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DNP Project


School of Nursing

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Spring 2019


Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Primary Advisor

Christine Pintz, PhD, FNP-BC, FAANP; Marjorie Simpson, PhD, CRNP; Maritza Dowling, PhD


Background: Clinical nurse educators in long-term and skilled nursing facilities have an opportunity to exercise new leadership skills in bridging the gap between education and practice.

Objective: To assess the effects of a virtual Community of Practice (CoP) on the self-efficacy of clinical nurse educators who work in newly developing leadership roles in a large long-term and skilled nursing organization operating in multiple sites across the United States.

Methodology: The exploratory pilot study used a one group pre-test/posttest method. A convenience sample was used to enroll participants with newly created roles in clinical education. The Leader Efficacy Questionnaire (LEQ) was used to evaluate self-efficacy pre- and post-intervention. The LEQ consisted of three subscales (Action self-efficacy; Means self-efficacy; Self-Regulation self-efficacy). The intervention consisted of virtual Zoom sessions over three months. Participants also answered three open-ended questions to assess their overall experience.

Results: A Wilcoxon Signed-Rank test suggested statistically significant change in overall self-efficacy (z = -2.139, p = 0.032) with both mean and median scores higher in the post-intervention group. The same pattern was repeated in all sub-scales with statistically significant changes in Action, Means, and Self-Regulation scales. Among the independent variables and posttest outcomes, Spearman's Rank-Order Correlations did not suggest correlations among the independent and dependent variables.

Conclusions: Participation in a virtual Community of Practice is a successful intervention in increasing the overall self-efficacy of clinical nurse educators who are practicing in a new role and are geographically dispersed.

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