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The National Health Policy Forum sponsored a site visit to New York City (NYC) in April 2010 to explore health care delivery for Medicaid beneficiaries and the uninsured in New York City’s hospital-dominated market. New York offers real-time examples of government policy and provider initiatives in health information technology (IT) and quality improvement being played out on a large, complex, and dynamic stage with multiple stakeholders. Site visit participants heard from providers and others who discussed efforts to improve the quality of care for low-income New Yorkers through a variety of methods, such as the adoption and use of electronic health records to improve clinical practice and patient experience, provider initiatives to identify and change aspects of care delivery to improve health outcomes, and programs to build healthy communities and improve population health. Site visit participants met with hospital, health center, and health plan leaders, along with leaders in community-based health information technology and experts on the NYC health care market. Topics explored included the use of health IT to improve care delivery and outcomes, community-oriented care and cultural competence, payment incentives and funding, and the effect of health reform legislation on care delivery for safety net providers and the patients they serve.

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