Exploring design opportunities for a context-adaptive medical checklist through technology probe approach

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DIS 2017 - Proceedings of the 2017 ACM Conference on Designing Interactive Systems




Digital checklist; Interactive systems for healthcare; Technology probe; Trauma resuscitation


© 2017 ACM. This paper explores the workflow and use of an interactive medical checklist for trauma resuscitation-an emerging technology developed for trauma team leaders to support decision making and task coordination among team members. We used a technology probe approach and ethnographic methods, including video review, interviews, and content analysis of checklist logs, to examine how team leaders use the checklist probe during live resuscitations. We found that team leaders of various experience levels use the technology differently. Some leaders frequently glance at the checklist and take notes during task performance, while others place the checklist on a stand and only interact with the checklist when checking items. We compared checklist timestamps to task activities and found that most items are checked off after tasks are performed. We conclude by discussing design implications and new design opportunities for a future dynamic, adaptive checklist.

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