Document Type

DNP Project


School of Nursing

Date of Degree

Spring 2024


Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Primary Advisor

Dr. Karen Whitt


Background: Due to the large number of patients waiting for a kidney transplant and the prolonged wait times, once a kidney becomes available some patients may not be medically ready. For this reason, some patients may miss out on a kidney transplant.

Objective: To assess the effects and outcomes of a one-to-one touch point interview and education seminar for pre-kidney transplant patients who are currently waitlisted for a kidney transplant.

Method: This quality improvement project evaluated the effectiveness of one-to-one interviews and an education seminar with a nurse navigator for approximately 60 adult pre-kidney transplant patients on the Top Active transplant list over the course of two months at one transplant center. Patients completed surveys to compare knowledge of post-transplant expectations before and after the seminar. The percentage of patients bypassed on organ offers was compared for three months before and after the intervention.

Results: Sixty pre-kidney waitlisted patients were eligible for the project, of which fifty-one were called and interviewed (85%) and 22 were invited to the education seminar (62%). Twelve patients attended the seminar (36%) and completed the pre and post knowledge survey. The average pre-survey mean knowledge score was 75% while the average post mean score was 89%, which was an +18.6% increase. There were 304 (24%) bypassed offers prior to implementation of this initiative and 124 (10%) bypassed offers post implementation, resulting in a - 58.3% decrease in overall bypassed offers.

Conclusion: One-to-one interviews with a nurse navigator and participation in an education seminar improved patient knowledge of post-transplant expectations. Ensuring patients are medically ready for transplant, improves organ offer acceptance and decreases the volume of offers being bypassed.

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