The market for pediatric surgeons: An updated survey of recent graduates

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Journal of Pediatric Surgery








Graduate medical education; Health manpower


Purpose: The aim of this study was to identify the demand for pediatric surgeons as perceived by recent graduates of North American pediatric surgery training programs. Methods: A survey was mailed to every pediatric surgeon who completed a certified training program in North America between 1998 and 2000; 81% of 83 responded. Data from the previous survey of 1992 through 1997 graduates provided longitudinal comparisons. The data were analyzed using univariate and bivariate statistical analysis. Results: The number of graduates was 28, 31, and 24 for 1998, 1999, and 2000, respectively, down from 35 graduates in 1997. All found positions in pediatric surgery, and first-year incomes continue to rise. Fewer graduates (54%) desired an academic position coupled with research compared with previous survey respondents (64%), and 69% were able to find such a position, A practice at a university children's hospital remained the most desired by over 80%, but only 38% obtained positions in this type of practice, However, 55% were able to find a position in a children's hospital (university or community), which had declined gradually to a low of 32% in 1997. The 1998 to 2000 graduates perceive a much stronger demand for pediatric surgeons compared with previous survey respondents (46% v 14%), and greater than 50% felt that too few pediatric surgeons were being trained. Conclusions: The market demand for pediatric surgeons remains strong as measured by employment and income. The perception of the market bythe 1998 through 2000 graduates is positive, which contrasts with the 1992 through 1997 graduates. However, there continues to be significant market changes including a proliferation of positions at community Children's hospitals. Copyright 2003, Elsevier Science (USA). All rights reserved.

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