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Kilquist Syndrome: A Novel Syndromic Hearing Loss Disorder Caused by Homozygous Deletion of SLC12A2.
Ellen F Macnamara, Alanna E Koehler, Precilla D'Souza, Tyra Estwick, Paul Lee, Gilbert Vezina, Harper Fauni, Stephen R Braddock, Erin Torti, James Matthew Holt, Prashant Sharma, May Christine V Malicdan, and Cynthia J Tifft


US Adult Rheumatologists' Perspective on the Transition Process for Young Adults with Rheumatic Conditions.
Devy Zisman, Aaida Samad, Stacy P Ardoin, Peter Chira, Patience White, Idit Lavi, Emily von Scheven, Erica F Lawson, Melinda Hing, and Elizabeth D Mellins


Research on medication use in the neonatal intensive care unit.
Karel Allegaert, Sinno Simons, and John van den Anker


Population Pharmacokinetics of Vamorolone (VBP15) in Healthy Men and Boys With Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.
Panteleimon D Mavroudis, John van den Anker, Laurie S Conklin, Jesse M Damsker, Eric P Hoffman, Kanneboyina Nagaraju, Paula R Clemens, and William J Jusko


A Comparison of Low and Standard Anti-Coagulation Regimens in Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation.
Jaishankar Raman, Mazahir Alimohamed, Nikola Dobrilovic, Omar Lateef, and Salim Aziz


Vamorolone targets dual nuclear receptors to treat inflammation and dystrophic cardiomyopathy.
Christopher R Heier, Qing Yu, Alyson A Fiorillo, Christopher B Tully, Asya Tucker, Davi A Mazala, Kitipong Uaesoontrachoon, Sadish Srinivassane, Jesse M Damsker, Eric P Hoffman, Kanneboyina Nagaraju, and Christopher F Spurney


Sudden Heart Rate Reduction Upon Optogenetic Release of Acetylcholine From Cardiac Parasympathetic Neurons in Perfused Hearts.
Angel Moreno, Kendal Endicott, Matthew Skancke, Mary Kate Dwyer, Jaclyn Brennan, Igor R Efimov, Gregory Trachiotis, David Mendelowitz, and Matthew W Kay


The Acute Stroke or Transient Ischemic Attack Treated with Ticagrelor and Aspirin for Prevention of Stroke and Death (THALES) trial: Rationale and design.
S Claiborne Johnston, Pierre Amarenco, Hans Denison, Scott R Evans, Anders Himmelmann, Stefan James, Mikael Knutsson, Per Ladenvall, Carlos A Molina, and Yongjun Wang


Changes in physical and mental health are associated with cardiovascular disease incidence in postmenopausal women.
Nazmus Saquib, Robert Brunner, Manisha Desai, Candyce Kroenke, Lisa W Martin, Martha Daviglus, Norrina B Allen, Jennifer Robinson, Hilary Tindle, and Marcia L Stefanick


Association Between Antipsychotics and All-Cause Mortality Among Community-Dwelling Older Adults.
Raya Elfadel Kheirbek, Ali Fokar, John T Little, Marshall Balish, Nawar M Shara, Malaz A Boustani, and Maria Llorente


Breast Cancer knowledge, perceptions and practices in a rural Community in Coastal Kenya.
Shahin Sayed, Anthony K Ngugi, Megan R Mahoney, Jaameeta Kurji, Zohray M Talib, Sarah B Macfarlane, Theresa A Wynn, Mansoor Saleh, Amyn Lakhani, Esther Nderitu, Felix Agoi, Zul Premji, Jo Anne Zujewski, and Zahir Moloo


Making health a shared value: Lessons from nurse-designed models of care.
Diana J Mason, Grant R Martsolf, Jennifer Sloan, Antonia Villarruel, and Cheryl Sullivan


Detecting Secular Trends in Clinical Treatment through Temporal Analysis.
Douglas Redd, Yijun Shao, Yan Cheng, and Qing Zeng-Treitler


Lung Nodule Manager App Review.
Andres Elovic and Ali Pourmand


Is there a potential association between spironolactone and the risk of new-onset diabetes in a cohort of older patients with heart failure?
Sandra Korol, Michel White, Eileen O'Meara, Jean-Lucien Rouleau, Brian White-Guay, Marc Dorais, Ali Ahmed, Simon de Denus, and Sylvie Perreault


Community-, facility-, and individual-level outcomes of a district mental healthcare plan in a low-resource setting in Nepal: A population-based evaluation.
Mark J D Jordans, Nagendra P Luitel, Brandon A Kohrt, Sujit D Rathod, Emily C Garman, Mary De Silva, Ivan H Komproe, Vikram Patel, and Crick Lund

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