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Department of Health Policy, School of Public Health and Health Services, The George Washington University


Medicaid & SCHIP; Mental Health; EPSDT; Quality Improvement


Medicaid has touched the lives of half of all of the low income young adults of prime military service age. The roots of Medicaid's unique child health eligibility and coverage policies can be traced to a seminal, 1964 government study entitled One Third of a Nation: A Report on Young Men Found Unqualified for Military Service. This study analyzed the underlying causes of the astounding 50 percent rejection rate among the young men drafted into the military in 1962. It documented pervasive evidence of treatable and correctable physical, mental, and developmental conditions, and its findings influenced the course of Medicaid legislation for children, particularly the comprehensive coverage available to children under the EPSDT program. This 1964 report remains relevant in a modern era of national security concern and serves to underscore Medicaid's ongoing importance to children and adolescents.


Funder: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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