Laparoscopic Excision of Congenital Hepatic Cysts in the Pediatric Population: A Case Series and Literature Review

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Journal Article

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Journal of Laparoendoscopic and Advanced Surgical Techniques








© Copyright 2016, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. 2016. Purpose: Congenital hepatic cysts are rare. Surgical excision is indicated for symptoms, complications, and to rule out malignancy. Laparoscopic management in the pediatric population has not been extensively documented. We present a series involving laparoscopic excision of pediatric congenital hepatic cysts and review the literature. Methods: Data were collected over 15 years from two pediatric surgeons at three medical centers. Presence of a hepatic cyst excised laparoscopically was the only inclusion criterion. Data were collected on the cyst size, type, pathology, and location, as well as on length of hospital stay, complications, and 1 year recurrence rate. Results: Four patients were identified: a 7-week-old male presenting with feeding intolerance due to a hepatic cyst; a 6-year-old male presenting with a hepatic cyst identified by ultrasound during evaluation for appendicitis; a male neonate diagnosed at birth with a left thoracic cyst that communicated through the diaphragm with a hepatic cystic lesion; and a 14-year-old male presenting with a 25 cm × 11 cm hepatic cyst. All lesions were excised laparoscopically. Conclusion: Our series is the largest documenting complete laparoscopic excision of congenital solitary hepatic cysts in the pediatric population. Laparoscopic excision is a safe and effective approach for the pediatric population.

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