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Evaluating Health Campaigns; Health Campaigns in Developing Countries; Innovations in Evaluating


When conducting research in resource-poor settings, what research-method textbooks prescribe often varies substantially from what actually gets implemented on the ground. Randomization often breaks down, extraneous noise often pollutes the purity of experimental designs, and other challenges emerge in the field. The panel will highlight some of those challenges and engage the audience in discussions about possible solutions. Dr. Boulay will illustrate an analytic approach that combines propensity score matching and mediation analysis to provide a more comprehensive evaluation of SBCC activities. Dr. Firestone will discuss PSI's experience using coarsened exact matching to strengthen evaluation of its behavior change communications programs. Case studies of how the methods have been applied will be discussed.


GW Health Communication and Marketing Symposium Series: Innovations in Evaluating Health Campaigns in Developing Countries, Friday, November 22, 2013.

Moderator: W. Douglas Evans, Ph.D. Professor, PHCM, GWU.


  • Marc Boulay, Ph.D., MSC. Deputy Director of Research, JHU Center for Communication Programs, Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins
  • Rebecca Firestone, Sc.D., MPH. Researcher, PSI, Adjunct Professor, PCH, GWU
  • Rajiv N. Rimal, Ph.D. Professor & Chair, PCH, GWU

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Dr. Firestone's Presentation

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Dr. Boulay's Presentation

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Dr. Rimal's Presentation

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