Adult intralesional cidofovir therapy for laryngeal papilloma: A 10-year perspective

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Archives of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery








Objective: To assess the long-term efficacy of intralesional cidofovir therapy in a previously reported cohort of adult subjects with laryngeal papilloma. Design: Retrospective review. Setting: Tertiary care medical center. Patients: We previously reported on the favorable clinical response to intralesional cidofovir therapy in 13 adult subjects. The subjects were enrolled in an opentrial prospective study (1997-2001) and completed the injection-only treatment protocol, and all subjects achieved a disease remission after a mean of 6 injections. In the present study, we review the clinical course of these subjects during an extended observational period (2001-2006). Intervention: Patients with documented relapse of disease underwent additional intralesional cidofovir injections. Main Outcome Measures: Additional interventions, disease severity, and adverse outcomes are reported. Results: Following the original cidofovir protocol, 6 patients (46%) received no further interventions. The remaining 7 patients (54%) required further treatment for disease relapse, with a mean duration of remission before relapse of 1.05 years. Of the 7 patients who experienced disease relapse, 2 continued to have stable disease with regular injections, 2 were lost to follow-up during relapse treatment, and 3 achieved disease remission again. For this latter cohort, the mean number of injections per year necessary to achieve a second remission was 3.82. This compares with a mean of 1.77 injections per year that these patients received on an as-needed basis prior to the original study. Conclusion: Intralesional cidofovir injections have been shown to be an effective therapy for adult laryngeal papilloma and should be considered in those patients who experience disease relapse. ©2008 American Medical Association. All rights reserved.

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