Planned totally extraperitoneal laparoscopic Spigelian hernia repair.

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Journal Article

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Surgical endoscopy








A Spigelian hernia is a congenital defect in the tranversus aponeurosis fascia. Traditionally, an open anterior hernioplasty was used to repair these defects. Recently, laparoscopic approaches have been described. This report describes the first application of the totally extraperitoneal laparoscopic approach to a planned repair of a Spigelian hernia. The patient was a 62-year-old white female with a reducible left lower quadrant anterior abdominal wall bulge consistent with a Spigelian hernia. At the time of surgery, we exposed the posterior rectus fascia and modified our extraperitoneal inguinal hernia technique by passing the balloon dissector in a more lateral orientation. This created a unilateral preperitoneal space with adequate room for dissection and mesh fixation. The Spigelian defect was easily identified. Its preperitoneal fat contents were reduced, and a 5-mm laparoscopic tacking device was used to secure a piece of prolene mesh. The patient was discharged home with no complications. Placement of the mesh in the preperitoneal space avoids direct interaction of the mesh prosthesis and the intraperitoneal viscera. In conclusion, we find that a laparoscopic totally extraperitoneal approach is technically feasible and advantageous when a Spigelian hernia is diagnosed preoperatively.

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