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DNP Project


School of Nursing

Date of Degree

Spring 2020


Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Primary Advisor

Christine Pintz Ph.D., RN, FNP BC, FAANP; Patricia D. Farmer, DNP, RN, FNP BC


Ask Me 3, AM3, engagement, shared management, communication, perception, patient, provider


Background: Patient and provider engagement in healthcare has an impact on health outcomes.

Purpose: To study the implementation of the Ask Me 3 (AM3) tool, a tool that encourages patients to ask three questions about their health to their care provider. The aim of the project is to explore the level of patient and provider engagement by patients` reports of their perception of engagement with their provider and in understanding their diagnosis.

Methods: The setting was a small urban family practice in the Pacific Northwest. Every patient that checked in for their appointment, excluding pediatric and younger than 18 years of age, was given the AM3 brochure, pre and post surveys, and consent form with instructions. Once the appointment and surveys were completed, the patients were instructed to return the completed surveys. At the end of the trial, all survey data was collated and analyzed against the project outcome measures.

Results: 53 surveys met criteria for analysis. A paired sample t-test was performed with results showed statistically significant difference with t (df) = 105.

Conclusion: In a small urban family practice clinic, patients using the AM3 tool reported effective communication and a strong connection with their providers, that providers took time to answer their questions, and the provider explained the importance of their diagnosis and what steps to take for better health.

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