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These sample purchasing specifications were prepared by the George Washington University Center for Health Services Research and Policy (CHSRP) with support from the Commonwealth Fund. Technical guidance on the content of child development services was provided by experts from the Fund and researchers at Northwestern University’s Institute for Health Services Research & Policy Studies (IHSRPS). This document is intended as a tool to assist interested state officials in purchasing child development services from managed care organizations (MCOs) on behalf of children under age three who are eligible for Medicaid.

These sample purchasing specifications are optional, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Commonwealth Fund or the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA).

These child development specifications are a work in process. The knowledge base relating to child development services is still evolving. Many of the concepts reflected in these specifications reflect the "cutting edge" of pediatric practice with respect to children under age 3 who do not have special health care needs. As further research and field experience with the provision of child development services in Medicaid MCOs become available through the Fund's or other initiatives, these purchasing specifications will be updated accordingly.

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