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The National Health Policy Forum sponsored a site visit to Chicago, Illinois, March 16-18, 2008 to consider how competition and collaboration have shaped Chicago?s health care market. Chicago is a study of contrasts between wealth and poverty and between large, internationally known facilities and struggling community hospitals. The stressed state of the county health system concerned all of the stakeholders and may be an impetus for increased cooperation among the haves and the have nots. No longer waiting for state health reform efforts, key players were working to shore up needed providers and develop a more equitable distribution of resources, although the need for a rational planning framework appeared overwhelming. Site visit participants toured the best the city had to offer and met with those vying to deliver what was needed in their communities. They met with community, insurance, hospital, clinic, and government leaders to discuss the political, economic, and cultural forces that affected the health care market and various competitive and collaborative activities.

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