Evaluation of Trace Alignment Quality and its Application in Medical Process Mining

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Proceedings - 2017 IEEE International Conference on Healthcare Informatics, ICHI 2017




Evaluation; Process mining; Trace alignment; Trauma resuscitation


© 2017 IEEE. Trace alignment algorithms have been used in process mining for discovering the consensus treatment procedures and process deviations. Different alignment algorithms, however, may produce very different results. No widely-adopted method exists for evaluating the results of trace alignment. Existing reference-free evaluation methods cannot adequately and comprehensively assess the alignment quality. We analyzed and compared the existing evaluation methods, identifying their limitations, and introduced improvements in two reference-free evaluation methods. Our approach assesses the alignment result globally instead of locally, and therefore helps the algorithm to optimize overall alignment quality. We also introduced a novel metric to measure the alignment complexity, which can be used as a constraint on alignment algorithm optimization. We tested our evaluation methods on a trauma resuscitation dataset and provided the medical explanation of the activities and patterns identified as deviations using our proposed evaluation methods.

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