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Medical Education, Anatomy, e-Learning, Multidisciplinary Team, Histopathology

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Spring 3-31-2015


Computer-assisted learning, also known as e-learning, has been successfully implemented to educate students in anatomical knowledge as well as transferable skills, such as critical analysis, teamwork, leadership and communication. E-learning allows students to self-teach material at their own paces and provides a platform for team-based laboratory approaches.

Several institutions have already integrated histology and physiology in team based laboratory approaches, but integration of histology and pathology instruction has been done to a lesser extent. Our aim was to develop an e-learning atlas that integrates microanatomy and pathology laboratory for an interdisciplinary pre-clinical medical curriculum.

A multidisciplinary team of teaching faculty and students developed an online atlas ( that includes a library of histology and histopathology images. Traditional laboratory manual instructions and study objectives were added onto the digital interface and made interactive by linking it to specific labeled images to allow for self- testing. Online clinical case studies involving a disease entity in a specific organ system were incorporated, which allows students to toggle between the normal as well as the pathological slides involving the disease as they apply their clinical reasoning skills to arrive at the correct diagnosis. We are collecting data on the number and frequency of students

using the atlas. We are also administering a detailed survey to assess student satisfaction and learning. To assess the impact of this new teaching tool, a comparative study of two years

of student performance and course evaluations between students who used the online atlas and students who did not use the online atlas in the pre-clinical medical curriculum will be conducted.

Our preliminary data so far shows that student feedback has been positive and an e-learning atlas integrating microanatomy and pathology laboratory may be an essential tool that guides the studies and enhances the performance of students in an interdisciplinary pre-clinical medical curriculum.


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Presented at: GW Research Days 2015.



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