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Medicaid & SCHIP; Community Health Centers; Health Reform; Health Homes


In order to understand the role of health centers as safety net providers, as well as the potential impact of these trends, this issue paper provides an in-depth examination of federally-funded health centers. Using data from the Uniform Data System (UDS), a government-maintained system that collects extensive patient, revenue, and service data on a calendar-year basis from health centers that receive federal grants, this issue paper profiles federally-funded health centers. It presents information on health center patients and revenue sources and analyzes similarities and differences both between health centers and private practices and among health centers. Health centers perform a unique role in the American health care system as nearly 85 percent of their patients are low-income and more than a third of their revenue comes from the Medicaid program, compared with less than 10 percent for most physician practices. The paper also reviews trends in health center patients and funding and concludes with an assessment of current challenges facing health centers.

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