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DNP Project


School of Nursing

Date of Degree

Spring 2020


Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Primary Advisor

Dr. David Keepnews, PhD; Dr. Althea L. Mighten, EdD, DNP


Many healthcare institutions have acknowledged the benefits of and the need for a workforce that reflects the diverse patient populations they serve. However, few healthcare organizations have made progress in increasing the diversity of their leadership teams. The American Hospital Association’s Institute for Diversity in Healthcare Management (2016) found that while minorities represent 32% of hospital patient populations across the nation, they only account for 11% of executive leadership. The objective of this DNP project was to implement a 4-month mentorship program that empowered minority nurse leaders who desire career advancement to executive leadership roles and provide them with realistic tools to manage their professional development. Participants consisted of ethnically diverse mid-level nurse leaders employed by a large, urban academic medical center. Leadership self-efficacy before and after program participation was assessed using the Leadership Efficacy Questionnaire and perceptions of readiness for promotion was assessed using the Michigan Organization Assessment Questionnaire. Eight leaders were included in the program. Seventy-five percent of participants self-identified as Black/African American and 25% as Asian/Asian American. Females accounted for 87.5% and males 12.5%. Twenty-five percent of participants were aged between 20-30, 25% between 31-40 and 50% were aged between 41-50. Two paired t-tests were run on the sample of participants to determine statistically significant mean difference in perceptions of self-efficacy and readiness for promotion after participating in a formal mentorship program. Perceptions of self-efficacy significantly increased after program participation, (p < .001). Perceptions of readiness for promotion significantly increased after program participation (p < .01).

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