Science Award Institutions., Carol Sweeney, Lisa S Schwartz, Robert Toto, Carol Merchant, Alecia S Fair, and Janice L Gabrilove

Submissions from 2016


Individual motivation and threat indicators of collaboration readiness in scientific knowledge producing teams: a scoping review and domain analysis, Gaetano R. Lotrecchiano, Trudy Mallinson, Tommy Leblanc-Beaudoin, Lisa S. Schwartz, Danielle Lazar, and Holly J. Falk-Krzesinski


Pilot analysis of the Motivation Assessment for Team Readiness, Integration, and Collaboration (MATRICx) using Rasch analysis., Trudy Mallinson, Gaetano R Lotrecchiano, Lisa S Schwartz, Jeremy Furniss, Tommy Leblanc-Beaudoin, Danielle Lazar, and Holly J Falk-Krzesinski

Submissions from 2015


Understanding Career Success and Its Contributing Factors for Clinical and Translational Investigators., Georgeanna F W B Robinson, Lisa S Schwartz, Linda A DiMeglio, Jasjit S Ahluwalia, and Janice L Gabrilove

Submissions from 2014


Multisite exploration of clinical decision making for antibiotic use by emergency medicine providers using quantitative and qualitative methods, Larissa S. May, Glencora Gudger, Paige Armstrong, Gillian Brooks, Pamela S. Hinds, Rahul Bhat, Gregory J. Moran, Lisa Schwartz, Sara E. Cosgrove, Eili Y. Klein, Richard E. Rothman, and Cynthia Rand

Submissions from 2012


Clinical and translational scientist career success: metrics for evaluation, Linda S. Lee, Susan N. Pusek, Wayne T. McCormack, Deborah L. Helitzer, Camille A. Martina, Ann M. Dozier, Jasjit S. Ahluwalia, Lisa S. Schwartz, Linda M. McManus, Brian D. Reynolds, Erin N. Haynes, and Doris M. Rubio

Submissions from 2009

Molecular diagnosis of Neisseria gonorrhoeae infection in the United States, Erik Munson and Marcia A. Firmani

Submissions from 2005

Low concentrations of nitric oxide exert a hormetic effect on Mycobacterium tuberculosis in vitro, William Benjamin Brugmann and Marcia A. Firmani

Submissions from 2003

Molecular diagnostic techniques for use in response to bioterrorism, Marcia A. Firmani and Larry A. Broussard

Submissions from 2002

Mycobacterium tuberculosis CDC1551 is resistant to reactive nitrogen and oxygen intermediates in vitro, Marcia A. Firmani and Lee W. Riley

Reactive nitrogen intermediates have a bacteriostatic effect on Mycobacterium tuberculosis in vitro, Marcia A. Firmani and Lee W. Riley

Submissions from 1994


Restoration of half the normal dystrophin sequence in a double-deletion Duchenne muscular dystrophy family., R C Hoop, L S Russo, D L Riconda, Lisa Schwartz, and E P Hoffman


Detection of new paternal dystrophin gene mutations in isolated cases of dystrophinopathy in females., E Pegoraro, R N Schimke, K Arahata, Y Hayashi, H Stern, H Marks, M R Glasberg, J E Carroll, J W Taber, H B Wessel, and Lisa Schwartz

Submissions from 1992


Fluorescent multiplex linkage analysis and carrier detection for Duchenne/Becker muscular dystrophy., Lisa S. Schwartz, J Tarleton, B Popovich, W K Seltzer, and E P Hoffman


Sequence and genomic structure of the human adult skeletal muscle sodium channel alpha subunit gene on 17q., J Z Wang, C V Rojas, J H Zhou, Lisa S. Schwartz, H Nicholas, and E P Hoffman

Submissions from 1991


Dystrophin and disease, E. P. Hoffman and Lisa Schwartz


A Met-to-Val mutation in the skeletal muscle Na+ channel alpha-subunit in hyperkalaemic periodic paralysis., C V Rojas, J Z Wang, Lisa S. Schwartz, E P Hoffman, B R Powell, and R H Brown