Document Type

DNP Project


School of Nursing

Date of Degree

Spring 2024


Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Primary Advisor

Dr. Cara Padovano


Medical aesthetic procedures have become a common practice for individuals to partake in as the stigma around this specialty has lessened in recent years. Laser hair removal, in particular, has become more accessible and affordable to the general public, compared to years past when the treatment was considered more of a luxury. With the increased accessibility of laser hair removal, there has been an influx of individuals receiving laser hair removal, including Floridians. The heat and strong UV rays Florida weather has to offer, unfortunately, increases the risks of adverse reactions in people who get laser hair removal treatments. However, due to the nature of aesthetic clinics adapting slim time slots per patient in order to accommodate more clients, it does not leave an efficient amount of time to properly educate patients on post-treatment care in order to prevent adverse reactions, such as complete sun avoidance. Varying studies have shown that the use of post-treatment calls, especially in the hospital, helps educate patients on post-procedure care and better help them comprehend the education provided to them. This service created a positive impact on their care and prevented readmissions. This quality improvement project showed that incorporating a three-day post-treatment call policy to re-educate and re-iterate post-treatment care, decreased the amount of adverse reactions reported in laser hair removal patients.

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