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Despite availability of sequence site-specific information resulting from years of sequencing and sequence feature curation, there have been few efforts to integrate and annotate this information. In this study, we update the number of human N-linked glycosylation sequons (NLGs), and we investigate cancer-relatedness of glycosylation-impacting somatic nonsynonymous single-nucleotide variation (nsSNV) by mapping human NLGs to cancer variation data and reporting the expected loss or gain of glycosylation sequon. We find 75.8% of all human proteins have at least one NLG for a total of 59,341 unique NLGs (includes predicted and experimentally validated). Only 27.4% of all NLGs are experimentally validated sites on 4,412 glycoproteins. With respect to cancer, 8,895 somatic-only nsSNVs abolish NLGs in 5,204 proteins and 12,939 somatic-only nsSNVs create NLGs in 7,356 proteins in cancer samples. nsSNVs causing loss of 24 NLGs on 23 glycoproteins and nsSNVs creating 41 NLGs on 40 glycoproteins are identified in three or more cancers. Of all identified cancer somatic variants causing potential loss or gain of glycosylation, only 36 have previously known disease associations. Although this work is computational, it builds on existing genomics and glycobiology research to promote identification and rank potential cancer nsSNV biomarkers for experimental validation.


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