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Contents: Financing and Delivery of Child Health Supervision Services (An Overview of Health Insurance Coverage and Access to Child Health Supervision Services, Private Health Insurance Coverage of Preventive Benefits for Children, A 20-Year Retrospective of Child Health Supervision in Ambulatory Pediatric Settings, Ensuring Adequate Health Care Benefits for Children and Adolescents); Child Health Supervision Services and Medicaid (Informing State Medicaid Providers about EPSDT, Barriers to Full Participation in EPSDT and Possible Strategies for the Maternal and Child Bureau, Medicaid Managed Care: A Briefing Book on Issues for Children and Adolescents; State Implementation of OBRA '89 EPSDT Amendments within Medicaid Managed Care Arrangements).


Library of Congress catalog card no. 95-68737. Prepared in cooperation with George Washington Univ., Washington, DC. Center for Health Policy Research. Sponsored by Maternal and Child Health Bureau, Rockville, MD. and Health Care Financing Administration, Washington, DC. Medicaid Bureau.

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