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Single-nucleotide variation and gene expression of disease samples represent important resources for biomarker discovery. Many databases have been built to host and make available such data to the community, but these databases are frequently limited in scope and/or content. BioMuta, a database of cancer-associated single-nucleotide variations, and BioXpress, a database of cancer-associated differentially expressed genes and microRNAs, differ from other disease-associated variation and expression databases primarily through the aggregation of data across many studies into a single source with a unified representation and annotation of functional attributes. Early versions of these resources were initiated by pilot funding for specific research applications, but newly awarded funds have enabled hardening of these databases to production-level quality and will allow for sustained development of these resources for the next few years. Because both resources were developed using a similar methodology of integration, curation, unification, and annotation, we present BioMuta and BioXpress as allied databases that will facilitate a more comprehensive view of gene associations in cancer. BioMuta and BioXpress are hosted on the High-performance Integrated Virtual Environment (HIVE) server at the George Washington University at and, respectively.


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