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Harmonized outcome measures for use in asthma patient registries and clinical practice.
Richard E Gliklich, Mario Castro, Michelle B Leavy, Valerie G Press, Amisha Barochia, Christopher L Carroll, Julie Harris, Sarah S Rittner, Robert Freishtat, Reynold A Panettieri, and Giselle S Mosnaim


Effects of virtual dance exercise on skeletal muscle architecture and function of community dwelling older women.
Luiza Herminia Gallo, Elisângela Valevein Rodrigues, Jarbas Melo Filho, Jordana Barbosa da Silva, Michael O Harris-Love, and Anna Raquel Silveira Gomes


What are the clinical, quality-of-life, and cost consequences of 30 years of excellent vs. poor glycemic control in type 1 diabetes?
William H Herman, Barbara H Braffett, Shihchen Kuo, Joyce M Lee, Michael Brandle, Alan M Jacobson, Lisa A Prosser, and John M Lachin


Access to excess.
Reamer L Bushardt


Predicting the past.
Harrison Reed


Markers of impaired motor and cognitive volition in Parkinson's disease: Correlates of dopamine dysregulation syndrome, impulse control disorder, and dyskinesias.
Jared T Hinkle, Kate Perepezko, Liana S Rosenthal, Kelly A Mills, Alexander Pantelyat, Zoltan Mari, Laura Tochen, Jee Yun Bang, Medha Gudavalli, Nadine Yoritomo, Ankur Butala, Catherine C Bakker, Vanessa Johnson, Emile Moukheiber, Ted M Dawson, and Gregory M Pontone


Reducing Unnecessary Phlebotomy Testing Using a Clinical Decision Support System
Valerie Strockbine, Cathie E. Guzzetta, Eric Gehrie, and Qiuping (Pearl) Zhou


Bedside cognitive assessment.
Lorenzo Norris and Elizabeth L Cobbs


Provider practices in screening for mental health concerns in caregivers of patients with primary immunodeficiency.
Amanda Page, Marni B Jacobs, Nicole A Herrera, Tiffany S Henderson, Christopher Scalchunes, Michael D Keller, and Linda J Herbert

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