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Testimony which will focus on the scope of the legislation's proposed shield against noneconomic damages with respect to the plaintiffs whose claims would be affected, the corporate defendants that would benefit from the shield, and the types of injuries that would be shielded. This measure is so vast in scope that it reaches every conceivable health care claim against every health care corporation or manufacturer of health care products, regardless of whether the violation of law in question bears any relationship to what would reasonably be considered the types of injury commonly associated with the concept of medical liability. Because the definitions reach actions by "any" person, I interpret this to cover individual, private legal claimants as well as State Attorneys General and the U.S. Attorney General representing the public interest under public laws that permit financial recoveries of any kind (money damages, civil money penalties, fines, and other financial penalties).


House Hearing Serial No. 108-2, "Assessing the Need to Enact Medical Liability Reform"

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