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The purpose of this study was to explore key workforce strategies in Next Generation Accountable Care Organizations (Next Gen ACOs), the latest evolution in Medicare ACOs. We conducted semi-structured interviews with leaders from seven of the initial 18 Next Gen ACOs to better understand their perceptions regarding how workforce roles are changing to support the Next Gen ACO model. Key Questions:

  1. What new and expanded roles for existing health workforce members are reported by Next Generation ACO leaders?
  2. Has use of the health workforce changed as a result of Next Gen waivers for telehealth, home visits, and use of SNFs?
  3. Has the Next Generations ACO model led to changes in where care is provided (ie, more home visits, telehealth, other) or by whom (e.g. changes in NP or RN roles)?
  4. Are Next Generation ACOs partnering with community based organizations to address the social determinants of health?
  5. Is the Next Generation ACO model leading to increased workforce collaboration with community partners such as SNFs, home health agencies, homeless shelters, and other?
  6. Why and how do they believe these changes are occurring as a result of ACO payment incentives?
  7. What are the future plans (if any) for new or expanded workforce roles under Next Generation ACOs?
  8. Do ACO leaders believe scope of practice laws constrain them in shaping health workforce roles and task delegation?
  9. What are the barriers to continuing the development of your new workforce models are perceived by ACO leaders?
  10. What workforce education and training needs are emerging as a result of Next Generation ACOs? Are you partnering with local schools to develop new curriculum or tools?

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