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In 2008, the Delaware Division of Public Health and Delaware Department of Education joined Nemours Prevention and Health Promotion in sponsoring a project to review 23 years of Wellness Center operations with the goal of identifying future directions for the program. The project was undertaken with a view towards determining what is the best health system and most effective wellness center strategies to support Delaware’s children. To assist with this work, the Center for Health and Health Care in Schools at George Washington University was asked to examine wellness center history, interview key participants in program and policy development, and facilitate a statewide summit on school-based wellness centers attended by individuals and state agency representatives with close knowledge of the wellness center program. The following pages include recommendations from the summit that propose ‘next steps’ in wellness center development as well as the issue brief that summarizes the program’s history and presents commentary on critical issues offered by the 25 key informants.


November 17, 2008, The Buena Vista Conference Center, New Castle, DE.

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